Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

at inter-dimensional horse travel

I would have got rid of that sword the second things started going wrong.

Don't want to impale myself or the horse.

That soldier’s got such commitment to not losing form.

This would be pretty funny reversed.

That was the first thing I thought after all the weird shit I saw at /sub/watchpeopledie

At Skiing without enough snow.

Started good, but a rocky finish.

What was (s)he thinking?

What it’s like to ski in Utah right now

To find sympathy.

To find sympathy.


Lol the convo getting into the car was prolly fun

"You okay dude?"

"Please don't talk to me."

Image Transcription:

[TThe post is a screenshot of a text conversation between two people. The name of the person who is being texted is blacked out. The texts are grey and blue, representing the two people in the conversation.]

Grey: I am here for you Blue: Thanks :) I'm going through a tough time so it means a lot Blue: And sorry, I lost all my contacts who is this? Grey: This is your Uber driver Grey: I am here to pick you up Blue: Oh

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To criticize

To criticize

Ha, he is rarted too!

Haha, oh the ivory of your comment!

"Rarted is the retarded version of retarded." That is the most brief and at the same time perfect description I have ever read.

It's what the kids are saying in the playground these days....


To correct Trump's spelling

To correct Trump's spelling

I don't use Twitter, is this all that account does there? Like grammar Nazi trump's tweets and that's it?

Twitter is insane. All sorts of accounts like this doing the most pointless shit. Click on any trump tweet and you'll see a ton of accounts that exclusively shit on him and a ton of accounts that exclusively suck his dick. Twitter needs to die.

Shoot the post doesn't work anymore, can't see it.

All sorts of accounts like this doing the most pointless shit.

That would never happen on reddit.

To steal a bag

Hey don’t go in there you’ll drow — ow, wait I’m trying to...ow...listen, plea — fine, fuck you.


First I've seen it.

to ski on rocks

... what did he expect?

Hard core, that landing looked a little rough

Omg....abrasions, broken bones and skull fractures for sure!!!

Clearly this was poorly thought out

to advertise plus size underwear.

to advertise plus size underwear.

Kinda unrelated, but I'm a tubby dude and I was shopping for undies the other day. I hate it when you have images like this plastered on a pair of xl boxer briefs, 'cept with guys the model is usually rocking an eight pack and has a bazooka strapped to his thigh.

Anyways, for the first time ever I found a pack with a model that had a tiny package. I instantly connected with the model on a deep spiritual level. I knew almost instantly that these were meant for me, and bought said pair.

Long story short they were terrible (no room for extra testiculiars), I wouldn't buy them again.

I don't really understand what I read, but I instantly connected with your comment on a deep, spiritual level.

Everything about this is terrible. Just terrible.

No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord. He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord.

Deuteronomy 23:1

To get to school safely.

Opinions please: If you were a kid on that bus would you be scared, or thinking that it was awesome?

Me: Awesome, I'd be excited as hell.

This is why cities that don't get much snow shut down when there's any chance of ice being on the road. People in snowy areas love to look down at us because they spend 364 days a year walking uphill in 10 feet of snow both ways but we don't have the butt load of equipment on standby the clear and salt/sand the roads as soon as the snow starts like they do. And schools can't take the risk of something like this happening.

This happened in Sutton, MA this morning. There was an ice storm overnight and the roads were AWFUL this morning. Most districts had two hour delays. There were 20 children on board when the accident took place. No one was injured and both vehicles were able to drive away after.

My bus didn't have seat belts!

To jump off a chair

To jump off a chair



Like a potato peeler on the knees.

That chair can be repurposed for use somewhere now.

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