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The “Older Gen Z kid” starter pack

The “Older Gen Z kid” starter pack

silly bandz turned into some crazy black market shit when i was in middle school. it was wild

Oh yeah, mid-early 2000s childhood. Good stuff. Spongebob and The Fairly Odd Parents were my shit

They were banned in my school because either kids were cutting off their arm circulation or they we're scamming other kids out of their silly bands. After they got banned we went behind the buildings and traded.

Holyshit techdecks, I remember buying a million and not being able to do a single trick

Anime side character watching the main character fight from the sidelines starter pack

Anime side character watching the main character fight from the sidelines starter pack

Has the complete mathmatical logistics of the fight down

"He only used 20% of his power"

“He’s fast” cracked me up.

sees main character powering up for a new move

“No! He’s going for that? There’s only a 1/1,000,000 chance that move will hit! There’s no way he’s at a high enough level for that to work, he can’t—“

move hits and screen fills up with stunned character reactions

Love interest #1: HUH?

Comedy Sidekick: AHH!

Villain turned depowered friend: ACH!

Love Interest #2: UH!

Too-cool-for-school rival side character: Hmmph..

"Late Night Comedy" Starter Pack

"Late Night Comedy" Starter Pack

One of the truest things I've heard recently was Michelle Wolf telling off the media at the WHCD. Saying that they pretend they hate Trump but love him because he sells news.

This picture reminds me of that.

How dare you shame President Chris Hemsworth

I can’t watch it anymore.

in response to "is trump good for comedy?" norm macdonald said "he's good for bad comedians". i think that's true. they can recycle the same five punchlines, and are pretty much always guaranteed an applause break with a few "woo"s thrown in.

ITT: people defending lazy, repetitive comedy because they need to politicize everything and they can't give an inch

Typical Asian international student starterpack

Typical Asian international student starterpack

Anti Social Social Club

Supreme clothes

In my experience, there's generally two types. You have the people that wear nothing but pajamas and tracksuits and have terrible hygiene, and the ones that dress like kpop stars and carry designer stuff everywhere.

The flexers and the flexed on

Well the poorer ones aren't studying abroad

alex starterpack

alex starterpack

Hey, I don't owe anybody $15. Somebody owes me $70 though...

This is sad. Alex, play despacio

You see these comments Alex? No one has got your back.

Fuck /u/4BobbyOrr.

He don't know you like I do. You don't owe him $15 for anything. That mother fucker still owes you $50 for the time you helped him pay that bar tab.

fuckin alex

The "Due at 11:59pm" Starter Pack

The "Due at 11:59pm" Starter Pack

*due at noon*

"if i start at 4 am that still gives me 8 hours"

Sleeps through every alarm and wakes up at 11


Thanks for reminding me I have an assignment due tonight

You forgot the:

“I’ll start at 9pm”

clock turns 9:01pm

“lol guess i have to wait till 10pm to start then.... i wonder what’s new on reddit since ive last checked in 5 minutes ago.

Say goodbye to the roof of your mouth starterpack

Say goodbye to the roof of your mouth starterpack

can't forget the fresh-out-of-the-oven frozen pizza that my fat ass can't just wait like seven minutes to begin eating

Don’t forget Sour Patch Kids gummies.

Microwaved lasagna.

“Oh this part is still frozen... but it’s nuclear inside!”

What kind of toast are you eating that destroys the roof of your mouth?

The people who hold “Women for trump” signs at Trump rally’s Starter Pack

The people who hold “Women for trump” signs at Trump rally’s Starter Pack

You forgot Fox news and reposting everything on Facebook

Well this is unexpectedly wholesome

Facebook has BANNED the AMERICAN FLAG because it "offends" MUSLIMS! Share this if you don't GIVE a darn!

proceeds to share image of American flag on Facebook with no repercussions

“Repost if...”

“Can [politician] get a like and a share?”

[picture of American flag] “Who isn’t afraid to share this?”

Generation archetypes starter pack

Generation archetypes starter pack

All these drinks are disgusting fite me

Wow. Late Xer and yeah, TransFormers and Jolt was where it was at.

Boomers all drank Folgers.

This starter pack is great, hopefully the post time won't doom it

British Festival Girl starterpack

British Festival Girl starterpack

Act like a brat all year round, go to a festival for one day and turn into earth loving hippy. The cycle repeats

Why does ket seem so much more popular in the UK than anywhere else? Most UK starterpacks have some mention of ketamine, but no other country starterpack mentions it

It's cheap and lets you escape to a better reality.

Same exact shit here in America.

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