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Captain Marvel First Trailer

Captain Marvel First Trailer

This looks kinda...meh.

Just something about it so generic and low interest.

I was sold the second she punched that old woman in the face.


This feels like a DC film and I don't mean that as a compliment.

Wholesome security guard deals with insane customer.

Wholesome security guard deals with insane customer.

"No, you're not black. You're from Africa..." Ok

That security guard is so nice and sweet. I want to buy him a drink for having to put up such an annoying customer in this video.

"We are human beings... everybody has different history".

I love this guy. Very smart and genuine. That guy behind the camera picked the wrong target to try and make a slander video for youtube views.

Ignorance. Assault and battery requires that he cause some kind of harm, physical or emotional and also has to give a verbal threat or warning of incoming harm to scare or invoke fear. This guy is just ignorant. Plain and simple. Hating on other black man for his own ignorance.

Movies vs. Life: Hacking

Movies vs. Life: Hacking
Movies vs. Life: Hacking

This is hacking NCIS style. Super realistic.


Same with

It's a fingerprint sensor keyboard so it knows who is typing what. It can then multitask the commands of both the people with the same keyboard. Wallah! Hollywood, rebunked.

(Jk the video is very funny, watch it)

And the best dad of the year goes to...

And the best dad of the year goes to...

Dad stops 1 min later....crying ensues......kid asks dad to do this every day all day for a week......I've played this game before.

The way the kid poses and looks back at the camera when he sticks to the wall is amazing.

That's where the Jack Daniel's comes in.

And if his dad isn't there I hope his uncle can fill in to....oh.....

This man is in every wasp's nightmares

This man is in every wasp's nightmares

He's a mother fucking reincarnated honey badger

"19.98 sounds like a little muc-...oh God fucking damnit"

God damnit man!

"except for in Australia" is always implied when one says things like that.

Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Episode 60 - Part 3

Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Episode 60 - Part 3

I was laughing my ass off when Krillen's Owned count went from 39 to 38.

At the end of the credits, they were showing the full cast list (including Frieza) and I was thinking...

No. Don't end like this.

Then the Season 4 bumper came up and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I also saw the premiere on their twitch channel. The creators mentioned that all future episodes will be released in chunks. So, if we wait a while and they say new episodes are coming, we will get a new episode each week for a few weeks.

Legit can't believe they want to do the Buu saga. I really thought they were done with it after this.

Growing up watching this series, I'm not ashamed of having a tug at my heart. TeamFourStar have dealt with countless roadblocks (copyright strikes, channel deleted, lack of funding), yet they put their time and heart into bringing their fans this amazing series.

They don't make a dime out of ad revenue (they don't monetize these videos); so I suggest anyone interested in supporting them check out their merchandise, Patreon, or even subbing on their twitch.

Eminem - KILLSHOT (MKG Diss)

Eminem - KILLSHOT (MKG Diss)

But how you gonna name yourself after a damn gun And have a man bun?

Lmao this is classic Em I fucking love it.

Got more fans than you in your own city, lil' kiddy, go play Feel like I'm babysitting Lil Tay"

There's so many dope punchlines in this diss.

Little white toothpick Thinks it's over a pic, I just don't like you, prick

The ending got me feeling like this isn't over.

Who else want it, Kells? Attempt fails, Budden, L's Fuckin' nails in these coffins as soft as Cottonelle

According to the Sway show, the whole beef isn't actually over what MGK said about Em's daughter, Hailee.

Em said this in the interview:

“That’s not why I dissed him. The reason I dissed him is actually a lot more petty than that. The reason that I dissed him is because he got on—first what he said ‘I’m the greatest rapper alive since my favorite rapper banned me from Shade 45’ or whatever he said, right? Like I’m trying to hinder his career. I don’t give a f–k about your career. You think I actually f–king think about you? You know how many f–king rappers are better than you? You’re not even in the fu–ing conversation.”

Cause the smarter ones know better.

Thought this was fake. Glad I clicked. This is the perfect response.

Deaf woman lip reading videos from WW1

Deaf woman lip reading videos from WW1

Interesting, but it's a bit annoying that I'm watching a low quality video of a low quality video. It would be nice if we could see their mouths as well.

Can you imagine what she could do with this footage.

Oi wot, you bovered?

The guy said, "He's from Lancashire," like it's expected for him to be uneducated.

Was searching for old Gorillaz songs, found... this.

Was searching for old Gorillaz songs, found... this.

This is the most amazing things I've seen this month.

Have fun shitting.

Haha. The use of Tux is great, intentional or not.

noot noot

thank mr pingu

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