Whatcouldgowrong whatcouldgowrong

WCGW if I bust this guy's window.

WCGW if I bust this guy's window.

El Kabong; for those who remember 70’s cartoons

Was that a fucking bongo?

I think it's a djembe.

Who takes the time to bleep this f$@king sh%t?

WCGW if I put my hand in front of the gun

I mean. Id really love to know what the conversation was.

"Well you see Tom, I bought this sensor that doesn't allow the gun to fire when something is directly in front of the barrel, you know cause what happened to my hip last week."

That's why you keep yer booger hook off the bang switch until you're ready to actually kill whatever is in front of the gun!

Imma break this table WCGW?

What happens when an unstoppable idiot meets in immovable object.

You spelled ribs wrong.

“I want to take years of physical therapy”

He walked it off like moving anything in his upper half would be agony

Nice birthday cake

Nice birthday cake

This is genius. I'm gonna name my penis Matt so I can get two birthday cakes, too.

I had a ball at Diane’s 35th birthday party! And underline ball. I don’t know why this is so hard


Golden Rule: Links must contain a stupid idea and something going wrong.

What was the stupid idea and what went wrong? For all we know, the person who ordered the cake wanted it to say this and it went right. This doesn't belong here. Try posting in /sub/funny instead.

Kitty says "I learned how to handle you"

Kitty says "I learned how to handle you"

That was one of them McGregor lefts lol

Lol that is awesome. But I think you're lost. This is wcgw.


What we see here is the cascading effect of bullying. Because he gets bullied at home, he feels compelled to do so with the other cats to maintain a sense of normalcy. Poor kitty

Walking on burning charcoal WCGW

Walking on burning charcoal WCGW

Dont trip, don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip... shit, tripped!

No. That was running and tripping. If he was walking he would have been fine.

"guess I'll die"

So, when I was in basic training for the Army we had to learn about and throw two live hand grenades.

Well, one of the first things they did was tell us the truth about the fuses or rather a lack of it. See, with a real grenade... You pull the pins and throw that damn thing quick because it can explode immediately.

When I found that out I became terrified by the idea of them. So when it was my turn to hold two actual grenades, I kinda froze up and then tripped over a fire extinguisher and dropped them.

I'll never forget my female drill Sargents response. (Keep in mind almost every other encounter with her was awful) for that one moment, she picked them up and reassured me it was okay and not to be worried.

Sometimes, it's the fear, and not the lack of ability that causes the mistakes.

Edit: Wow, good afternoon everyone! I can't believe how many people can relate to this. Thank you guys for sharing your own experiences!

riding a sheep WCGW

He calmly went back to the herd knowing rightful justice had been dispensed.


Guy: “Thanks for the ride.” Sheep: “No 5 Star rating, huh?”

It’s good to know that revenge is not just a human trait.

Throwing firework in a hole in the grond WCGW

Throwing firework in a hole in the grond WCGW

Not a firework and that's not a hole that's an open sewer. The explosion and collapse is a gas explosion. People are seriously lucky they didn't die from this and probably caused 10-30 thousand dollars in damages minimum if they didn't wreck any underground utilities too. Really need to stop encouraging this stuff by making it look funny. It takes days to repair those if they are damaged and that means no using your homes water or bathroom until its fixed

I would never have expected such mature advice from an account that seems to exclusively post porn

He knows what's what with holes.

.not a firework, I'm pretty sure the original video says its gasoline down a sewer.

WCGW trying to take a drone selfie

I dont know why but people getting wet when they wanted to stay dry is always funny.

She dunked herself like she was a chicken nugget.

Serves her well for making that annoying face at drone

It's one of those things that it no fun at all when it happens to you but is a lot of fun when it happens to somebody else.

Dropping sugar in kool-aid

Dropping sugar in kool-aid

Still not sweet enough.

Fucker sank like the titanic

9 year old me: "Mmmm, tastes perfect."

I want to be a type 2000.

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