Jaime Lannister | Kingslayer

Jaime Lannister | Kingslayer

So horribly flawed, yet we dream and hope for his redemption. He's one of the best written characters in books and in the show as far as i'm concerned. Anyone who says otherwise can suck Hot Pie's dick.

I seriously think Jaime is one of the best written characters of all time. The character depth in all of the characters is what makes this show so stunning and compelling, I don't think character depth and complexity of this calibre has ever been reached before this show came along.

We think we know Jaime early on, he's the kingslayer, he's in an incestuous relationship with his sister who's vindictive and she's clearly absolutely awful. Jaime's just another awful Lannister, a rich boy that has had everything going for him his whole life. Not only blessed with wealth but arguably one of the best fighters the world has ever seen. It's so easy for everyone to hate him. He betrayed his king by stabbing him in the back no less. To everyone he is the epitome of being a dishonourable, unlikeable rich and privileged douchbag.

As time goes on though we find out that he is a much more complex character. His father has always been harsh with him and expected him to be the man that follows through with the Lannister's powerful legacy, placing all that responsibility on his shoulders. He's always been nice to Tyrion even though the rest of his family hated him just because of how he was born and what that looked like to people outside of the family. He showed great respect for Brienne, his captor. He saved her from being raped and for it they cut off his sword hand. The only thing that he ever really had that was his own and not from Lannister legacy, his supreme fighting skill, stripped from him.

Now in his mind he has nothing. The world which feared him now looks at him as a cripple just like his brother Tyrion. A man who backstabbed a king he swore loyalty to, nevermind the fact that the king was going to burn the entire city alive, murdering thousands of innocent people. All the people know is that their king was betrayed by just another one of these scheming Lannisters so now they all call him the kingslayer in jest, as a bit of sarcastic mockery in an attempt to demean him.

Not to mention all of his kids are dead and the woman he so dearly loves has gone completely insane and he's now clearly terrified of her yet he still can't bring himself to leave her.

His story is so unbelievably tragic.


This was amazing. a video in a similar vein about Jon Snow.

Threw a 10 year old to his intended death because the child saw him fucking his sister is not mentioned in your tale of the tragic poor rich kid who just had a hard time!

Edit: At first it was just kind of weird but at this point the number of people making the exact same comment is just annoying and I wish you would stop. Also, the comment you're all making "He knew if he got caught he'd die" is not an acceptable way of excusing the murder of a child.

He knew BEFORE he fucked another mans wife, a man who was also the king and a wife who was also his sister, that if he got caught he'd be killed and she would be killed and his kids might be killed too. Somehow a whole bunch of you seem to think that excuses his attempted murder of a 10 year old instead of just making him an even worse person for putting the lives of a woman he supposedly loves and his three children at risk to get his dick wet.

The fact that his kids would have been murdered if he got caught makes the fact that he was doing it MUCH WORSE and makes him A MUCH WORSE PERSON OVERALL.

It does not, in any way, excuse his attempt to murder a little boy to cover it up.

What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

Well this is a rare sight, a Kurzgesagt video which doesn't give me an existential crisis

They mention Water Strider bugs at one point being able to walk on water!

This video from Deep Look gives a much better look into that with some beautiful shots. They prey on all those bugs that can't swim!

The thought of touching a drop of water, being absorbed, and drowning wasn't scary enough to you?


My little brother playing a song he wrote. He hates sharing his music. Told him a few on here will think its is.

My little brother playing a song he wrote. He hates sharing his music. Told him a few on here will think its is.

Not just excellent singing, but very on-point writing. It's a super pretty song, and whether he left it as a guitar/vocal piece or added some backing parts, it could go on an album as it stands. It's polished as a performance. Thank you for putting this out there <3

He hates sharing his music

----> Has Youtube account sharing his music over a couple of years.


"He hates sharing his music", yet there's a video of him singing on a big stage. Well dude, whatever gets you upticks. Anyway it's a really really nice song and performance.

