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Premier League Champions and Runners-up points comparison (95/96 - 17/18)

Premier League Champions and Runners-up points comparison (95/96 - 17/18)

Nothing will top 11/12 anytime soon.

Regardless let’s hope it’s a close race to the end this year.

You mean Fergie? Aftee Ronaldo left they won 2/4 one they lost by 1 point and the other they lost on GD and got Aguero'd. it's after Fergie left is there decline...

I still find it mind boggling that only 1 point in 09/10 and goal difference in 11/12 prevented Manchester United from having a Lyon/Olympiacos/Celtic type league domination from 2006-2013.

(New soccer fan) Now I understand why there are so many Manchester United fans outside of Manchester.

FC Rostov's new fourth kit

FC Rostov's new fourth kit

Now I know why my nan's carpet was missing the other day.


Looks like knockoff Versace...I like it.

Versace has always looked gaudy tho, it's kinda the whole point of it.

Post-Match Thread: BATE 2-3 PSV

Post-Match Thread: BATE 2-3 PSVFT: BATE Borisov 2-3 PSV Eindhoven

1st Leg

BATE Borisov scorers: Jasse Tuominen (9'), Alexsandr Hleb (88')

PSV Eindhoven scorers: Gastón Pereiro (35' PEN), Hirving Lozano (61'), Donyell Malen (89')

UEFA Champions League Play-off Round

Venue: Borisov Arena

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BATE Borisov

Denis Shcherbitski, Yegor Filipenko, Nemanja Milunovic, Evgeni Yablonski, Aleksandar Filipovic, Aleksey Rios, Stanislav Dragun (Alexsandr Hleb), Dmitri Baga, Igor Stasevich, Mirko Ivanic (Maksim Volodko), Jasse Tuominen (Maksim Skavysh).

Subs: Hervaine Moukam, Anton Chichkan, Evgeni Berezkin, Zakhar Volkov.


PSV Eindhoven

Jeroen Zoet, Nick Viergever, Daniel Schwaab, Angeliño, Denzel Dumfries, Gastón Pereiro (Mauro Júnior), Jorrit Hendrix, Pablo Rosario, Luuk de Jong, Hirving Lozano (Donyell Malen), Steven Bergwijn.

Subs: Eloy Room, Nicolas Isimat-Mirin, Dante Rigo, Jordan Teze, Michal Sadilek.


9' Goal! BATE Borisov 1, PSV Eindhoven 0. Jasse Tuominen (BATE Borisov) left footed shot from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Aleksandar Filipovic with a cross.

18' Luuk de Jong (PSV Eindhoven) is shown the yellow card.

35' Goal! BATE Borisov 1, PSV Eindhoven 1. Gastón Pereiro (PSV Eindhoven) converts the penalty with a left footed shot to the centre of the goal.

38' Egor Filipenko (BATE Borisov) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

40' Igor Stasevich (BATE Borisov) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

60' Substitution, BATE Borisov. Maksim Skavysh replaces Jasse Tuominen.

61' Goal! BATE Borisov 1, PSV Eindhoven 2. Hirving Lozano (PSV Eindhoven) right footed shot from outside the box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Luuk de Jong.

65' Substitution, BATE Borisov. Alyaksandr Hleb replaces Stanislav Dragun.

81' Substitution, BATE Borisov. Maksim Volodko replaces Mirko Ivanic.

82' Substitution, PSV Eindhoven. Mauro Júnior replaces Gastón Pereiro.

83' Aleksey Rios (BATE Borisov) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

87' Substitution, PSV Eindhoven. Donyell Malen replaces Hirving Lozano.

88' Goal! BATE Borisov 2, PSV Eindhoven 2. Alyaksandr Hleb (BATE Borisov) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner.

89' Goal! BATE Borisov 2, PSV Eindhoven 3. Donyell Malen (PSV Eindhoven) header from the centre of the box to the centre of the goal. Assisted by Angeliño with a cross.

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Did a Dutch team just win an Eastern European away match

Times are changing

Those three away goals will cement PSV's win

lmao who am I kidding it's Dutch football prepare to CLENCH

Good game from PSV, started shaky but were clearly the much better team in the second half. Should've scored more goals but I'm sure that they won't have any problems next week. Luuk de Jong is a disaster. I never really rated him but he would always get you around 20 goals a season. Completely useless now that he can't score anymore

winning 3-2 is better than winning 2-1 zoet with the 51d interdimensional underwater chess

BATE 2-[3] PSV - Donyell Malen 89'

BATE 2-[3] PSV - Donyell Malen 89'

Top 10 Anime Plot Twists

My fucking heart

What a fucking cross and you gotta give props to Malen for being so alert right after coming off the bench!

yesss, come on dutch football!

BATE 1-[2] PSV - Hirving Lozano 61'

BATE 1-[2] PSV - Hirving Lozano 61'

Hirving you absolute legend

No era penal? No problemo.

