WTF wtf

Don't Worry...

Don't Worry...

Knee jerk reaction is wtf. Then I think about it and I’m like aww they couldn’t say goodbye to her. Then I’m back to but wtf.

So confused.

What the fawk



This was a real US one cent I found in a creepy basement during a trip to Toronto earlier this year. I gave it a face lift.

This was a real US one cent I found in a creepy basement during a trip to Toronto earlier this year. I gave it a face lift.

That would be an awesome pendant!

I make and wear a few in bezels!

Rotary dremel won't get you those tiny lines that make up the background. I make gravers and basically it has a v shape and acts like a plow. It picks up the smallest piece of metal and leaves a v-shaped trench. There are a few different shapes I use and imagine, a skull by itself takes about 5 hrs.

Thank you kind sir. I have a few auctions on ebay if you are interested. Seller name: guitar_jer

Hmmmm, I wonder what this is for...

Hmmmm, I wonder what this is for...

K... was certain that was a dildo. Am still unsure that it wasn't.

For those who don't know, that was a rocket parachute flare they use on boats when they're in distress.


Rocket Dildos, coming soon to a store near you!

A normal day at Gamestop

A normal day at Gamestop

"Welcome to game stop. How may I help you" haha

Brian held it together on that phone call

This wasn't Brian's first rodeo

Brian has 100% been here before, he’s jaded. At this point GameStop is so dead he’s happy to have something to do for the rest of his shift.

“........My bad”

Wow it just kept getting worse and worse. But those racks looked unstable AF if a nudge from a forklift could cause such destruction.

They are most likely overweight (and/or poorly built). Really shouldn't happen by one small bump

It's not like he plowed into a pole, the forklift barely nudged the thing. Must have been seriously overloaded.

Those racks had to have been overloaded. That lift barely hit the cross bar and didn't even touch an upright. There's no reason they should have come down like that unless they were overloaded.

Fast thinking and good driving skills prevents carjacking in South Africa..

That dog just stood there like "what the fuck sharon"

I stayed with family in South Africa & their house is surrounded by a 10' cement wall with electric fencing on top of that.

She is not the driver of the car. The driver is already inside the car.

Families from South Africa, visited Johannesburg and this is the sad reality of every single house there. Sucks especially for Cape Town, such a beautiful place with so much potential, but that is why I now live in the US.

Good thing he was wearing a level 3 helmet.

Good thing he was wearing a level 3 helmet.

Firing a blank, dude in helmet flicks his head back pretending to be shot, showing a pre-existent dent on the helmet ... fools 99% of the internet.

Ask Bruce Lee’s kid how he feels about blanks

He isn't responding to my texts.

Fun fact. The altyn helmet is actually only rated for weak pistol calibres like non ap 9x18mm or 7.62x25 tokarev. But in most videogames it's treated like a motherfucking bulletproof tank stopping .50 bmg bullets

Impeccable logic!

Impeccable logic!

Yeah, that's what happen when you butcher your education system and take a religious book for an absolute truth.

Muslim scholars were once the most revered astronomers, geographers and mathematicians in the world. How did they go from al-Andalus to this clown?

I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't live in the USA

So the earth rotates at the exact speed of every plane?



Silly string of steel

Silly string of steel
Silly string of steel

George Foreman did.

Dude almost got a hair cut at the shoulders.

This is what happens on December 1st, after No Nut November ends.

My dad's yearbook had everybody's nickname!

My dad's yearbook had everybody's nickname!

Lol the Huff sisters... "Little Beaver" and "Allen" I wonder which sister was more popular?

.... little beaver

Next time I'm at my dad's house perhaps. I can say tho that there is another guy in there nicknamed "Benny The Jew"

B--B--B--Benny and the Jews

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