Woahdude woahdude

This subway floor made to look like a swimming pool

This subway floor made to look like a swimming pool

Bro imagine coming into this train drunk af one night and you can’t go onto the train because you’d think your shoes would get all wet

“We should choose a vinyl pattern that hides all the hobo urine.”

I bet they made this so when the drunk person falls it just looks like they were trying to do a swan dive.

Imagine waking up sober in this after you drunk self got you there

Swinging a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end

Swinging a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end
Swinging a string of glow sticks with burning steel wool at the end

Looks like something you’d see in Doctor Strange. Rad!

What was the shutter speed? Amazing pic BTW

Which morphed into a “hole my beer” moment as he started the largest wildfire in history.

World's deepest pool

I drowned watching this

God this triggers my anxiety

How is this possible with seemingly no diving equipment? And why does he just sink like that??

My ears hurt just watching this.

A Firebender

This is done using powdered charcoal in cages made of steel mesh.

It's been used for many years in the fire spinning industry but I have never before seen it used to this extent.

source: professional fire spinner for 10+ years

Flameo, hotman!

Professional grade stunt fire suit. They are made to be lightweight and sustain heat and light flames. You will notice the outer coat hangs far down to keep their torso and their legs cool. The hood is cinched down to the top of the mask, and the mask has air filters on the back of the neck to keep them out of sight.

Probably just thick cotton, vast majority of special stage clothes are custom aka DIY-projects.

These sparks look impressive but are very mild, if they are fewer in number you can catch them on bare skin, they sting quite a bit but they wink out almost immediately. They won't catch on anything unless it's frayed, synthetic or very dry. So denim-thickness cotton is probably no problem, my guess is the clothes are damp just to be sure.

Sometimes you don't even think about where you're standing

Sometimes you don't even think about where you're standing

I think if you were in Berlin in that spot, you'd have a pretty good idea of what went down there.

To be honest it's fairly hard to not think about the history of the place when you're standing at the Brandenburg Gate.

No one likes a third wheel, Hitler!

Fine I’ll go start a third-something else

Kinetic sculpture in downtown Montreal

Imagine tripping balls and seeing this shit not knowing what it was😂


reminds me of the Sentinels from The Matrix.

Unmistakably Anthony Howe

This dude's camo.

This dude's camo.

What dude?

I think the point is, if you're looking for this guy and he's laying down, and you're at the very top of that mountain hes looking at, chances are you won't see him but he will see you.

Wouldn’t class that as first hand viewing though that’s through someone focusing on them and the spot the camo guy you know someone in the picture is camd up so your are trying to find them. In a live situation where you don’t know that someone is there and your not actively searching for someone in camouflage is where it’s effective. There are ways to break up straight edges on your gear so it’s not so obvious.

That’s why you get cam paint for your face and hands also there is camo for weapons. Bright orange cam is for hunters so they are hidden from deer or other game but so other hunters can still see them. Not sure where you have seen camo in real life but in a field scenario I have seen some pretty effective cam.

Let's eat.

Let's eat.

I like to think that this would perfectly sit an extended family.

Mom & dad + their kids.

Aunts and uncles + cousins.

In laws and maybe some friends over.

Kids and their kids and their kids.


that must be so expensive.

I absolutely love this. Amazing!

That’s some serious craftsmanship

Just... wow

"Thank you for your 23 days of dilligent carving here's your $20 paycheck. Don't spend it all in one place!"

This surpassed me being impressed. I am actually angry at how amazing this looks.

Yeah, that's a lot of water bottles on the floor.

I want to bump her elbow sooo bad!

Mimi Choi makeup artist

I think the thing that amazes me the most is maintaining the perspective of the vase on her nose AND having to do that mirror image. That's damn impressive.

I am to stoned for this but let me tell you this: it’s a closet

I’m amazed and scared at the same time.

Ha okay.

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