Accidental 911 call leads police officer into epic dance-off with a talented youngster whose flossing skills well and truly steal the show.

That’s awesome man. Great to see people smile and enjoying life.

BREAKING: Officer and young boy engaged in shoot out

I love the "what the fuck is going on"- face on the little girl in the background.

I know kids are starting to take dances from fortnite and I think it's a great idea. Having younger kids know how to dance, even in a slightly silly way will give them more courage as adults in situations where dancing is the norm.

Dog helps owner with a oncoming panic attack

Dog helps owner with a oncoming panic attack

The girl in the video commented on one of the original posts. The dog had alerted a few times that day already and, when she felt the last attack (the one in the clip) coming on, she set up the camera. Something to show what service dogs actually do and how they help their handlers 😊

I know I'm going to seem like that asshole. . but why was her camera set up prior to?

How does he know so quickly? Crazy how perceptive he is!

I think he heard her put her hands on her face, in another comment it says the dog is trained to keep her hands away from each other and her face

First time seeing 20/20

“This is me as a little guy”- bubbles



Nice try, Flip Daddies bar and grill...

Big brother always wins

Came home from deployment 7 times as a single soldier. Never got anything like this. Wish I had.

hugs from across the internet

This cannot by any chance replace the warm hug from family but I think it does for some extent!

Who did he mean to scare?

I think the youngest child.

Sister has the most incredible reaction when she finds out her sibling is having twins.

Awww she doesn't even know what to do she's so happy

Wow, she’s so excited that you can almost hear her.

“Oh my god! Oh my god!”

slap the belly

“This belly can fit so much babies in it.”

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Can I have one?!” ~source video

John cena shows us who the real champion is

John Cena granted over 500 Make-A-Wish (visits). The most by any type of celebrity. 

Here is him visiting a fan with terminal cancer at her home - https://i.imgur.com/yS5Ooq5.jpg

John Cena granted over 500 Make-A-Wish (visits). The most by any type of celebrity.

Here is him visiting a fan with terminal cancer at her home -

then he body slams the kid and takes the belt back

What a guy, seriously. I don't even know him but I love what he's done.

Something about celebrities taking time out of their spotlight to recognize someone going through hardships is so wholesome

Coach used to be a dancer for MC Hammer. Players asked him to do the dance.

Number 9 is so supportive :)

This is incredible

So is that other coach on the right who ran off haha

he's still got it! :)

10 year old son seeing his mom for the first time in 3 years, she had to battle with immigration.

10 year old son seeing his mom for the first time in 3 years, she had to battle with immigration.

Nothing quite compares to the comfort and support of hugging your mom when youre a little kid.

Not too bad as an adult either sometimes.

Call your moms, my dudes

This really, really, really hits home with me. For the first 9 years of my life I had to deal with foster homes, orphanages and boys homes until my biological mother decided to come back and get me from these places. At that age I was too young to understand what was happening, but those feelings of seeing her again after months and months of wondering where she went, they were like this. Then I found out later on in life that she was literally abandoning me, in stores like Walmart, presumably to do drugs, and the lady I thought was my aunt was actually my social worker. I was put up for adoption at 9 by court order. Still remember the day my social worker came into the apartment with a court order.

Frank Sinatra knew what was up

In his youth, Sinatra was a huge advocate for the Civil Rights movement and tried to push for desegregation in Vegas. Quote from Wikipedia:

At the Sands (Vegas Hotel) in 1955, Sinatra noticed that he never saw Nat King Cole in the dining room, always eating his meals in solitude in his dressing room. When he asked his valet George to find out why, he learned that "Coloreds aren't allowed in the dining room at the Sands". Sinatra subsequently saw to it that if blacks weren't permitted to eat their meals in the dining room with everybody else he would see to it that all of the waiters and waitresses were fired, and invited Cole to dine with him the following evening.

Really cool guy.

That’s really cool

Frank always knew what was up. His hair attracts wisdom.

Frank Sinatra faced racism too because back then Italians weren't considered white

Family surprises Dad with a puppy.

I love how puppies just accept who their owners are. “Ah, yes, you’re reaching for a hug, I shall come and love you forever!”

We all deserve something in our lives making us this happy.

he hugged everyone. good puppy.

I generally don’t like the idea of getting a puppy for x event, but this man looks so happy. They already have a dog so I bet it’ll be well loved and cared for.

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