Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

To convert someone to veganism

To convert someone to veganism

I completely agree if we could get that printed on the package it would really help me choose better meat.

Growing up in the woods of Georgia, I’ve learned many things, however the one thing I’ve learned is that there’s nothing more pleasurable than having a successful hunt during deer season.

Think about it - you wake up early at the asscrack of dawn to the sound of the trumpets of heaven, or what the city slickers call “Deer hunting season”. You pack a fat lip of a fresh can of Copenhagen and pound a cup of bitter black coffee that jump-starts your thick veiny tallywacker into next Thursday. You load up your jacked up F-350 Ford Super Duty with all of your hunting gear and peel out into the woods. You set up your deer blind and get settled in as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, you catch a whiff of a lone doe nearby. At that moment your penis starts growing into a raging hard fuck-rod, ready to explode (Kinda like in Lord of the Rings when Frodo’s little sword lights up when there’s orcs nearby). You look over and there it is - the beautiful, lustful doe standing alone in its glory. You draw an arrow and raise your bow and aim fo the perfect spot. You release and the vulnerable doe drops before she even knew what happened.

You drop your bow and quickly strip naked. You jump out of your deer blind and run over to the lifeless doe corpse and pounce on her like flies on dog shit. You mount her and slam your flesh arrow deep into her warm dookie tube, and before you know it you’re pumping her biscuits full of your gravy. You fill her to the brim, marinating all of her organs with your cock-sauce.

After a successful hunt and recovering from the euphoria, you get dressed and drag your marinated dinner back to your truck. You load up and race back home, eager to satisfy your hunger.

What the fuck didn't just read?

That would actually be so helpful . I would welcome this.

To guard this girl

To guard this girl

I watched on silent, but could still hear the roar from the camera holder because of the shaking.

She is better in sandals than I am in my Jordans.

Breaking ankles at an early age

She missed on purpose to continue playing with her toy.

To call out cultural appropriation

To call out cultural appropriation

Fuck the general idea of cultural appropriation, anyway. What, cultures should fucking segregate, now? Jesus Christ...

Totally agree, as long as your celebrating or enjoying the culture and not making fun of it I have no problem with so called "cultural appropriation"

"Bullshit I seen hiroglifix egyptians all got weird colored skin and they all got heads like a bird or a dog"

People who cry about "cultural appropriation" are a cancer on society.

To land a punch

To land a punch

I miss that mockery

I love Muhammad Ali.

That hip swivel is everything!

Me trying to swat a bee away.

To reinforce their conspiracy theory

To reinforce their conspiracy theory

/sub/therewasanattempt to censor his name

I'm crying bc people still think the earth is fucking flat

Non existent

Milk obviously comes from cartons, except in some countries, where it comes from bags. Just look in the dairy aisle, the proof is right there.

To say “we’ve run out of butter”

To say “we’ve run out of butter”

Those things aren't mutually exclusive.

butter has many uses

Norwegian butter crisis

The Norwegian butter crisis began in late 2011 with an acute shortage of butter and inflation of its price across markets in Norway. The shortage caused soaring prices and stores' stocks of butter ran out within minutes of deliveries. According to the Danish tabloid B.T., Norway was gripped by smør-panik ("butter panic") as a result of the butter shortage.

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id never heard of this...

To be speechless

To be speechless

“that was undoubtedly the most b...”

need to know

Brawny lumberjack that has EVER wielded the axe.

I’m peachless


Never underestimate the depth of thought represented by a mere ellipsis. In this case a state of speechlessness was overcome and an entire speech was concocted... 😉

They all attempted to take him down

Is that Barry Sanders son?

They say once a year, on a single play, somewhere in the world, Barry Sanders' soul is somehow transferred into the body of another football player. This is obviously one of those occasions.

The most appalling thing about this is all the defenders standing around not getting in on the attempted tackle on the right side of the field.

Why play defense if you don’t want to hit people?

God I’m turning into my dad.

Who is this future 2-time rushing leader, turned 31 year old retired RB?

To give sexual advice

To give sexual advice

issa joke

Yeah almost certainly a joke

But gay guys don't have to worry about it because they can't get pregnant!/S

You got the right idea!

To correct someone

To correct someone

I’m terrible with spelling in English. But that’s OK I’m Australian.


Few years ago I realised we learn british English in schools here. Makes sense as it's way closer to us than America.

Then you discover the internet and mix bits of English from everywhere, depending on the people you talk with and the shows you watch. English is fun, and there's certainly not only one way to write/speak it !

I always find it a bit odd and disturbing when an American is surprised that people from other countries use the internet.

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