Mexicans and PSV, name a better duo.

Ok this is epic

Miralem Pjanic renews his contract with Juventus until 2023

Miralem Pjanic renews his contract with Juventus until 2023
Miralem Pjanic renews his contract with Juventus until 2023

We need Pirlo back on the training grounds, in the film review sessions, showing Miralem the secret art of aging like a fine wine.

Got what he wanted.

And it's what he deserves as he's the only good/consistent midfielder at Juve.

I can only get so erect

The current Appie Nouri situation and why the "waking up from his coma" story is misleading.

The current Appie Nouri situation and why the "waking up from his coma" story is misleading.

So I initially did not want to write this, but I feel like some things need to be cleared regarding the situation of Abdelhak Nouri. You've probably all seen the Top voted story on the front page with now over 13K upvotes. "Nouri has awoken from his coma." Its an obvious feel good story after the hell his family has gone through.

Its unfortunately, also very misleading, and I feel some stuff needs to be cleared up about what exactly "waking up from his coma" means, when it happened, the current status and some other details, because I've seen the same message sprout everywhere, and I feel its giving people a false sense of hope. It should be noted that I'm getting basically everything from the interview the Nouri family did with Joep Schreuder for the NOS, which can be found here.

What Happened?

On July 8th, 2017, Nouri was playing with Ajax against Werder Bremen in Austria when he suddenly collapsed from cardiac arrest due to cardiac arrhythmia. He was revived and taken to a hospital, where he was kept in an artificial coma. There, it became clear that he suffered extensive brain damage, and the chances of living a normal life, let alone playing football, were shattered. As a huge talent and positive influence in his community, this was a crushing blow, and the support has been heard all around the world, with former teammates wearing his number 34 for different clubs, as well as other players and clubs around the world. Ajax has only recently accepted blame following a messy court case, accepting that they didn't properly treat him whilst he was unconcious.

Is Nouri braindead?

Just adding this because this question props up a lot. No, braindead means that no activity is going on within the brain. Whilst Nouri's brain did suffer extensive damage, he's still conscious.

When did he wake up from his coma?

While Nouri's family didn't give an exact date as to when he woke up, Appie's brother Abderrahim implies that he's been awake for a while now. In the interview, he says:


Als ik het ga vergelijken met voorheen, dan gaat het op dit moment veel beter. Zijn neurologische status is beter dan maanden geleden


If I compare to before, then it's going a lot better now. His neurological status is much better than it was months ago.

What does "being awake" mean?

Appie is awake and conscious, but he can't do a whole lot. He recognizes his family, who've been with him 24/7 as it seems that being around them helps him during his stay in a care home (obviously). Physically he can't do anything, and he's bedridden. He occasionally gets out of his bed to go in a wheelchair through the help of his caretakers/family. While he's seemingly able to understand questions and jokes, he can only respond using few movements, and can answer questions through moving his eyebrow or opening/closing his mouth.

Will his recovery continue?

Hard to say. The family believes a full recovery is possible, even if medically speaking, the odds are very much stacked against him. Obviously everyone wishes him and his family that he fully recovers and gets to live some semblance of a normal life.

I hope this clears some things up to whomever this may read it. I've seen plenty of people try and explain the situation in the comment section, but most people usually don't look past the headline and think something amazing has happened. I hate to be a Debbie Downer about this, but I feel its important to make sure the facts are known about this horrible situation. Hope I was able to provide clarity for some.

The earlier headline was what I feared would happen. A poor understanding of coma and brain damage, combined with things getting lost in translation and people wanting to hear a (somewhat) happy ending. Which leads to a tweet getting traction, because Twitter is notorious for oversimplifying news stories.

I'm just hoping the family is left alone now.

The post is tagged as misleading tbf but good writeup to make the situation clear anyway.

This is incredibly important. Thank you.

I posted a full translation of the interview his brother gave in todays Daily Discussion thread in response to someone asking what the situation is, but to make it its own post makes it a lot more visible.

Positive signs but the situation is far from ‘good’ still.

Edit not a full translation but a translation of the parts concerning Appie’s health.

Yeah. You almost have to when you have to condense the story to 280 characters, and sometimes that works, but here its done to make something feel good and removes a lot of important details.

[Next Day Tactical Analysis] Crystal Palace 0-2 Liverpool

[Next Day Tactical Analysis] Crystal Palace 0-2 Liverpool

Setup and Approach

Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace set up in a 4-4-1-1 formation, with Zaha playing a loose role behind Benteke, allowing him to switch sides of the pitch with ease. The aim seemed to be to feed into Zaha and Benteke quickly to try and get in behind the Liverpool defence with some quick dribbling a tight passing, which proved quite difficult.

Second half they focussed a lot more on switching the ball from flank to flank in order to create space for the fullbacks (Wan-Bissaka and Van Aanholt) who both pushed very high and created some chances for the men in the middle with some solid deliveries.

