Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

To rate t-mobiles network.

To rate t-mobiles network.

Something about this is deeply gratifying.

I would have definitely dropped that score to a sub five if that happened to me.

That's a generous 8

Eh, the phone could have been the culprit as well. do gymnastics. do gymnastics.

Body.exe has stopped working.

Was there really though?

Lol my exact thoughts. I thought she was narcoleptic for a second

Me getting really motivated to do something but then losing motivation at the last second

To be positive

To be positive

Since when did it become "negative" to apologize when you've done something wrong? If you were late, that's your fault. You kept others waiting for you, meaning that you do not value their time. To flippantly brush it aside with a "thanks for waiting" is not only disrespectful but it implies that you've done nothing wrong.

powerful. obnoxious. rude. you should apologize when you mess up. the "I'm sorry" cycle? maybe try being on time for a fucking change?

Even better, say both! Acknowledge your mistakes with an apology, and show your appreciation by thanking them

thank you for letting me driving home drunk and letting me kill our cat in the driveway..

To get a click on a slow news day

To get a click on a slow news day

What if, instead of women, they're men?

Then it’s gay

These people who say they're "polyamorous" make me sick. I can't believe people think it's okay to mix Latin and Greek roots! It should be multiamory or polyphilia.


To be sassy

To be sassy

Some poor sod took on that Social Media/Comms Officer role and thought it would be an easy ride.

I worked in digital marketing for years, I wouldn't wish that role on my worst enemy. You can be the wittiest, most down-with-the-kids social media copywriter ever, but it doesn't matter if you have to present your planned tweets in front of the board every week and have Cindy the Account Director (who was probably pretty hot shit back in the 80s) tell you how to rewrite them all.

It will still 100% be your fault when it bombs of course because Cindy is fucking teflon.

It pretty much takes either a superbly trusting or superbly careless management structure for these organic social media roasters to pull it off.

You all can’t be Wendy’s.

Well yeah the people running YouTube are complete jackasses but YouTube has pretty much a monopoly over the video streaming industry.

To find the camera

Command LocateCamera.exe not found. Calculating. Calculating. Brrrzzz. Error. Error.

What the fuck is going on

Give drugs no chance

He just wanted to say "Hi Mom".

To keep up with the rotation of the toy

To keep up with the rotation of the toy

Yo cat is trippin.

Can cats have seizures?

Michael J Cat


To rickroll CaptainSparklez on Twitter

To rickroll CaptainSparklez on Twitter

What a lame attempt. Everyone knows there's a shitload of nickel in the lava pits.

lol gg. I hope he shows this in his next reddit video.

Why on earth would you farm nickel in the lava pits when you could just do it safely in the lost river?

To be relevant

To be relevant

looks like a 45 yr old woman in first pic

I mean my heart aches for this kid, really does..... but.... if you watch the videos it’s kind of funny. Apparently he got his days mixed up and thought that particular Friday was “celebrity day” for some kind of spirit week at his school. It was actually the NEXT Friday. Poor guy though, but not as bad as him just not being completely self aware.

Holy shit. I haven't seen this kids face in fucking years. His life always seemed insane. I wonder how he's holding up.

Don't feel too bad for him. Dude is an actor. This series probably helped him get a role in the Jump Street movies.

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