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Let me check the pizza


The flame at the end did it for me. A final middle finger.

Several manufacturers instructions call for it and it's not usually problematic unless you don't push the pizza in and let it cook to the oven door, or dump all the cheese in the bottom like a tard.

What kind of idiot puts the pizza directly onto the rack with nothing beneath it?

Do you want flaming ovens? Because that's how you get flaming ovens.

Let's Catch Some Fish WCGW

Let's Catch Some Fish WCGW

Fish are jumping over the net

Can someone explain that please? What is happening?


Asian carp will leap in the air if surprised or excited. Google "Asian Carp Jumping" to see more videos similar to the OP's. The sound of boats can often trigger them to leap and going at speed can be risky (a carp smacking one in the face can result in black eyes, bruises and lacerations).

Driving between fighting sheep.

He bounced off that car ready to battle like it was nothing.

IIRC, bumpers are intentionally designed to crumple.

RIP front bumper.

Yeah they’re pretty damn hard headed, the car crumpled easier than their opponents would. If they’re charging you, don’t let it hit.

Watch me do this trick...

Watch me do this trick...

Ah~ The 45º dentist trip.

It's Tony Hack ;)

That went so wrong, so quickly

One time when I was younger I tried to do that cool thing where the skateboarders kick the bottom of their board so the front flies up and they catch it with their hand and instead of catching it, it just slammed my middle finger and my nail was purple for like 2 weeks and I gave up skateboarding to just play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

Bullying an MMA kid WCGR

Bullying an MMA kid WCGR

Lol I love the 5 seconds after the kid gets his ass kicked and still stands and acts like he’s gonna fight again but just ends up giving up.

The speed of that ground and pound was very impressive.

He was waiting for permission to leave from his new daddy.

Looks like the same school where the chubby kid picked up and slammed the skinny little bully.

Try a front flip on pavement, WCGW?

There’s literally grass two feet to his left

Yes, pavement... The most forgiving of surfaces to try acrobatics on.

You've gotta hold onto the small victories in this world.

At least he didn’t land on his head!

Let me open a wine bottle this way. WCGW?

Let me open a wine bottle this way. WCGW?

Because cork screws are overrated.

Well....it’s open.

Gently, you fucking baboon.

Good bye fingers

WCGW if I try and catch a Tarpon with my bare hands

Me: "What's a Tarpon?"

Man gets eaten by giant fish.

Me: "Oh."

Ha! Robbie's in the Florida Keys. People pay good money to have a fish chomp on half their forearm.

Tarpon don't have teeth so dragging you in the water as about the worst they can do.

Unless your head hits an old pile lurking just beneath the surface causing you a traumatic brain injury leading to personality changes and significant memory impairment.

or super powers

Riding your road bike into deep sand.

"Thank god that shit was soft!" -face

"100% worth it!" -buddies who watched

Wow that sand is deceptively deep, though. And it's been raked or combed to look flatter.


Wow that sand is deceptively deep, though. And it's been raked or combed to look flatter.

"Fuck you asshole!!" -the bike

I guess something went wrong

I guess something went wrong

What could go wrong when loading /sub/whatcouldgowrong

Something. Something can always go wrong.

We need to go deeper down the rabbit hole, gentlemen! #Wrongception

The reddit redesign. What could go wrong?

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