TIFU by trusting a friend and losing a car.

TIFU by trusting a friend and losing a car.

I'll keep it as short as possible. This happened a few months ago. Travelled to australia, bought a car with a friend, registered it in her name, travelled for a few months, arrived in Sydney, decided to stay here for longer and sell the car.

Because I found a full-time job she took it upon herself to sell the car. After not hearing anything for a month I decided to check in, she had no offers and was doing the best she could, ofcourse. Now this was a good car, new, no mechanical problems, had just been checked, never any issues. Because there was no real rush I was fine with this explanation, although I didn't believe she was trying very hard.

Another month goes by, still no sale or interest. Come to find out she uses the car on a daily basis, long distance, and has only one advert online, where she's asking way to much money. I ask her if she really is interested in selling it, if not, she can buy me out since I'm not using the car or need it. She says she wants to sell it, so I help her by putting up adds myself. Within a week I have 5 serious interests but since I'm working I have to thrust my friends to show the car.

5 car inspections later still nobody showed interest in buying. I call one of the people that came to look at the car back to ask why not, only to find out my friend said the engine was making weird noises and the clutch was worn out. He also tells me the 'engine warning sign' on the dashboard is on, which wasn't before. She ofcourse has a great excuse, I forgot what it is, and I give her one last chance to sell it.

By now almost 12 weeks have gone by and I'm planning on flying to Cairns, however we need to sell the car first. I tell her I'm taking over (which was met with an unreasonable amount of hostility), pick up the car from her house, bring it to the garage, get it fixed (new brakes, new clutch cylinders, get the engine warning sign fixed and a few other small things), I clean the car (which hadn't been done in forever) and put it online. Next day the police, and her, stand in front of my door with questions about me selling a stolen car.

After the shock subsided I calmly explain the story the the cops while showing proof of my half of the payment. She says she wants the keys to the car because her name is on the contract, I just want to sell the car. The officers are frustrated to the point of anger that she lied and got them involved in a civil dispute where she had never made an attempt to discus it among outselves. After a long discussion where she's making up things to get her way (I'm depressed and will drive the car of a cliff, I never said the car should be sold, I can't be trusted and won't pay her her half) they decide she gets the keys with the promise of selling the car a.s.a.p. and giving me my half.

Now, 6 months later, realization has set in I lost the car. She blocked me on all possible platforms but still owns the car. I called the police but they can't do anything because the car is in her name. I have to leave Australia soon so going to court will be taking to long next to being expensive. I'm all out of options, bye bye $3200 (and 'friendship').

Tl;dr: bought a car for a roadtrip together with a friend, trusted her to sell it after we were done. After waiting 12 weeks I take over, get the car fixed and cleaned, after which she calls the cops claiming I stole it and gets ownership back. Now she and the car are gone, and so is my money.

Sounds like you need to Judge Judy this bitch. With your evidence and police involvement establishing your entitlement to half the sale of the car should be easy.

Never ever buy something like a car together with a friend or relative, no matter how much you trust someone. Never share a bank account with anyone. I'm really sorry this happened to you, your friend was a peice of shit.

I don’t know about AUS but in the US you can title a car “John Smith and Jane Doe”.if you do that, BOTH of you have to sign to sell it.

That’s what I did with my under 18 son, since he couldn’t be the main title holder (for the car I paid for).

News flash: if it’s only her name on the title, it’s HER car, not yours. You may have a bad debt to collect.

BTW, was any of this in writing? If not, you have learned an expensive lesson.

If it was all your money, why did you put it in her name anyway?

My cousin ended up stealing 4k worth of things after I gave him my mom's car, AFTER SHE HAD FUCKING DIED. People are fucking assholes, especially family.

TIFU by not realizing a Motel 6 employee was setting me up for a robbery in Perry Georgia BEWARE

TIFU by not realizing a Motel 6 employee was setting me up for a robbery in Perry Georgia BEWARE

Contact corporate with this story. The local cops can't help you, and the owners, if guilty, have something to hide. Most likely it was a scam that the late night clerk is running with an accomplice.

