Be prepared for brigading of posts in this sub during Trump's visit

Be prepared for brigading of posts in this sub during Trump's visit

No doubt we'll receive the attentions of some T_D losers.

The T_D crowd are sure sensitive for a free speech bunch.

One of their rules is literally this sub is only for Trump supporters. So if you say anything against him at all it's a ban.

Edit: I got banned yesterday for pointing out under a nato summit photo where someone was making fun of Merkels looks that Trump ain’t exactly Adonis.

Wow, so they’re literally a bunch of fascists?

Who knew...

Yup, got banned there. Turns out the mods actively look at the post history of posters and will ban you if you post in certain liberal subs.

What I find totally ironic about this, and it goes the same for the UK too, the people who are voting for UKIP and Trump, are generally the same bunch who are blindly patriotic, support their troops, and sing about how we won the World War - tending to forget a lot of what we fought for in that war, was against the kind of ideals and rhetoric that they're voting for and crying out for. They contradict themselves so ignorantly.

I guess it isn't coming home after all

I guess it isn't coming home after all

We deserved to lose. England completely fell apart during the second half.

We just watched Croatia run around with the ball and gave them every chance to score.

Well done Croatia. From the second half onward they properly outplayed us and a deserved victory.

Does anyone want to buy a waistcoat?


Rage Against the Machine Demand Nigel Farage Rename His “Farage Against the Machine” Podcast

Rage Against the Machine Demand Nigel Farage Rename His “Farage Against the Machine” Podcast

I just wish RATM would reunite and start writing new music already.

The current political landscape would surely provide them with enough inspiration.

He should respond, "Fuck you I won't do what you tell me."

this track

Give Run The Jewels a listen. Much more hip-hop than anything else, but some of their stuff is pretty politically charged. In fact, Zach De La Rocha features on .

Edit: I'm just hoping and praying for a new SOAD album in the next five years.

From the LBC "Frogface Against the machine" page:

Nigel Farage has spent 25 years questioning the establishment.

Which I find highly amusing given that Farage is the establishment what with him being the son of a stockbroker, privately educated and a trader himself.

New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab wanted UK to negotiate with EU to scrap workers' rights

New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab wanted UK to negotiate with EU to scrap workers' rights

This man is a serious danger to the working class. He'd have them all back in workhouses if he could.

The 2011 policy paper referred to in the article, which he wrote for the Centre for Policy Studies (a think tank co-founded by Thatcher that calls itself "the champion of the small state") is titled Escaping the Strait Jacket.

In it he called for scrapping the Working Time Regulations 1998 (which prevents employers from making people work more than 48 hours a week unless they specifically opt to work longer hours) and the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (which give agency workers the right to be treated as other employees after 12 weeks of continuous service), making it more difficult for workers to strike, making it easier for employers to sack workers without due cause, and exempting small businesses from having to provide paid holidays, flexible working hours, minimum wage for workers under the age of 21, time off for training and pension enrolment. Referring to worker's rights as a strait jacket? Obviously he has the best interests of the working class in mind.

He was also one of five Tory MPs who wrote the 2012 book Britannia Unchained: Global Lessons for Growth and Prosperity that describes British workers as "among the worst idlers in the world".

Tories gonna tory.

I hope the working class enjoy being shit poor and having no protection from any kind of exploitation, because that's their future.

Which will be done once the Tories can finalise Brexit.

Hope my fellow Countrymen/women weren't too attached to their human/workers rights, because you won't have them in their current form for much longer.

This is one of my major gripes with Brexit from the start. The whole "my sovereignty" argument really got to me, why, WHY would you want to hand this government that kind of power to strip away our rights. I don't think people realise how draconian they are...at least, I seriously hope they didn't realise because the alternative is worse.

Shots fired in Londonderry were ‘blatant bid to murder police officers’

Shots fired in Londonderry were ‘blatant bid to murder police officers’
Shots fired in Londonderry were ‘blatant bid to murder police officers’

"TERRORIST ATTACK ON UK POLICE OFFICERS!" Say's no UK media in this age, strange that...


The only word in the English language with six silent letters.

Digging up the sectarian naming debate isn't really a reaction to a police officer nearly getting murdered.

Tory vice chairs quit over Brexit

Tory vice chairs quit over Brexit
Tory vice chairs quit over Brexit

So, that's a pair of vice chairs today after a couple of stools yesterday

The anti-abortion Vice-Chair for women and the guy who said that the unemployed should be given vasectomies.

These two should have resigned because they finally grew a conscience rather than because of the Chequers deal...

And so it continues.

I suspect initial reaction here will be to celebrate. Bear in mind this either ends up in some sort of hilarious political meltdown or it ends up with a vote of no confidence with will of the people spittle speckled maniacs wanting to put Boris or Mogg's arse into the driving seat, depending on whom they think is a more marketable candidate.

I'm guessing that'll probably be pretty awful, realistically.

Ben bradley is the one who accused Corbyn of passing secrets to czech state services and then to avoid having the arse sued off him, was made to donate an undisclosed amount to charity and take back what he'd said with an apology on twitter.

Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain

Boris Johnson Has Ruined Britain

One of the most satisfying reads about Boris so far.

Boris Johnson is one of those people that's really fortunate to have grown up in modern times, because this is the kind of shit that would have got you kicked to death by a mob, 200+ years ago.

