I don't even know if that's a smug smile or a sad smile but I love it.

Are we sure he doesn't mean that his grades are so high, that they literally cannot get any higher?

Image Transcription:

[It's a quote from a yearbook with blue background.]

Irfan Imthias

I had to put my grades up for adoption because I couldn't raise them.

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i think its called a yearbook

Best one I've seen so far

Best one I've seen so far

Hell... All you have to do is feed and water them, let them outside for an hour or two each day. In a couple of days they'll be like house cats.

What’s a giffgaff

It's a really shitty mobile network that has terrible signal almost everywhere but also some of the cheapest deals so I stick with them

This guy giffgaffs



Also, RIP u/JayJayTheJetPlaneFan

Good enough

Least you were in the screenshot jay

Poor man just wanted to be in the screenshot....

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

So that’s why my depressions always end so fast


Except depression is more like that ex that feels the need to come back and ruin your life every so often

They're people and they have names.

Thought it belonged here

Thought it belonged here

High School must have been rough. Well, it is for everyone.

I've heard that lie before. If that is true, i will be miserable the rest of my life.


High school is the best time of your life

I'm sure with the human condition and all, someone would even pretend to remember you after your introduction because they're afraid of the same fate.

Guy just fucking slaughtered himself

Guy just fucking slaughtered himself

...Maybe she was supportive of him looking for another partner?

That’s rough, buddy.

How does this even remotely qualify for this subreddit? "My gf cheated on me in high school" = guy fucking slaughtering himself?

My imaginary girlfriend would disagree, too.

It surely belongs here!

It surely belongs here!

For a man who uses a photo of what I assume is his penis, I’m surprised he lacks such confidence

homie there's a big ass dick in the top photo nsfw that shit please no homo

Nibba I gonna censor the top guy’s photo?

I saw that video!

at least he’s honest

at least he’s honest

...named Caleb?


“You be the judge”

If a man was gonna ask me if I am the guy with the big dick I would also answer wrong person probably

A great suicide

A great suicide

I had to think long and hard about this one.

Me too, I'm not used to anything being long and hard except life

He's got a small dick

/sub/suicideby- ............ Not today /sub/lostredditors

Try one of these subthreads