That’s exactly what I thought, I plan on calling back tomorrow to see if the owner has checked his cameras...he was an elderly Indian man and seemed innocent but at this point I can’t be sure at all. Monday morning I’m starting a complaint campaign for sure

I think OP is right too. I’d assume that after going to a room in a hotel only to find the deadbolt locked and people obviously sleeping in there, any normal person would turn back and go to the front desk instead of trying to unlock the door. That guy was definitely trying to rob them, I really don’t know what else he’d be trying to do.

There are a couple possibilities here. But your instincts seem right. The dude planned on sneaking in and robbing your shit while you sleep. You might xpost this to /sub/talesfromthefrontdesk.

I have been issued a key to an occupied room before (at 3am, I noped right out after two steps when I saw someone asleep in the bed) at a major property in Las Vegas so mistakes can occur, but the dude's comments make it super suspicious.

TIFU by putting tiny, annoying noise making machines around my house and forgetting where they are.

TIFU by putting tiny, annoying noise making machines around my house and forgetting where they are.

First off this isn’t a story from today, it really started on Christmas. I’m a big fan of pranks and annoying my brother, so my dad got me 3 little machines, each about as big as a gumball. Each machine has one button and once pressed they make noises once every 4 minutes or so, ranging from a phone’s alert sound to a doorbell. The one problem was, I never figured out how to turn them off and I just assumed they would stop after a day or so. I hid them around the house, went on vacation to Utah and had forgotten all about them, including their locations by the time I got back. These things go off infrequently enough that I can’t hear where they are and on top of it every time the doorbell sound goes off my dogs lose their shit. I found one of them and threw it away because I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off, but I still have 2 left lying around, waking me up occasionally and being annoying as hell.

TL;DR: I got three tiny things that make random annoying noises to piss off my brother, it totally backfired when I lost them with them left on and I still haven’t found 2 of them.

Edit: You can buy these at GameStop’s website for everyone asking

My dad used something similar to prank me when I was about 12 years old. Except instead of random sounds these cycled through things like ghostly whispers, someone screaming, and so on. You get the idea. And they went off about once an hour.

He put them in my room and I became convinced my house was haunted, but he kept saying I was imagining things. What made it worse was that when I wasn't home he would switch the locations of them so I could never pinpoint where it was coming from. He finally admitted it to me when one of the noises scared me shitless, but not before nearly dying of laughter.

Needless to say he gave them to me afterwards and I stuck them under the seats of his car in spots where only a 12 year olds arms could reach.

When I was 8 Or so, I went with my mom to a business trip in Scotland. She got the bright idea to talk up ghosts and the haunted buildings in town. Then, she bought a bagpipe fridge magnet that played Scotland the brave and turned it on every time I went to the bathroom. She denied ever hearing it and had me go down and ask the hotel manager if any pipist had ever died in that bathroom. I was a dumb kid.

I laughed, I cried, I pitied your big armed father.

You've got an awesome mom. My dad's idea of a joke is to insult someone in a stupid voice and then snigger about it. He wins the joke if the other person gets mad, but angry if they don't just leave it as a joke.

TIFU by potentially breaking my Mum's jaw after we mistook each other for burglars

TIFU by potentially breaking my Mum's jaw after we mistook each other for burglars

So I'll preface this by saying I suffer from chronic night terrors which causes me to wake up confused, exhausted, and, early this morning, hungry as fuck.

So I stagger downstairs through my living room and into the kitchen where I start eating what would become 3 sausage rolls, half a loaf of bread and jam, 2 iced fingers, and 2 packets of crisps (Wotsits to be exact).During this time, it's completely pitch-black as I hate artificial light, and every little noise sounds like it's about to kill me violently so I was pretty shooketh.

As I'm 'sobering' up and clearing things away, my Mum comes down for whatever reason (she probably thought I was a burglar with all the rummaging around I was doing in the cupboard.

She starts shouting at me to, and I quote, "Get the fuck out my shit, you bastard motherfuck".

In my confused state, "Get the fuck out my shit, you bastard motherfuck" sounded like I was in some other burglars territory. Do burglars have territories? Anywho, this resulted in me spinning round and putting all 8 1/2 stone of myself into hooking my poor mum straight in the jaw and sending her sprawling.

She hasn't spoken to me since. I have yet to confirm if it's because she's pissed at me or because I may have broken her jaw. Suppose I'll find out once the X-Ray gets back.

EDIT: Results are back and it's confirmed I'm too much of a weakling to do any damage. She's okay. I'm not when we get home.

