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things that used to always hit the front page but don't anymore starterpack

things that used to always hit the front page but don't anymore starterpack

Bottom mid one hits a bit hard man...

Cycle of US politics. Everyone focuses on one vote/election and then dismisses any 'smaller' votes, byelections or campaigning follow-through (lol). The Pro Net-Neutrality movement fizzled out so now internet capitalism is here to stay.

Bernie who?

elon musk, keanu reeves

Things I never have in my home for some reason starterpack

Things I never have in my home for some reason starterpack

At my house it seems like we always have plenty of batteries until one day I actually need to change the batteries to something, and the batteries are nowhere to be found

Couldn’t even find real batteries to take a picture of for the starter pack

You don't have a drawer full of D-Cell and AAAs that never get used?

Oh, I do. Until I actually need either of those types of batteries, then I can suddenly only find AAs.

Reddit starterpack

Reddit starterpack

"Failed to upvote"

Holy shit so spot on. Why is the app so shit?


"Trending on Reddit"


Better questions is why do I keep using it?

Real Back to School Starter Pack

Real Back to School Starter Pack

chegg and quizlet the real winners here.

fuck course hero and its blurred text.

I record all of my lectures (video and audio synced) and have unlimited office hours. Every single note I use is also online from Day 1. I don't like surprises and give students the maximal chance to succeed.

I also don't have a "textbook" and students have access to all of the online variants required (microbiology, biochemistry and pharmaceutical) that I refer to at the beginning of the module.

Learning shouldn't be hard if we both put the effort in.

edit: I also don't care if you attend, don't attend, or just attend and like to be entertained AS LONG AS your disrupt anyone else. I'm boring as shit sometimes, those are the breaks. We all have bad days, but I can't really skip.

No Khan academy?

chegg doesnt show anything though if you dont have an account. At least you can guess what the blurred text is on course hero

2012 iPad starterpack

2012 iPad starterpack

You won't believe it, but I still see kids playing subway surfers on their phones. That game somehow can't die.

Where's Cut the Rope?

literally had all these apps on the iPad

and jetpack joyride is still my shit

I still play it when I'm bored lol

Kitchen Nightmares starter pack

Kitchen Nightmares starter pack

You forgot the part where he makes his waitress eat it and talk shit

Considering the situations of some of those resturants, that 30% or whatever success rate he has is pretty good. I mean, some of those people clearly shouldn't be running a business. Personally I think the whole remodeling thing he does is just a bone he throws to help bring up the value of the place when they eventually sell it.

Either it’s “RUBBERY!!”, “CHEWY”!!, “BLAND!!!”, or “FUCKING RAWWW!”

My name's Ninoooo!

early 2000s kid starter pack

early 2000s kid starter pack

Getting old enough to have nostalgia starter packs that cater to me is very weird.

i miss coming home from school on a rainy day watching icarly and playing club penguin

Does anyone else remember trading Pokemon cards on the playground? The older kids would trick younger ones into shitty deals and the one kid with a massive binder of the best cards was basically a god. There would be a big, complex economy until the teachers would inevitably shut it down, at which point it would become a big, complex black market.

This is the first one of these that I can entirely relate to

"I Live in a Rural Area" Starterpack

"I Live in a Rural Area" Starterpack

Lives in a $20,000 pre-HUD single wide mobile home.

Drives an $90,000 Ford F-450 King Ranch pickup with a crew cab, duallies, extended bed, and a 6.7L Power Stroke V8 Turbo 🇺🇸DAY-SUL🇺🇸 engine.

"Taking a knee is unpatriotic" - has a confederate flag on his lifted pickup.

As a person who grew up in rural Wisconsin I can say that over 80% of men over 30 dressed like that.

They're also boycotting the NFL

The Before the Big Bang starter pack

The Before the Big Bang starter pack

Thanks for putting it there it writing, I wouldn't have gotten the joke otherwise.

God put put a disc in the toaster and created the flat earth

Hi literally nothing I’m dad

The concept of "nothing" is actually extremely difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend.

the "condescending conservative meme" starter pack

the "condescending conservative meme" starter pack

Excuse me, but she is a woman and you referred to her as a strawman.

Not to mention "criticizing arguments that maybe like seven people have ever made, then declaring victory".

He accidentally ate a jalepeño in 2007 and has been sweating ever since.


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