I wouldn’t want to bother anyone

I wouldn’t want to bother anyone

Lol relatable. Right now I'm supposed to clock out from work but there are people by the entrance and I feel like "should I say bye", "do I just walk out without saying anything?".


At least it's not bad as it once was though. Thank goodness.

Hair dresser shampoos my hair with her 3 inch stiletto nails... pretty sure I can feel them scraping the arachnoid layer of my brain... And I’d rather die than say anything lol

If u never speak to them then don't.

Ive had both a raw burger (cooked on the outside but still slimy and mushy on the inside) that I just threw away and undercooked chicken breast that I just ate the sides. Neither time did I say anything.

Every darn time

Every darn time

It often feels like most songs are about love. Like that's the main thing in life.

we gotta learn to love ourselves first homie

Probably why I started listening to metal music. It's the only genre that actively talks about stuff that isn't: Love/dating, partying, or drugs. Not to say it never does but listening to a metal song about Odin and fighting for glory is a nice change-up every once in a while when you're trying to get out of your feelings.

Even when you get to that point, there's still going to feel like something's missing. I mean, there's a reason that people (broadly speaking) want intimacy regardless of how much they like themselves.

When nobody hits you up for halloween

When nobody hits you up for halloween

Watching scary movies alone crew raise your hands lol

Having over 3 hours of homework crew raise your hands lol

I share my birthday with halloween and so far today this has been me x10.

me too but I'm not doing it oops

One of the things that will be evaluated during recruitment to school of my dreams. Welcome to the hell everyone ;)

One of the things that will be evaluated during recruitment to school of my dreams. Welcome to the hell everyone ;)
One of the things that will be evaluated during recruitment to school of my dreams. Welcome to the hell everyone ;)

If that was me going to that test I'd try to not act happy if I'm not, don't smile if you don't feel like it. Be yourself and show them how you'd work in a group. Speaking from zero experience.

Fake it till ya make it


... :/

... :/

Holy shit. Every. Single. Day.

I tend to look up at them, then look away. At which point they're looking at me at the wrong time. I look back up, but they're not looking at me.

It begs the question, am I the awkward one or is it the other person? Are we all just awkward as fuck, but some of us have a tendency to overthink it more?

Pro tip: if you stare at the floor you don't even need to make eye contact!

Sometimes I do this to check the time and then actually want to know the time but realize that I just looked at my phone and never actually checked the time. Then I have to fight the urge to look again until I have passed the person.

Typing that out made me really sad...

Or just check out your phone...

Social anxiety - the beginning

Social anxiety - the beginning

10 years later he'll probably find this subreddit

Probably protesting against the extradimensional beings that he hasn't lost the ability to see yet

How did you find a picture of my son?! /s

My 3yo DS loves Thomas the train and recently melted down* at his cousin’s birthday party because there were too many kids. We left. As a social anxiety sufferer myself, at least he’ll never be forced to “suck it up”.

*I should add that his meltdown was fairly well contained. He came over to me and said quietly that he was scared and wanted to leave. I said, “Ok. Let me go get daddy.” When he saw us not heading straight to the door, he started screaming. I’m still proud of him. I know he was trying to handle it. For a three year old, I think he did really well.

Juuuust in case.

Hey dude!

Truer words

Truer words

Especially that last one.

I feel personally attacked

I didn’t realize that was common for other people. I do that every day for hours at a time.

I feel less alone now.

Anyone ever do the last one and just walk around your house talking about the situation that will never happen for hours?


true solidarity

true solidarity

Hell yeah! I got both!

I love when my leg wants to leave the situation but I’m socially obligated to stay there

God damn I hate how I walk in front of people 😔

Good news: if you focus on not doing the leg bounce, you forget to be anxious!

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Anecdotal only.

Every fucking day

Every fucking day

I would like to add one other line I have recently discovered: Wake Up,

Expect myself to do nothing, Do Something, Royally Fuck It Up, Be Proud I Tried Anyways,

Go To Bed.

Wake up> Avoid everyone and isolate> Feel left out, sad, and jealous> Self loathe bc you know it's your fault> Go to bed and repeat

Can so relate. This is social anxiety taken to extreme when it manifests as pure avoidance. I can just about function as a normal member of society, however, I do so by avoiding all social sitautions that intimidate me, which basically boils down to being the center of attention among a group.

Thus, I work as a freelance writer from home. I can go to the gym, coffee shop, restaurant without any anxiety at all. But my avoidance keeps me at a safe distance from everyone and I'm a lonely sad guy in his late twenties, going nowhere in life, having completely misspent my youth avoiding feared social sitautions like interviews, office work, presentations, joining classes, meeting people. The more I type the more it hurts so I'm gonna stop now.

That’s it, right there. Good job

A good reminder for you all

A good reminder for you all

This would be good to hear if I had any friends.

I used to think something like this, but then I had to be rushed into the hospital one time and both my friends went there to visit me, and it was just clear to me how much they care.

Anybody else fantasize about being in an accident and seeing who cares enough to visit you

Sometimes i even wonder what would happen if like i commited suicide and How people would react. So Yeah.

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