Making Guyana proud

Making Guyana proud

Posted this before somewhere else, still relevant:

Guyanese here, and our little known country doesn't get a spotlight often, so let me try and sell you on it as quick as I can. Wonderful and warm multi-ethnic, English speaking people with a Caribbean culture, amazing South American scenery, endemic wildlife, and one big ass waterfall that's 5 times the height of Niagara! Our pride and joy Kaieteur Falls If you wanna be a travel hipster then this is a perfect location. You can tell people your last vacation was both Caribbean and South American and you saw the most powerful waterfall in the world! All while not needing a translator because this super secret, awesome location was fully English speaking. Also you took the opportunity to drive on the left side of the road without getting in trouble and you ate Marmite, because yes we have that too.

Edit: Geography Now did a great on Guyana.

I want shuri's movie. bet it would be fun too!!

She’s fully representing for the Guyanese 🇬🇾🇬🇾🇬🇾

damn you're really selling me on this, that sounds pretty amazing

18 Years Later

18 Years Later

Legit confused me for the longest time. Wondered for several minutes why they made their brother wear a bikini as a kid. Then it hit me. Man I need more sleep.

Threw me for a second as well, mostly because of how jacked he is. Homeboy definetly lifts like a boss.

Wow, moms was and is and will always be a babe

One of her children is super happy to have gotten dad's narrow hips and broad shoulders.

Got love for the bees too!

Got love for the bees too!

won't the bee die bc it's away from the hive? sad ending to a beautiful story

she’s on a journey a la Homeward Bound. she got stuck on a flower deliveryman’s roses and must cross Illinois with the help of a friendly truck driver to get back to her hive.


Except the bee was probably a worker bee and female.

So Geraldine?

Miss America

Miss America

She’s a beautiful young woman. This is the first year w/o the swimsuit competition, no?

Doesn't it just perpetuate the distinction that we're not all the same if we constantly point out that someone is "black or white"?

Instead of thinking good for that woman! I now think good for that "black" woman. Really boils her identity down to her skin color which is the exact opposite of what we should be doing 🤷‍♂️

Beautiful? I’d suck her dad’s dick just to get a taste of the recipe.

With a name like that I get the impression you’ve sucked dick for a lot less

Too wholesome for me

Too wholesome for me

That's soooooo damn cool.

Imagine how much hard work and time they both put in between those two photos to make the second one happen.

Awesome parenting, and what an accomplishment for the young man.

I used to read Word Up! magazine

Salt N Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine

Hangin' pictures on my wall

It’s the thought that counts 😂

It’s the thought that counts 😂

Lettuce pray she doesn’t break his heart. Just because this ain’t what she would cauliflower doesn’t mean it’s not just as beautiful.

Toss in a few actual flowers in there and he would've invented the world's first salad bouquet

He look happy as shit too for buying you that.

He looks so adorably embarrassed .

Remember that, fellas!

Remember that, fellas!

Man this reply is gonna be good then, she opened my snap 3 days ago.

"yeahhh or the response wasnt her priority and she has better things to do than talk to you" -- my anxiety

Have a seat nephew, we need to talk about something

this is a true fact.

source: am an unphotogenic girl

Good employees

Good employees

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company

Plus every Sunday off is a plus ;)

I’m LGBT but you can’t not buy their chicken minis...

I feel you sister, I once sat in my car for 3 hours because there was a huge flying beetle thing on my front door and I couldn’t get in without a battle! Here is to good men who save us from giant bug monsters 🍻

I agree but would add that it should be good "people". On of my gfs is terrified of spiders but I like them. I am afraid of grasshoppers but she isn't. We have saved each other many times from our particular feared bugs.

Big boys are fine.

Big boys are fine.

Big boys are fine, except for the actual health problems. Seriously.

I love my fat self, but I'll love my fat self more when I'm less fat.

Of course that’s a thing. You’re right. But this is just a positive body image thing. Most big dudes are aware they need to do something but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get love or feel loved in the meantime. Everyone deserves that.

And it will be healthier and happier.

I actually get pretty annoyed at people acting like I have a self image problem because I’m currently loosing weight.

I feel perfectly fine and confident, I will like myself even more when I’m skinny and I will feel better too. Acknowledging that I am overweight and that I should do something about it isn’t a mental health crisis.

Ive had people tell me that I am not overweight at all with 230 pounds at 6 feet, like bitch I’m neither blind nor stupid.

Belongs here

Belongs here

lol that gay pride thing got added since I last saw this picture

Ain't there a twitter in 'bpT'.

The gay pride part got added later. I think this photo was from somewhere in the 90’s?

No, it stands for Gay People Tumblr, idiot. Smh people these days

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