Unexpected unexpected

Stare down

So painful, for some of the people you can see their souls leave their bodies as they realise

Im going to this!

GameCube Startup

GameCube Startup

I was expecting a dickbut...

.. Or at least a "send nudes"

exactly! it was unexpected!

But let's be real, Africa is always the answer

There's nothing that a hundred men or more would ever do.

Didn't see that one coming

Didn't see that one coming

The willpower of that guy to continue to eat the ice cream like that for so long without laughing, and then get up and whip out the cane while still keeping it together is amazing 😭 10/10 stellar performance

I love that the one dude seemed so disappointed at the end.

That poor bottom

What do you mean? Hes blind...

Just chillin' by the door

You just got an audible laugh out of me. I'm on a crowded train and people are looking at me like I'm a weirdo. My pants are down, but I'm blaming your post.

Hey! It’s a bird!, don’t you guys like birds?! -doggo

Dogs have no chill

Stalking his prey

Dog gets ready as soon as it sees the wiggle

I love how the cat plays it off like the dog wasn’t the intended target

Dogs like "nahp, fuck that. I know what's up."

The doggo knew right when the cat did it's little butt wave it was ready to pounce. Good boy instincts

Get the elderly off the road!

Get the elderly off the road!

If I ever see a turtle trying to cross the road while I’m driving I pull over and help them get across every single time.

Does this happen frequently where you live ? We mostly get deer or other forest creatures


Ma fucka' should be tested every 100 years, we need to keep these shell weilding fuckers off the road. This is fucked and they need to be retested for public safety.

Let bring the game to another level

This is way better than the other versions!

Gender change is just next level shit and in such short time.


The dog sniffed him out a mile away.

Wow dude

Wow dude

Thought it was gonna end up with the strap tangled up in the bike

Slingshot engaged

Almost did. And that would have been more "unexpected" than dude jumping something.

Could have been in /sub/whatcouldgowrong

natural selection doing its job

natural selection doing its job

The very last second is the most unexpected thing of all.

The only way I would be satisfied with this gif ending is with the car slowly running into a police car, complete with alternate view of the cop's dash cam.

It's probably scripted

Arguably the only unexpected thing. Considering the title.

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