I need to convince him to make an account now cus he'd love all these comments.

That time a weatherman nailed pronouncing Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

That time a weatherman nailed pronouncing Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

That little eyebrow raise at the end that says "Yea, I know how awesome I am" really made this vid better

That shit eating grin is perfect.

I sat down for a few hours some years back and learnt how to say that. I'd like to say being Welsh gave me a bit of a head start but, embarrassingly, I'm one of those Welsh people who can't even speak my own fucking language.

EDIT: As this comment is doing quite well, I figured I'd share my two favourite jokes about us Welsh.

I once dated a girl with 36 double Ds...longest surname I've ever seen.

A young Welsh couple were talking when the woman asked the man how many sexual partners he had before her. "I don't know," replied the man. "Every time I try to count them I fall asleep."

I'm still under the impression that Welsh isn't even a language. They were just taking the piss out of the British one day and made up noises on the spot and pretended to understand each other. Now all Welsh people just make noise and pretend to understand each other around Brits just to confuse them.

Edit: Yes I am aware British is a general term and doesn't mean English. Are you also aware jokes aren't always true stories?

Jon Snow gets to work in the dragonglass mine

Jon Snow gets to work in the dragonglass mine

"All you need to do is bend the knee"

"Fuck lady I am bending my back here!"

I literally thought it'd be a spoof of him sitting in the cave with colored pencils drawing on the walls.

I keep forgetting Westeros has access to power tools, makes me wonder why the White Walkers don't just...drill through the wall.

I don't understand why she can't wear really heavy armor that can block arrows? It's not like she has to run around or anything. She just sits on her dragon.

What my cat does *every* morning

What my cat does *every* morning

We had a cat that did exactly the same thing. Sometimes I would get up afterwards and walk around with him in my pants, dragging him along the floor like a giant toddler with a turd.

I know you're not lying about "every morning," because that cat clearly knows EXACTLY what it's doing.


Just me that think this is kinda weird?

Fighter Fixes Opponent's Dislocated Shoulder

Fighter Fixes Opponent's Dislocated Shoulder

I love how casual he is about it. "Lemme just tug that arm aaaaaand we're good lets do this"

Nice to see respect in a sport which focuses a lot on machismo and rivalries

In my mind there's nothing more macho than helping out your opponent so he can continue to fight you.

What a fucking asshole! Who the hell beats up a guy who has a dislocated shoulder?

Dislocated shoulders hurt baaaad. I cannot imagine trying to finish a fight after.

Yes Yes Yes Yes YEAAASUH

Yes Yes Yes Yes YEAAASUH

First, what the hell is this from? Second, this is equal parts ridiculous and hilarious.

Its a show called Letterkenny, basically about life in rural Canadian town.

Got a little turned on when the girl starting saying yes yes yes yes yeaaaaaahh

For those who want to see a bit more of the show, here is the cold open from season 1:

Stephen Colbert gets interviewed by "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans

Stephen Colbert gets interviewed by "Hot Ones" host Sean Evans

Congrats to /u/seanseaevans ! Super happy for him and the show Hot Ones hitting this level. Edit: Corrected the user name

Stephen, this camera, that camera, that camera, let the people know what you have going on in your life!

Pretty interesting to see Stephen clearly not in control. He was definitely out of his comfort zone there - something you really don't see him do often.

It would be really cool if Stephen did a full interview with Sean. It'd really like if they got some good genuine questions in.

Crowd reacts to the announcement of Valve's new game, Artifact.

Crowd reacts to the announcement of Valve's new game, Artifact.

This is pure comedy gold. It's as if Valve intended to hype everyone up just for the let down moment.

Whoa I almost got hyped for a second. Card game? Snooze.

It's the sound of a thousand erections deflating

I'm so sick of the focus on card games and loot boxes. Microtransaction everything up the ass.

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