Wholesomememes wholesomememes

I made your wife think you love her!

I made your wife think you love her!

This is the most wholesome way I’ve ever seen a credit card stolen

tried to donate to a charity.

blocked and flagged for irregular activity, nice

When I had my card stolen they tried to donate to a charity.

Andy was sick of their pranking, and said the next one to get caught doing it would be fired IIRC. Edit:whoever was caught pranking would forfeit their Christmas bonus to the other person is what actually was happening.

So Jim spoke the credit card out loud knowing Dwight would do something with it. So Dwight put Jim out $200 as the prank. But Jim can't complain about it or report it because it's flowers to Pam. So Dwight got away with his prank.

Wholesome doggo

Wholesome doggo

What a polite doggo!

Sweet doggo

She sounds Midwestern. Doesn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Such a nice, considerate pup

I checked online and it seems a little bit of chocolate is okay for deer

I checked online and it seems a little bit of chocolate is okay for deer

I'd feel like a Disney princess 😎

I don’t think I would give any wildlife chocolate. But I wouldn’t know what „human food“ is appropriate so I‘d Google before I give them anything. I have to admit it would be pretty cool if I came to work in the morning and a deer family would be waiting for me and greeting me because they know they will get something. Makes your day better imho.

Feeding wildlife isn’t wholesome. Keep wildlife wild.

Yes - true. I couldn’t put words in the feeling it would give me, but you‘re on point.

I want to hang out with Corey and Craig!

I want to hang out with Corey and Craig!

What up! We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who want to hang out in our party mansion! Nothing sexual. Dudes in good shape encouraged, but if you're fat, we expect you to find humor in the little things. Nothing sexual.

Loyalty and Honor

And cubs

This seems like a sex ad for Bears to me.

Our friendship is very strong

Our friendship is very strong

Corey will show up to your house shirtless, just like he showed up to the photo shoot.

two men

Ok but what if I’d rather adopt them

so what service is being provided here?



This appears wholesome, but it occurs to me that "we'll do what you want" could imply something more whoresome than wholesome...

I cannot be convinced that this is not for sex.

I'm going to assume they do things like cut wood and carry heavy buckets of water for you. And stuff like one of them holds up the back of the car, while the other changes the tire. All the while they talk and laugh about fun times they had in the past ☺️

It looks like Corey comes shirtless.

How we should all be in 2018

I mean, I would consider 2018 a success if I even just got that much exercise in a day.

2018 looks a hell of a lot like 1997.


I enjoy this very much.

High five.

High five.

hits the blunt Ever since you first applauded, you never really stopped clapping, you just made some very long pauses interrupted by single clapping during high fives

That is nice, Iike it

This was just on shower thoughts

It never really stops being posted. There’s just long pauses between them.

My senator is a gem 😊 (veteran who lost both legs in Iraq)

My senator is a gem 😊 (veteran who lost both legs in Iraq)

She also recently had a baby, and was the first Senator to cast a vote with her newborn baby with her on the Senate floor. I thought that was pretty neat.

However, those opposing her said she had no leg to stand on.

She’s... she’s a tank

Hell yeah


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