You cannot lift me mortal, I am infinite.

It looks like an Alaskan malamute had sex with a polar bear

Long dog is long

he threw off his back omg

What kind of dog is that?

I never asked for this.

I never asked for this.

My attorney thinks he can get me down to 20.

Damn. Why didn’t other companies think of this?

We kept 100% of customers with this one weird trick. Click here to find out more!

"Normally, as your attorney I would say don't sign anything without me looking it over. But this is the most airtight contract I have ever seen. Even if you were to die before the age of 80, you would have to give half of all your claimed/willed income to Ray's Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram of Fox Lake. You need to purchase a new vehicle every 2.5 years minumum, and you have to do it with a smile on your face the entire time. That's not even half of it. So, was this limited edition Silverado 2500 worth it?"



Lol. Damn. Raw

Good touch with the chat bubbles seemingly coming out of the dude's mouth, too, haha.

Honestly his profile picture for this is absolutely perfect. It’s the perfect amount of “I’m sick of this shit” and “I literally could not care less” in one face.

At least they were straightforward

Yep, you're mom now.

Yep, you're mom now.

What happened to that poor photo?

needs more jpeg

Potato is on the lense

yall get anymore of them pixels?

Looks like I'm stuck with you now

What a dream team

"How did this happen? We're smarter than this!"

Tui and La, the moon and ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other. Push and Pull. Life and Death. Good and Evil. Yin and Yang.

My girlfriend and I had a similar sex position

"I'm a cup holder now" - Cat

"I'm a cup holder now" - Cat

I have a feeling the holding didn't last very long.

“I’m a cup holder meow” - Cat

I just love the expression on its little face


Help I'm Stuck

Um Mark nsfw please the dog falling off the cliff is just too much


Footage of me getting stuck on my bed after reaching for my charger when it falls to the floor.


This pup has a personal slide in its house

That's a huge slide so I bet it's actually for everyone not just the dog, anywhay going back to trying to scratch out the expiration date on this free taco coupon

They seem impoverished

I’m waiting for the guy whose house this belongs to respond with “no, we built this solely for the dog”

Yeah, sounds like they stack up at the bottom like kindling



"These kids are gonna suck me dry."

That could get you put on a list

Easy there Kevin Spacey.

Guess I'm a baby cow now

He looks kinda unsure if he likes it or not XD

50% awww yas.

50% do I run?

I think he’s torn on whether he’s being stroked or being eaten

He’s like “I guess this is nice... but are you going to give me some milk now?”

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