Samoyed, I’m pretty sure.

Wait, no, it’s a cloudboye.

What type of dog is this?

He looks like he’s about to fucking slam the dog in the first pic

HoT cLoUdBoYeS iN yOuR ArEa ThaT wOuLd LiKe tO Be PeTtEd

woof irl

woof irl

"Once you pop, you can not stop" -Arthur Schopenhauer, 1859

James Bond

The Moon



You can get the world! And a happy birthday!

Have you been a good boi????

Happy birthday! Gotta convince your owner to give you some good food today! I'll help ya. Now give the good boy some food fit for a good boy!

Well done pupper - 15 is an incredible achievement. I’m here to tell you that you’re the goodest boy. ❤️

woof irl

woof irl

A woof in sheep's clothing.

Jon Snow moment.

Halp hooman too much floof

Live footage of Jon Snow emerging from the crowd during the Battle of the Bastards.



24/10 would sit between them and be supremely happy!

Good bois

Will be glad to speak to both



Ain't no secret

Probably exactly what those little anklebiters say...

I sent this to my husband as a text while he was sitting next to me.

He wasn’t amused. 😂

What is it with this subs war against Chihuahuas.

woof irl

woof irl

Is that a bunsun burner pun i see?

It’s a bunsen berner.

He's trying his best, but heckin self control is too doggone hard!


Woof irl

"So put hands up.."

raising the woof

am birb doggo

no walk today

doin a fwap

Woof woof woof



I swear to god that i went to school with the person on the top left and bottom right. I only went to school with them in junior high, and i am rather certain this is a yearbook from their high school. I would like it if someone could help me confirm which high school it is from but I feel like mentioning their names and the high school they went to might be giving away to much info to the web. Someone help!!

I can't really help you with that so I'll just give you karma instead

Honestly I don’t know how someone could help at this point to be honest.

Edit: Nevermind, I found a picture with their names next to the photos. It isn’t them. :.(

Someone can PM you if they have an answer for you. That way you aren’t broadcasting yours or anyone else’s personal info in the threads and breaking the rules.

And if someone DOES pm you just be careful with how much you reveal about yourself as well still.



Dog eats chocolate

Next day: channel shutting down

Turns out dog is food critic.



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