Tail taps

That tail is docked so close :(

I don't normally advocate for docking tails but I've known more than a few dogs who constantly broke their tails because of incessant wagging and bashing against walls or tables. Better to dock in those cases or even those particular breeds prone to these problems than to have them always in pain.

But there wasn't sounds

Why is tail docking even allowed?

Just an adorable little budgie balancing on a tennis ball

That little hop onto the ball, though! So cute.

I am bird Small as ball I hop on top I do not fall Watch me balance Tap my feet And roll around My trick is neat

“How do I fuck this” - birb probably

That bird is trying to have sex with the tennis ball.

Our pupper with the smallest taps

Our pupper with the smallest taps

Possible biscuitboye

Thank you ! It's a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever, or Toller in short. She's 12 weeks now.

Part cat

Which breed is that?!? He's absolutely gorgeous!!

Water tippytaps 😊

Water tippytaps 😊

This is my sister's dog Harper. She spent 5 hours in the water today and will splash around for hours while trying to catch the splashes. She's a nut.

Now that’s way too cute

She’s so happy!!

Wouldn’t it be Splishy Splash?

Loving the Beach

It's a crosspost from /sub/happycowgifs :D

Well there's a sub I didn't know I needed


Ice Tappyboye

Ice Tappyboye

The gentlest tappys

Hey thats pretty “cool” huh?

This is what happens when her brother visits - Tippy jumps

This is what happens when her brother visits - Tippy jumps

Wagging intensifies

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