Therewasanattempt therewasanattempt

To put a match out.

What kind of matches don't go out when you blow on them?

Alternatively, how small is your lung capacity to not be able to blow enough to put out a match?

Well I tried. I'm just gonna put it down on the table and ignore my problems.

„what should I do with this burning match? ... lets put it right to the full matchbox!“

Probably storm/wind proof matches, can't really blow those out.

to be immortal

to be immortal

A week from now someone will emerge without any form of identification, no social, no records whatsoever, and claim to be this man.

You played yourself

Very possibly several.

And maybe, in two thousand years.....


To take a picture of his son. So proud of you, son!

To take a picture of his son. So proud of you, son!

Her forearms are like horror movie skinny

Something doesn't look right

It looks cropped for the tweet, but that's still hilarious.

Her forearm are like horror movie skinny

Well that doesn't work silly

To dodge the ball

To dodge the ball

Just bad luck 😂

Seriously priceless

I am a bot. FAQ // code


But can he dodge a wrench?

To impress with his shot

To impress with his shot

The slowmo effect is so painful :(

Too slow my god

As they say on Reddit...


To walk around in the store.

To walk around in the store.

She said should i go this way or this way? doesn‘t matter this way seems shorter an boom. It‘s from a turkish shopping show

She ran straight into it. No walking around here

LOL! Belongs here /sub/bettereveryloop

I mean, that looks like a lot of empty space behind the window.

To rate t-mobiles network.

To rate t-mobiles network.

Something about this is deeply gratifying.

I would have definitely dropped that score to a sub five if that happened to me.

That's a generous 8

Eh, the phone could have been the culprit as well. do gymnastics. do gymnastics.

Body.exe has stopped working.

Was there really though?

Lol my exact thoughts. I thought she was narcoleptic for a second

Me getting really motivated to do something but then losing motivation at the last second

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