Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

To jump in a hole gracefully

He seems so shocked

Owl just pretend no one saw that

"What in the hell?!"

Never had that exact expression been so vivid in an owl's eyes.


To teach shapes

To teach shapes


Jaysus. Well sure it was a good tri.


It's one of the new motivational shapes

there was an attempt to chase

there was an attempt to chase

Depth perception is a little off. He's like the Mr. Magoo of dogs.

Meh, it's suburbia. You just turn your car off wherever you happened to be when your neighbor stopped you to chat.

Subie family

and an attempt to park a car

To stay serious.

Stay gold, puppy boy.

MFW I quietly fart in the car and wait for everyone else to start blaming each other

No they’re just panting to regulate body temperature.

Does anyone know if dogs are actually happier when they make this face with their mouth open?

To catch his first ball

To catch his first ball

I was rooting for him the whole time!

What type of dog is this? It’s soooo fluffy.

99% sure it's an Australian shepherd.

source: have one

On /sub/therewasanattempt?!

to catch a beer

That ending is just icing on the cake.

That ending is just icing on the cake.

That ending is just icing flesh on the cake pole.

When you think you're going radical but instead go nautical

I still can't see it, can someone circle it in red for me please?

at inter-dimensional horse travel

I would have got rid of that sword the second things started going wrong.

Don't want to impale myself or the horse.

That soldier’s got such commitment to not losing form.

This would be pretty funny reversed.

That was the first thing I thought after all the weird shit I saw at /sub/watchpeopledie

At Skiing without enough snow.

Started good, but a rocky finish.

What was (s)he thinking?

What it’s like to ski in Utah right now

To find sympathy.

To find sympathy.


Lol the convo getting into the car was prolly fun

"You okay dude?"

"Please don't talk to me."

Image Transcription:

[TThe post is a screenshot of a text conversation between two people. The name of the person who is being texted is blacked out. The texts are grey and blue, representing the two people in the conversation.]

Grey: I am here for you Blue: Thanks :) I'm going through a tough time so it means a lot Blue: And sorry, I lost all my contacts who is this? Grey: This is your Uber driver Grey: I am here to pick you up Blue: Oh

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why ...

To criticize

To criticize

Ha, he is rarted too!

Haha, oh the ivory of your comment!

"Rarted is the retarded version of retarded." That is the most brief and at the same time perfect description I have ever read.

It's what the kids are saying in the playground these days....


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