Follow your dreams

Follow your dreams

But you already knew that

That’s my favorite part. Sometimes we’re just looking for validation. But there are so many things we already know deep down.

Are there any other great examples of finding success later in life? I have a friend who worries constantly and I'd like to give her some motivation. ☺️

Edit: thanks very much everyone! Didn't expect such a large response!


Da Vinci was a loser pt 1

Really good video essay about how we look at success and not the failure years beforehand

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Girlfriend 😍

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Girlfriend 😍

My late grandmother always gave me peppermint. This is so sweet.

I can't remember my grandparents as they passed when I was a baby. I've always wondered what that relationship would've been like.

My grandma had either butterscotch or those strawberry candies... but don't you touch her licorice drops. Those were hers alone because they were expensive and hard to get.

Those strawberry candies were AMAZING

Best little sis

Best little sis

I would never spend that $2 😭

“It’s weird not having you at home.”

Aw man 😢.

Edit: Yea I gotta leave this comments section. I wish I could see them more often. I work contract and I feel too paranoid about asking for a few days off. I really miss my parents too. Honestly I’m so drunk I could type forever so I’ll just stop. Everyone call your family. Just talk to them about random bullshit.

As an older sibling that fucking killed me

She gets Amusement park tickets for this one!

Black kid gets harassed by an old white lady for selling candy. This dude walks up and buys EVERYTHING the kid was selling.

I don't understand why or how people do this, if what some one is doing isn't hurting anyone, mind your own damn buisness.



With audio:

That kid is just trying to make a little money. Probably embarrassed already to be out there selling candy. Then this old douche comes up and starts harassing him? Why do people get mad for people trying to better themselves?

Words to live by

Words to live by

You don't have to be my dad to call me a failure

You don't have to be rich to be my girl.

You don’t have to have soul to be a soldier.


She's just GLOWING 🌞

She's just GLOWING 🌞

She looks like that first Venus statue.

She used the whole damn bottle of Rihanna's Body Lava.

She's glowing because she is happy and living her best life, despite any hardships she may have. I hope everyone can reach this level of self love ❤️

Listen, it's hot. You all are either experiencing this ridiculous rise in temperature or have at least heard about it. It's been crazy out here in the U.K. So wherever she is, as long as she has all the important bits covered up, I ain't mad.

All I am looking for really

All I am looking for really

What’s that quote from Gone Girl? “He says things like: ‘I like strong women.’ If he says that to you, he will at some point fuck someone else. Because ‘I like strong women’ is code for ‘I hate strong women.’”

It's a bit like ''I love nerdy girls...but I will try to invalidate everything you say and prove that you're just faking it for attention.''

How is this wholesome?

I'd love to date a girl smarter than me. But, if she is smarter than me... she knows better than to date my dumb ass. Never gonna happen for me lol.

Let people be happy

Let people be happy

Ask him why, in the world of amazing fabrics we have, why did he and his husband choose DENIM??

I would give him shit for those shirts and for those beards and that 80s looking design and the fact that they look faceswapped, because that's the family we are and I know he'll give me shit for the awkward smile on the picture I sent him even though it made him (probably) happy. Not much else

I dunno bro they look pretty styling imo

Not nice.

Check on yo friends 🙌

Check on yo friends 🙌

I'm feeling extremly alone right now and I got a message from one of my friends asking how my day was going.

Honestly, I don't feel like talking about my emotions or why I'm feeling down. I'll probably just reply and get the conversation going.

My point is, asking someone how his/her day is going really makes a difference.

It's cool to see that people show interest even if you don't feel like they care about you

It's hard to express my emotions, and there are tons of details that I am leaving out, but I hope you guys get my point.

TL;DR: Take a minute to just check on your friends. You never know who really needs it.


Here's a related hip-hop song by Royce da 5'9, it's called Strong Friend:

Pretty strong message in this song, and I think it's an important one. It's not a banger but he's such a good lyricist.

Check to the left,

Check to the right,

Check, check real smooth.

Glad to hear a friend reached out to you. Keep your spirits up fam!

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