"Become a dad they said, it'll be fun they said..."

“Change back the clocks they said, it’ll give you extra sleep they said...”

That's the cutest asshat I've ever seen!

God I love dogs

All it did was wake me up an hour earlier!

"Halp, plz"

"Halp, plz"

the face of regret

Could learn a lot from

"You're going down a path I cannot follow."

Jump on the couch?




I would be lying on the ground covered by the remains of the tower.

Good doggy

Alright now let's see him put it back on top

That leash wrapped around the base making me nervous


That bird is definitely going to kill you

What a nice tiny self portrait.

another one, where the birb loves getting q-tipped so much that she forgot how to stand

You can see it in his eyes, where it goes from "this feels good" to "I've been tricked!"

Becoming the MOP

Now this is an amazing pet Halloween costume.

And the dog seems pretty chill and comfy.

I've never met a pooley that didn't live up to every bit of chill that their dreadlocks imply.

Komondors, though, they'll fuck your shit right up.

Would try to pet the dog but he’d probably wipe the floor with me

"I guess I'm a sugar glider tree now"

The lack of undergarments makes me wonder what kind of weird sugar glider climbing fetish this is.

They don't make underwear for sugar gliders.

ETA: It’s been about 10 years since I had my gliders. If I got any of this wrong please correct me?

Just FYI, they’re expert level pets and not appropriate for kids. Most people don’t have the time, patience, schedule, or dedication that they require to be good happy healthy lil buddies. Do not get a pair unless you have experience with other high-maintenance creatures. Do not get a single for any reason.

They’re prey animals, so hope you don’t have or want any other predator pets for he next decade. Cat? Dog? Snake? The smell and presence of them will stress the fuck out of your gliders. It takes a long time (and a lot of bites, scratches, and poop) to bond with and socialize them properly (lots of time in pouch on your body, and regular dedicated play), and because they’re prey it’s nothing like bonding with a cat or dog. They likely won’t like/trust anyone else but their main human tree, so if it doesn’t work out rehoming them is both traumatic for them and very difficult for you. They’re messy and anything near their cage will be splattered with poop and food. Do you sleep at night? Or work? That’s when they’re ready to play! You have to make their food yourself (unless someone’s made decent packaged glider food since I had them) plus supplement with vitamins and a variety of fresh fruit. They’re nocturnal, VERY active when awake, and not quiet. They anger/frighten easily and sound like crazy devils. They are very curious and even if you glider proof your home (difficult considering they’re so small) they will find ways to hurt themselves/die if you’re not paying close attention. You have to buy pretty specialized stuff for them (properly coated cages, glider-specific wheels, pouches). They live for like 12 years? They can easily get bored, lonely, stressed, and depressed.

But yeah, they’re really neat and fascinating creatures, obviously and ridiculously adorable. Just dear god know what you’re getting into because once you’re their human, they depend on you and just you for everything. For a long time.

How does one obtain sugar gliders?

Don't actually get sugar gliders.

"I am the pupper now"

“I don’t want raisins in my bed again!!!”

Just like my childhood..."MOM!!!! He's on my bed".

Your uncle was a, creep.

But bedtime snack.

There were no raisins outside my buns cage ever because my dog would follow him around vacuuming things up.

"Ima just hang there with your bag then"

"Ima just hang there with your bag then"

He looks so sad

I don't like this. You can tell me the dog is fine and this isn't dog abuse or anything bad. But I don't like it and refuse to believe the dog is enjoying this at all.

I would never carry my dachshund like this, looks uncomfortable. It's like asking for back problems.

I hope it's a she because otherwise that thing is crushing that poor dogge's balls.

A Dog Wearing Sunglasses Hitchhiking Atop A Rickshaw In Mumbai, India (x-post r/gifs)

This needs to be a bigger deal to people

A weapon to surpass metal gear

"Follow that ball Johnson"

That's a tuktuk

"Go without me friends" - Corgis just can't jump :(

Aw his bud came back to show him how


Dogs are empathy machines just wanting to please you.

Edit: there is a quote I saw on a Reddit a while back that I try to live by “Be the person your dog thinks you are”.

how could this happen to me.........

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