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Wholesome tumblr

Wholesome tumblr

I love this so much. Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Eragon. Forever in my heart.

I liked fifty shades of grey for a similar reason


Harry Potter and Percy Jackson is my shit. Especially Percy Jackson as of late. I loved reading through Heroes of Olympus.

Such a Wholesome Response

Such a Wholesome Response

Must be Canadian

Thank you all for this subreddit! Keep the positivity strong!

My friend is Canadian and when I tripped over a stone he said sorry. It was so funny Edit: missed the r in "tripped"

I did the same thing as OP but now I get a different perspective which is nice.

What a great day to be alive

What a great day to be alive

The idea of teensy little bunnies having a foul mouth pleases me.

I have a pet bunny. Before I got him I always pictured rabbits as demure, shy and skittish. But it turns out that's not accurate. Or at least not for my bunny. He's extremely feisty and opinionated. He would absolutely curse if he could.

TIL this sub accepts swearing. Have great fucking day y'all (:

My pet rabbit was the sassiest thing ever. She had a lot of opinions. She was a tiny lil black lionhead.

Or beautiful young woman!

Or beautiful young woman!

Whatever that thing is, it is adorable.

Looks like an elephant seal!

what a cute dog

That's my picture in like all my profiles

Sweet Professor feeding a baby (xpost /sub/pics)

Sweet Professor feeding a baby (xpost /r/pics)

It's cool but why you on a smartphone during a quiz?

To document a really sweet moment that went on to bring others joy.

I'm gonna get downvoted due to the nature of this sub, but I would be furious if I were a student in the class and someone brought their newborn into it. I think it's great the mom is trying to get an education but I don't think it's fair for the rest of the class to suffer for it.

Colonel Sanders is still quite the gentleman

My sons were starting to roast each other when...

My sons were starting to roast each other when...

Yo mama so nice, she keeps the cookie jar full in case any of your friends want a snack after school.

Yo mama so beautiful, she's scared to visit museum's because they often mistake her for a piece of priceless artwork, and the security team tries to prevent her from leaving.

Yo mama so bold, she's on the toolbar of Microsoft Word.

Oh yeah??

You're such a good parent that I'm sure you make other parents feel bad for not being as good of a parent. But THEN you go and inspire THEM to be better parents cause THATS the kind of person you are!

MatPat being wholesome

MatPat being wholesome

I can't say I always agree with his theories but I'll be damned if he doesn't seem like a really fun and funny dude.he seems to really enjoy what he does.

There are tons of memes about how people don't like his channel. But that's just a theory...

I like how he picked out fairly harmless and uncontroversial examples like vampires and ghosts instead of God. I'm not religious myself but there is no reason to shit on other people's beliefs as long as they don't hurt anyone. People should just be nice to each other and if religion is your reason to do good things then that's as good a reason as any, at least as far as I'm concerned.

He's honestly gone downhill, but it's always nice to watch his older videos for nostalgia's sake.

Wholesome friendships

Wholesome friendships

I recognized what video this picture was from the second I saw the text.


You could make a religion outta this!

Any friend of bill wurtz is a friend of mine

Tell me more!!!

Tell me more!!!

"Did you know George Lucas totally stole the Tatooine setting from the classic sci-fi novel 'Dune?'"

"I have never heard of 'Dune' before."

"My friend, this way."

Dune is the grandfather to sci-fi like The Lord of the Rings is the grandfather to fantasy.

Well, you can have 2 grandfathers :)

Tough because the foundation series is also pretty deserving of that title. How about dune is the grandfather to space opera? Idk foundations kinda that too. Asimov is certainly a more recognizable name. Either way, Foundation is dope. Dune is dope. Everyone should read both.

Hey Jock!

Hey Jock!

I've had two scary-muscular guys talk to me at the gym unprompted. Both of them gave me really excellent advice. Thanks, scary-muscular guys! I am now one of you!

If you're a jock and want to spread positivity in the gym, ask the little guy to spot you. Not only will it help making them feel welcome and accepted in the gym, but it might boost their confidence too since many people believe a spotter needs to be big and burly.

You are the best scary-muscular badger out there

On one hand yes, but on the other hand it's also a good way to have your set ruined by an overenthusiastic spotter trying to do all the work for you

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