Woahdude woahdude

Seth Rogen testing a special bong

When the smoke turns yellow, that hit will never mellow. I felt the harshness of that one.

The overkill gb you buy when you don’t know what to do with your money. /s

He seemed so confused yet amazed at the same time. lol

Caring about how other people enjoy their bud is one of the least chill things you can do. Live and let live.

You are Gold!!! Always believe it!!!

You are Gold!!! Always believe it!!!

Not made of actual solid gold but the Grand Lisboa Hotel is one hell of a sight. Also worth noting Macau made four times the gambling revenue than Las Vegas in 2011, so maybe we're not far off a solid gold building after all. For more of my street photos, check out https://www.instagram.com/steveroe_/

Thank you very much man!

Great pics, my dude! Colours are amazing.

Zion Clark, a collegiate wrestler born without legs, doing box jumps.

He has no legs not no dick

Not only am I impressed with his upper body strength, but it's also blowing my mind realizing how little of our body we actually need to exist. Just torso and head. Arms and legs help.

Fair enough

Why he wearing pants tho

The colours and patterns in this good kush

The colours and patterns in this good kush

Jesus. “Set HDR to retarded”


This is actually butterchicken Kush

How high is your HDR?

Pool with a view


Very cool! I would love to swim there, and I don’t even like swimming pools all that much.

Isn't that the place where John Wick goes to kill russian-mafia-guy-junior?

I hate that I become instantly covetous of these miraculous destinations instead of just enjoying the beauty.

Stairway to a Hindu temple in Malaysia

Stairway to a Hindu temple in Malaysia

These are the Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur. This is a recent paint job that has reached the news because they did not get government's permission to do it.

The lesser-known Led Zeppelin track.

I thought it was Batu Caves! Why couldn't they have done this last year while I was there, this looks crazy cool

It's new, and trust me when I say Malaysians don't do maintainence at all and the steps will fade real quickly.

But of course I do hope that this being a massive place of worship in Malaysia, it will receive extra care to keep this up.


What? What is this?


Thank you, friend.

I mean would erasing her mind like men and black work in this situation? As soon as she comes to she will see those things again

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