*Organ Playing Intensifies*

*Organ Playing Intensifies*

All done in-game without any post processing.

Such shots will look really great in with PBR.

I almost thought this was a hyper enhanced shot from the film... well done!




RS 7001-6-6-45486-4 A4.1

What is the location? I must know!

How do you get your Terrain to generate these kind of bump-maps and High res textures? I have set most settings to max in Space Engine and it still looks crap :<

Thanks in advance.

Still waiting on this in VR.

Dyson sphere ...

Dyson sphere ...

Nah mate, it's a megastructure called a Dyson sphere. They don't occur 'naturally' in SE, so I'd be interested to know how OP achieved this shot, whether it's a mod or something he made himself.

Dyson sphere

A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical megastructure that completely encompasses a star and captures most or all of its power output. The concept is a thought experiment that attempts to explain how a spacefaring civilization would meet its energy requirements once those requirements exceed what can be generated from the home planet's resources alone. Only a fraction of a star's energy emissions reach the surface of any orbiting planet. Building structures encircling a star would enable a civilization to harvest far more energy.

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It's a mod that I did myself.

The script for a slightly different Dyson sphere is here:

But there may be problems with SE 0.980 / 0.980_e,

This is not a planet but a star surrounded by highly efficient solar panels to harness almost 100% of the stars energy.

Which is called a Dyson sphere.

Greater Caucasus seen from the ISS (0.990)

Greater Caucasus seen from the ISS (0.990)

If you wouldn't have posted "(0.990)' I would have thought it was a real picture. Damn.

That's a given. However since I haven't been following the news I was wondering if their was a date known yet. If there isn't you could have just said no.

I don't follow space engine news too closely. So we have any sort of rough ETA for 0.990?

Wow ! Can't wait to try it out ! Wondering if Jupiter would also get that displacement map for his gas surface ?! Awesome !

For every upvote this gets in the next 24 hours, I'll donate $1 :)

For every upvote this gets in the next 24 hours, I'll donate $1 :)

I'm guessing this will probably also help it get more attention. Let's get space engine closer to the next goal ^.^

Edit: Shit. I was expecting like 25 upvotes. Y'all fuckers gonna make me broke.

For every upvote this gets in the next 12 hours, I'll donate $1 :)

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