Siblings reunite after first day of school

I don't have many friends that I can show this kind of affection for but rest assured I have this level of love and reaction when I see chocolate cake so it's all good!!!

I'm pretty impressed, that girl is casually lifting, and walking with 75% of her weight

Once, when I was 10, my sister (12) broke her arm for the third time.. it was in the shape of an "S". She said "Look!" I looked at it, shrugged my shoulders and said "so." I wish we had a more wholesome relationship like these two...

Low center of gravity helps a lot.

First responders break into abandoned flooded homes to save dogs who were left behind

Guys more than likely the owners were the ones who called. They probably were going to get them and then got stuck somewhere. Don’t assume the worst. Those dogs are too healthy to have owners that would do that.

Edit: Another user pointed out how happy the dogs were to see people. They weren’t scared. Which supports my theory that they have good owners who just couldn’t get to them.

Edit 2: Someone else pointed out there are stacks of supplies (Gatorade and such) on the tables. These people were definitely going to come back and figured they would get everything, but then couldn’t get back.

People that save animals are my personal heroes.

That was my first thought, but then it occurred to me that the people may have been stuck somewhere else and unable to safely make it back home, so they contacted some emergency personnel to help. That's what I prefer to think happened.

I'm gonna choose to believe you're right

CCTV footage catches 3 teenagers approaching a sleeping homeless man

Didn’t look at the sub and though someone was about to eat murdered

Those kids are evil, putting a warm blanket on a man in the middle of the summer. He could have died of heat stroke.

Why.... Why is the camera tracking movement?

Because someone is moving it in a control room

When your magic wand doesn't work

How the fuck did he do that?

My guess:

He's playing off the camera angle. There is already a card on both sides of the glass. 1 real card on the ape's side of the glass, and a card made of a dark colored piece of paper on his side that's hiding the apes card. Magic dude removes the dark piece of paper as he's fake putting his card on the glass. Also note that after the magic dude lifts his hands the card is in a different angle. Plus the card is very inline with the steel bars, I think to better hide the lines of the card. The ape isn't interested in the ape's card until the human is pressing on his glass and shit.

Anyways that's my guess.

Edit: typos and shit.

camera angel

I can be ur camera angel or ur camera devli

That's cute and all, but what in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? How did he do that?

Pixar's John Lasseter gets a surprise visit from his friend Miyazaki-san

haha he desperately wanted to go for the handshake

I love that miyazaki is trying to hold to his cultural norms for greetings, and Lass is all like nah fuck that shit

This is the man in charge of all of Disney animation. They made a good choice

He's like, "Nope, you're getting a hug, you wonderful bastard!"

At the start of every home football game, Iowa Fans wave to the children's hospital next door. This was the first night game since the tradition was started.

That is beautiful!

Yet so sad that little kids get to see it.

I love this new tradition. Small correction: it's at the end of the first quarter that everyone waves.

He’s saying it’s sad they’re in the hospital in the first place.

Dad builds Ninja Warrior course for his daughter

The benches of toys as the crowd are amazing haha

Ok, this was very awesome, but definitely not mom approved.

"You built WHAT?? I was only gone 3 hours!"

I can guarantee he had as much fun making it as she did running it. Brilliant!

I'll be honest, I probably would have fallen on the swings part.

Family Pitches in Together to give Dad Enchroma Glasses For his 66th Birthday

I'll never tire of tough-looking men who turn into children when they're happy. Goddamn that was beautiful.

I love that he almost grabs his wife's ass and then remembers he's on camera.

The hand slaps. He was so overwhelmed with joy he forgot his fine motor control.

These videos, and the ones where they give hearing aids to babies, are seriously the most wholesome on the entire interwebs. Love it

This dog didn't recognize his owner until he sniffed him.

There's something incredibly heartwarming about dogs who throw their entire bodies into their owners upon seeing them again

Mine does this if one of the family is gone for more than 10 minutes. It still makes me happy every time.

Why is there what I assume to be Russian subtitles? I can't imagine the Tarheels are that big over there.

It's worth going out just to get the wiggly welcome.

Did we just become best friends?

I love how completely non-plussed not impressed the horse is.

E: Kay. I had the classical definition wrong. I was using it in its American sense, because that's the only way I've ever been exposed to it, but thanks for the lesson, anyway, all.

The horse knows he is a big deal and plays it cool

What is this, a crossover episode?

Dog went full fanboy on the horse.

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