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That moment when you really feel you've succeeded as a parent.

That moment when you really feel you've succeeded as a parent.

The moment I knew I succeeded as a parent...

"Daddy, I remembered to put my zipper up on my pants all day long today!"

Gave him a high-five. Proud moment for me.... proud moment.

Yup. That happened.

Yeah, remember this gem from another subreddit. Same person.

Yeah, remember from another subreddit. Same person.

The kid was reading a poster on the wall.

Character growth

Character growth

Good relations with the commenters, Master Yoda has.

Here's the video

A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

Those types of videos made up the majority of youtube 10 years ago.

The most wholesome scene in the office

The most wholesome scene in the office

Michael's wholesome moments were few and far in between, but they were some of the best moments.

I'm trying to remember which episode it is (it might be the one where he speaks to Ryan's class), but Ryan severely schools Michael in business theory and embarrasses him deeply. At the end of the episode, he hires Ryan on from temp to full-time, saying that you hire people you can learn from, and not the other way around.

I know I butchered the events, but I always found that to be one of the most poignant moments in the show. Sometimes they really illustrated why Michael was the boss.

He really has some of the best moments in the series. He's extremely over the top most of the time, but deep down he's probably the most wholesome character on the show in my opinion.

He genuinely cares about his employees (except Toby of course), even if he picks on them 99% of the time. Every time he talks about how much they mean to him, it's actually the truth and not just some mantra he repeats throughout the series, and it only gets more noticeable as the show goes on. He wants all of them to succeed, and every moment he praises one of his employees it's such a heartwarming and well written moment in the show.

Michael Scott leaving the show was one of the best and worst episodes for me because it highlights how much of an impact he has on the employees and vice versa. I was sad to see him leave the series, but I really felt like they did it the right way in the episode.

You know, I used to feel so sad for Pam about the art show and while it still makes me so happy to see this moment Michael really did something kind for Pam and made her feel better after such disappointment, the things that Oscar and Gil and a few other attendees to the show are the things that made everything turn around for Pam. Spoilers:

She hears them say that real art takes courage and honesty. Roy shows up but is clearly only there to try and show Pam how much he's "changed." It makes her see the art she's displaying is a metaphor for her life at this moment. It's safe, neat, familiar, and while she is proud of actually attending the show and getting this chance to display her work, it's not groundbreaking stuff. It hurts her to admit it to herself, but after this episode, she started being more honest in small ways, like telling Roy he seriously has to do boyfriend things with her, and sending back the wrong beer at the bar. Then she decides to further the honesty and tell Roy about Jim and he freaks out, making her see this 'second try' is a sham and that she'll never be happy with Roy. In Beach Games, Pam decides to do the fire walk, and then give everyone a piece of her mind, combining the courage and honesty she'd been working up. At the end of The Job, it seems like she's finally okay with whatever the future holds, even though it's probably not going to have Jim in it.

And then he opens the door and asks her to dinner. And she smiles and it makes me tear up every time I watch it. But I really feel like that moment wouldn't have ever come without all the events of the art show.

Sometimes, it's the little things that count most

Sometimes, it's the little things that count most

Now she can never move.

Somebody please teach my cat to stop doing this because whenever I sit down my lap becomes a cat magnet and then I can't get up for like an hour and I end up covered in fur.

J/k I love it.



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Life and Death

Life and Death

I lost my big brother unexpectedly last month. All I can say is Thank you for this. It helps a lot.

How the fuck did you guys manage to make the most painful part of the human condition wholesome?

I've seen this many times, love it every time I do, and have probably saved the image a half dozen times at least. This is the first time I noticed the turtle starts young and finishes old. As if I needed a reason to love this comic more.

I'm so sorry. :( I wish you and your family the best, friend.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I love how so many people care for and love this little robot on an entirely different planet and get emotional over it and draw lil comics about it's birthday why can't humanity be like this all the time

We'll be there soon my sweet prince

Is that fire on those candles?

It's not little

Edit: human for scale

Keeping it in the family

Keeping it in the family

This proves that the world only became colourised recently.

If you watch it in reverse, they're squirting cheese out their nose into a pot to cook.

I like how on Reddit people just say whatever the fuck comes to their mind because no one will remember their account so nothing you say has social stigma beyond the one thread.

Except for food. It was colourised since always.

A post from FB. Parenting on point

A post from FB. Parenting on point

Hard not to wonder how much kinder we would be as a people if more parents were like this.

This is the type of Father I am trying to be.

My experience raising 5 kiddos: Scoldings and quick discipline for errant behavior may get results faster initially, but explaining to children the principles behind why and what you are doing (aka the rules), leads to children who start to "buy-in" to their own development. It only takes a few extra minutes to explain the "why" behind things, I've noticed it makes a huge difference.

If there is no time in the immediate to explain these things (aka, the child is throwing a fit in the middle of a road), take some time to discuss the situation later with your children. They are smart enough to understand these things, even at a very early age.

Lastly, ask yourself as a parent, is my discipline motivated out of love and the desire for a child's well-being, or a reaction based upon the way their behavior impacted me. Also, don't worry about apologizing when you mess this up. Modeling how to apologize in an appropriate manner to your children does not weaken their respect for you, it strengthens it (and gives them an example on how to do it.). Sorry for the long rant, I just feel so passionately about it.

We'll see it one day. Maybe not in our life times, but the world is slowly getting better. Think back to the middle ages, the harsh cruel punishments we no longer see. The insane torture devices used in the crusades, the billions of deaths in history from hunger and disease. Compare that to today. Sure, there are some awful things in modern times, but things are infinitely better now, and in another 50, 100, 1000 years people will look back on us like we look back on the people of the past. We're just in a transitionary period.

You know you had bad parents when reading this makes you treat tear up

Wholesome Facebook post!

Wholesome Facebook post!

I'm following them for dog pictures but I'd definitely use them if they were in my area.

If only so your dog will finally get a job, right?

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Good boy able to lift up to 50lbs

Able to do some light woofing from time to time if the client needs it

Able to travel to and from any local parks on demand (Leash and pooperscooper will be provided)

Wage: 2.5 treats/hr plus ear and belly rub benefits

Call 1-800-DOG-BARK if you're excited!

Not raining on my parade!

Not raining on my parade!

I'd throw a second parade just for him.

It was for him. Reality is perceiving. Percieve joy and you will eat cake.

Puppy parades should be a thing!

Because he's a good boy.

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