TL;DR: Mistook each other for burglars. Mum got beaten down.

Why did your mom think that yelling obscenities at a burglar is the best course of action ?

She once chased a burglar out of the house with a bat when I was a kid, so maybe she thought she could do it again?

8.5 Stone sounds way more impressive than 120lbs.

TIL that 8.5 stone is only 120 lbs or 54 kg. I didn't even think you could break wind at that weight, much less someone's jaw.

TIFU by Confusing Grape juice and Prune juice.

TIFU by Confusing Grape juice and Prune juice.

Only on this subreddit could the phrase 'I began to feel rather parched' make me think 'OHHH, you're about to regret this...'

I hope this doesn’t get classified as a shit post cause it’s rather funny and not that graphic

My wife knows that, above all things, I cannot resist a cold glass of grape juice. I was ecstatic. In my stupor I neglected to check the label to ensure I truly was consuming the sweet nectar I craved. I was drinking at such an alarming rate that before I knew it half the bottle was gone.

Fuck no. You've obviously never tasted prune juice.

The most descriptive shit post ever lol.

TIFU by slowly and over several years poisoning my family with uranium.

TIFU by slowly and over several years poisoning my family with uranium.

I’d worry more about the lead in the glaze than the radioactivity. These dishes should be safe unless they show signs of cracking or other deterioration.

Live like you're in the Victorian era! Poison yourselves with lead-coated everything.

I hope y'all are fine.

When I took chemistry, my prof used various colors of Fiestaware to demonstrate a Geiger counter.

Nah ive played fallout enough times to know youll get a rad resist bonus

TIFU by Rickrolling all new employees at my tech agency.

TIFU by Rickrolling all new employees at my tech agency.
TIFU by Rickrolling all new employees at my tech agency.

I'm a web developer and my agency gave me a give to replace the old flash based test and employee training videos with more modern one.

The videos were hosted on YouTube and the files themselves are based on Heroku so no FTP access from where I'm at anymore and I don't have the login for Heroku.

During this I was checking Reddit and I saw a link that ended in XcQ () which I know statistically is the Rick roll video. I ended up cutting the URL and pasted it to talk about it.

Going back to work, I found the "Dress Properly intro" video URL, copied and pasted it on the welcome page and didn't test it. Apparently I ended up pasting the Rick roll video.

I pushed my changes and that's that...

They are a small agency so I guess they didn't test it thoroughly. Well after 30 new employees word finally got back to me that I fucked up and accidentally Rickrolled programmers across the world.

Some of the signatures may have to be redone and I'm probably not gonna be hired by then again.

I got over 40 emails from companies and employees both laughing histarically and pissed at me. The site ended up being shared and shared again and my agency hates me now.

Tl;Dr: Hired to redo employee start documents and videos and accidentally replaced the intro video with a rickroll

Surely a learning experience for all, double and triple check your code :)

Seems like it could have been much worse.

Can't wait for new hires to start arriving dressed as Rick Astley

TIFU by confusing Cash Cab with Fake Taxi when driving my sister and her friend home from school.

TIFU by confusing Cash Cab with Fake Taxi when driving my sister and her friend home from school.


What the Fuck


she can't wait to have another ride ;)

TIFU and got thrown in jail! (for the first time ever)

TIFU and got thrown in jail! (for the first time ever)

You're Finnished

I'm gonna finnish what i've started.

Look on the bright side, you got yourself a free taxi service instead.

This is true. The correct term is "miekkataksi" or "sword taxi". The finnish police emblem has a sword and a lion. An officer cracked a joke about him hoping i've paid my taxes to pay for the ride.

TIFU by buying Bitcoin and losing my wife, kids, and my future.

TIFU by buying Bitcoin and losing my wife, kids, and my future.

Seek gambling/addiction counseling. Bitcoin wasn’t the cause of the issue, just the method. Show your wife and kids that you’re serious about fixing the root cause.

Lol, he's gonna get murdered if he posts on /sub/personalfinance

/sub/personalfinance may be able to help you start a budget/ plan for getting your finances back on track... good luck

Take the word "bitcoin" out of this - and you're just another gambler that lost control.

Seek some help - show her you've sought help and are actively working on it - admit your mistake ("even using up new credit cards and loans") - move forward.

This is not the end of your future

Try one of these subthreads