Wife material flipping skills

I wonder if she’s ever done that move in bed. And if so, if that mans penis broke

All those short jean shorts make me want to dry hump

/sub/pawg NSFW

Dude don’t be that guy at a party

No Diving - No Jumping

Sign doesn’t say no falling so he’s good


Lemme just fall off of this boardwalk with style real quick

HA! stupid sign I win again.

Beyblade tournament

Oh, my inner ear.

When they discover mom bought Gushers

Source Here.

This is the Georgian National Ballet "Sukhishvili"

Ow, my knees

Transformation Cinderella cosplay by Rachel Meikle cosplay

Transformation Cinderella cosplay by Rachel Meikle cosplay

With about 12 mice and some birds. Problem some singing.

Edit stupid phone: Probably

Now how to you put it back up there?


This is some /sub/blackmagicfuckery. I like it

I blame Fortnite

I have never seen a whiter gif

mans got nothing on the cow

I would keep driving.

No they often take orders outside before you get to the window since they are so busy some mornings

Playing a magic trick on Drake's lollipop

Playing a magic trick on Drake's lollipop

This shit got him in his feelings

10 year ago that probably would've been a safe bet but in this day and age your average person knows way too many superheroes for it to work.

He distracted him saying Batman and stuff then swapped the thing and put it in his mouth


Trying to get that perfect Tinder pic

Honestly if I was shredded I would do the same thing

Perfect names for this behavior

I feel this guy, I only have a couple good poses myself

It's damn hard work, why wouldn't you want to show it off?

Ribbon cutting ceremony

This feels like its straight outta a Parks and Rec scene.


Except it would be Rob Lowe’s fine ass helping Lil Sebastian chew it off, god rest his soul.

Well fuck, now I’m genuinely disappointed.

Take your stinking upvote anyway.

::edit:: the man delivered! It’s alive!!

Just act like you belong

Dance like you just got an extra 30% off at Hot Topic

So many, many webs

Huh so that's where that fortnite dance comes from...

the editing is actually really well done here

Adding the dinosaur filter while singing happy birthday to their dad and it went horribly wrong

This had me laughing way harder than it should! Especially when the dinosaur let out a roar right when your dad went to blow the candles out.

Gotta eat the booty like groceries

Every dude on Tinder


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