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Who’s cutting onions?

Oh man this could be like a Pixar movie where the monkeys take their injured kid to the humans as a last ditch effort to save it

I would watch the fuck out of that

That has got to be the least amount of text I’ve ever seen on a clip from the dodo.

Good guy doing good things.

That's very confusing without context

Little context: From what I read in the original post he took off his walking shoes, gave them to the homeless gentleman next to him and put on his dress shoes back on.

“Good guy put his shoes back on after taking them off on the subway”

That should be in the title then shouldn't it?

Getting hilariously pranked by her dad

Never thought I’d see a fork stabbing as wholesome

She even slides it up her hand so it won't actually stab him if she succeeds

That poor girl had her brain pretzeled. She’s still trying to figure out what happened there.

whatever she's holding

You mean the fork that she was holding throughout the video, that was an integral part of the prank? Lmao

Paper, scissors, rock, and aww

Paper, scissors, rock, and aww

This is so adorable :)



got you covered

( •_•)>⌐■-■


I like how the rocks stop immediately when they see paper and scissors is hiding behind the hydrant from the rocks. Great depiction with plenty of wholesomeness.

the tiny rock piking a dlower off his head and giving it to the scissor at the en is just the cutest thing

Wholesome cop shows empathy to someone having a mental breakdown :)

Shows empathy by first T-posing to show his dominance and then only hugging. What an absolute unit.

I was expecting a crazy plot twist when he went in for the hug

Because it’s beautiful.

It almost looked like he stabbed him in the back for a second.

Man reunited with the officer that saved him from drowning as a child

Man reunited with the officer that saved him from drowning as a child

What a beautiful hero.

How wonderful. When I was eleven months old, I had a drowning incident and a brand new firefighter rescued me. I was apparently his first pool rescue and thankfully he refused to give up. I just went to his retirement party as the “guest of honor” a couple years ago. I love these sorts of stories.

I wasn’t going to cry this morning, but here I am.

That's a serious man on man embrace, right there. What a sweet dude.

Keep the eye on the ball

Keep the eye on the ball

Oh man, I love the loving face-palm he does before he pulls him for a hug. "This is definitely my little idiot"

The hug at the end is so adorable

The old "you did exactly what I said but not what I meant" hug. A for effort

It's the 'I want to strangle you but I also love you' hug. My wife gives me these all the time.

This dog's reaction is the best.

This dog's reaction is the best.

That tail sounds like it could do some damage

this is probably the doggiest reaction i’ve seen, can someone get this dog more puppies please?

Since no one mentioned it, the reason he lays on his back is to show the puppy that he's harmless, it's a submissive behavior.

I like how his excitement keeps growing, like the realization is sinking in.

Class gives poor guy a smartphone

Class gives poor guy a smartphone

Wow, my class just threw pens at me

I always feel weird about these things because it's like "hey man, we ALL know you're poor". Maybe it's just me though.

Hey man its not always about the gift but the love

If he's poor, how does he pay monthly for data?

Kid blows out birthday candle with a soccer ball

he looks like a tiny frat boy

/sub/whyweretheyfilming and also, WHO was filming? The little toddler??

Holy crap kid, do it again!

I thought he was going to jump on the cake when he celebrated, phew

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