Yes. And it's a little comforting to know that this is actually the international perspective on BoJo the clown, and not just some disgruntled fleet street hack.

I mean tbf about 200 year ago he'd be right in his element... expensively educated toff, classics lover, amateur history writer, loves oration on nothing in particular, loves empire, loves colonialism and looking back to the past, etc.

He'd no doubt be Prime Minister or a Govenor General or somesuch. I mean he'd probably be someone that Boris today would make a TV program about talking about how brilliantly British he was.

Jeremy Hunt appointed Foreign Secretary

Jeremy Hunt appointed Foreign Secretary

I want off this wild ride.

Was there really no one else?! God help us all.

Oh, fuck.

On the plus side, at least he's not directly killing off the NHS any more as health sec.

Christ on a fucking bendy bus

The good news, Hunt is no longer Health Secretary.

The good news, Hunt is no longer Health Secretary.

The bad news. He's Foreign Secretary.

Are you fucking kidding me.

Sometimes I just wish I could be a Tory MP and get rewarded for being utterly hopeless at my job.

5 quid on him trying to sell the whole country within the next two years 😂

I appreciate that you would assume that I am a decent human being, however I have worked in hotels and call centres. I have a genuine loathing of the public at large so I, to be perfectly honest with you, don’t think that I would actually give too much of a shit. If there’s a gravy train to jump on, I want a ticket.

Freemasons' Grand Lodge responds to Guardian's claim of "secret Westminster lodges"

Freemasons' Grand Lodge responds to Guardian's claim of "secret Westminster lodges"

It's really weird that when Freemasons are brought up on here people talk about loony conspiracy theories. The freemasons had (maybe still have) a known link to MET police corruption that was talked about in books like The Untouchables, and Inside the Brotherhood, there were top police speaking openly that Freemasonry needed to be ridded from the police because it was too powerful and aided corruption.

Here's a couple of recent articles

It's quite concerning the number of actual dodgy shit that gets mixed in with fake moon landings

Some might argue that that is the point of them (the loony conspiracy theories). Others might argue that that is a loony conspiracy theory in itself. Useful label really...

Tbh, the water has been muddied by the more loony conspiracy theories to the point where they're immediately what comes to mind when Freemasonry is discussed.

Police corruption and links to Masonry is a very real, documented thing.

Great book suggestions, btw. Would recommend both too. I'd also recommend the Untold podcast (and its book) because it ties in with the Met corruption and you'll recognise some names.

Full text:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

Complaint – Article published on Sunday 4 February

This is a complaint pursuant to your Editorial Code about an article published on Sunday 4 February on your website and in print on Monday 5 February. The article was headlined "Two Freemasons' Lodges Operating Secretly at Westminster" and Ian Cobain was credited with the byline. lt contained significant inaccuracies which created a substantially misleading article. The existence of the two lodges in question is not secret, they don't operate at Westminster and they don't have MPs or journalists in their respective memberships.

ln particular:

The article claimed that "Two Freemasons' lodges set up for members of parliament and political journalists are continuing to operate secretly at Westminster". This is inaccurate. The Lodges do not operate at Westminster and only meet in Camden at Freemasons' Hall.

The article stated "Exclusive: Lodges for MPs and journalists are so covert even lobby reporters do not know members". The Lodges in the article do not have any MPs or journalists as members.

The Lodges are not secret. Their meeting place is open to the public all year and their meeting dates are published in the United Grand Lodge of Englanddirectory of Lodges and Chapters available for the public to buy from most Masonic retailers. Details of the founding of the New Welcome Lodge were published in the press including in the Daily Telegraph. The New Welcome Lodge and Gallery Lodge are referred to in Hansard and have had Wikipedia pages for 12 years. Both Lodges feature in publicly available academic articles (on Researchgate, among other resources) and press. A detailed history of Gallery Lodge, together with its past and present members, was published in 1968. lt is wilfully misleading for the Guardian to state that the Lodges operate secretly or to imply that their existence is "secret" or "covert".

The article claimed that "The New Welcome Lodge has about 30 to 40 members ... only about four of the current members are MPs". This is fictitious, as anybody connected with the Lodge would know. New Welcome Lodge only has 22 members. There are no current MPs who are members of New Welcome Lodge.

We provided extensive information and quotes to Ian Cobain in answer to his questions about Freemasonry and he used this information in other contemporaneous articles about Freemasonry. He chose not to ask us about New Welcome Lodge and appears to have ignored all of the widely published and available information about it and Gallery Lodge. He did not provide us with any opportunity to correct the errors in his article. Instead, inaccurate information has been published to create a misleading impression of Freemasonry. The reader is deliberately left to infer that journalists and MPs meet in secret at Westminster as Freemasons, which is untrue and which the author must have known or suspected to be untrue. There is no evidence for, or truth in, these inferences in the article about Freemasonry.

By publishing inaccuracies which foster and promote popular prejudices against Freemasonry concerning corruption, power and control, the article damaged the reputation of the United Grand Lodge of England as a membership organisation and encouraged further discrimination against individual Freemasons.

We request that you publish a retraction of the article in an agreed form which confirms that journalists and MPs don't meet in secret at Westminster as Freemasons. We also request that you publish an apology to Freemasons for misleading the public about the nature of Freemasonry.

Yours faithfully,

Dr David Staples,


For and on behalf of The United Grand Lodge of England"

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