I am very proud of this man

Its done in a really weird way, but the principles are accurate.

Looks like he picked the right week to quit drinking!

I've seen this gif so many times and I upvote every time

Nightmare fuel.

Nightmare fuel.
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This mp4 version is 93.93% smaller than the gif (174.03 KB vs 2.8 MB).

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I'm into this. Whatever this is.

Cast her in the Exorcist remake.


First pair of glasses

First pair of glasses

Baby is most definitely seeingthatshit.

I think they just eyeball it

Saw this post explained earlier on reddit. That look is the joy of a young baby seeing its mother’s face for the first time.

Right in the feels man...

How does the testing work to know that early that the baby would need glasses?

A new workout plan.

That is an impressive strut though

How rude, didn’t even rack his weights

Meth is a hell of a drug

Why did I laugh so hard at that

It ain’t easy...

It ain’t easy...

That dude has seen the commercials. He knows he’s fucked

Cheetahs very rarely attack humans as they don’t see the point, also they weigh much less than a full grown adult male, so they can’t see any personal gain from it. But most animals actually don’t want anything to do with us, they are shy. Apart from my cat... cat you are an asshole

I think it's trying to take a shit is all.

Don't be a pussy; pet the kitty!



Higher quality original post:

Damn nigga - Capybara, probably.

A God damn hero.

I gotta move away from here

Sweet dreams

One man’s porn is another man’s white noise machine.

He found a really good one and doesn't know how to bookmark.

Wrong sub. Don’t see any kind of reaction here.


You know what’s up girl.

Life must be rough when you peak at 8 months.

Baby: who the fuck?

Baby: oh you're cute, ok, sup girl

This makes me believe in reincarnation

He shoots he...wait..already scored!?

He shoots he...wait..already scored!?

Imagine being so good at basketball that you can literally bounce the ball in and then trick your opponents. Salt in the wound, amazing.

i love the kid who got tunneled just gave up on life

/sub/scriptedasiangifs ?

Try one of these subthreads