Defensively Palace sat pretty deep first half, with Milivojevic and McArthur sitting in front of the back line. Tomkins and Sakho dealt very well with Firmino and Salah in particular as a result, hardly giving them a touch for long periods of the game. Salah almost exclusively found joy on the break when space finally opened up as Palace had to push for a goal at set pieces.

Overall the Eagles moved the ball around very nicely, making little pockets of space for the wide men. They can certainly be proud of their performance and more in the same vein will see them pick up plenty of points at home this season.


The away side set up in the same style as the previous week against West Ham, with no change in personnel in their usual 4-3-3 formation. Firmino would drop deep to pick up the ball against as Liverpool would look to create zones for Keita and Mane too relish in, which worked to joyous effect against the Hammers.

Like Palace, Klopp also pushed his fullbacks high up the pitch to overlap and try and get in behind the deep line of the home side. The inverted wingers would also look to cut in and run at the centre backs, which worked a treat when Salah won the penalty.

Defensively their plan was to get tight to the trickier players (Zaha, Townsend, Schlupp) and magnetise Van Dijk to Benteke whenever the long ball was played neutralising the aerial threat with extreme effect.

Second half was all about not making mistakes at the back, staying calm, and breaking on Palace as Hodgson’s side advanced up the pitch in an attempt to draw level. This worked a treat as they found a late second goal and drew a red card out of Wan-Bissaka.

Liverpool have often been accused of struggling in such frustrating games previously, but they showed excellent professionalism and returned to the north with a well earned three points.

Key Points

1. Fullbacks – All four fullbacks really proved their worth last night. They all had the same role, to get forward, try and get in behind, and try to deliver with quality when close to the box. Wan-Bissaka and Robertson were most effective at this; the Liverpool left-back can count himself unlucky to not have secured an assist after a lovely weighted ball to Salah on the break. Defensively they were sound too, Bissaka made a wonderful challenge in the box against Keita and Alexander-Arnold was calm and collected, even when Palace attempted to overload him with the trios of Zaha, Schlupp and Van Aanholt; he had an understated but fantastic performance.

2. The battle for the skies – Virgil Van Dijk was a monster last night, and was a key reason why Liverpool won the hard fought fixture. He won all his attempted tackles, made eight clearances and most importantly when up against Benteke, won 9 aerial duels successfully eliminating the effectiveness of the home side’s long balls. It’s also worth noting how composed Joe Gomez looked in the back line, which at 21 years of age, may be down to Van Dijk’s leadership.

3. Breaking away – Liverpool utilised the break perfectly, as they have done for years. Salah barely got any joy in the first half, but he was racing against centre backs instead of trying to dribble past them, he was much more effective. Palace on the other hand hardly got any breaks, due to Liverpool’s ability to drop back quickly with Milner and Wijnaldum in midfield.

Key Players

1. Van Dijk – As mentioned, he didn’t put a foot wrong and was the certain MOTM. Fast becoming one of the best centre backs in the world.

2. Wan-Bissaka – Played well above his age and deal with Robertson, Keita and Mane exceedingly well. The red was almost unavoidable and shouldn’t take away from what was otherwise a sound showing.

3. Alisson – In other years, Liverpool may have lost this game to due shaky goalkeeping. He made a solid save from the Milivojevic free kick and another from the Benteke header, which ended up being offside. On top of that, he was cool as ice with the ball at his feet, and played some lovely passes out to the midfield to relieve the pressure on the defence.

4. Sakho – Sakho showed brilliance and calmness almost all game. But a wild pass early on almost put his side behind, and his clumsiness in the box against Salah lead to the penalty and allowed Liverpool to play in a much more comfortable fashion second half.

5. Keita – So smooth on the ball, with a fantastic range of passing. He started controlled the tempo of his team’s attack well but did struggle following a rough knee to the head from Benteke.

Final Thoughts

Liverpool left Sellhurst with a well-earned and deserved three points thanks to their consummate professionalism and strong defence in the second half. Salah looks a little rusty but will surely explode into life before too long. Palace can considered themselves unfortunate in defeat as they played some lovely stuff and should pick off most lower teams at home this season; on another day, and had the calls fell differently, they could have taken something from Liverpool last night.

I think Palace played extremely well. On another day they maybe could've scraped something from the game but Liverpool were just as resilient, and solid at the back.

If Palace play like that for the next 36 games they'd easily be top half. Very organised and committed performance. Think they need a better #9 aswell.

Might get downvoted, but TAA has been both woeful and great at the same time.

His contribution in the final third is poor, but he's always present for a option. He's never not there.

Bit confused whether he should start or benched next game.

Don't think Liverpool played well , or poor. They were pretty average (against their own standards ). Palace were good, but this shows where Liverpool have improved from other years. This is definitely the type of game Liverpool would have lost/tied 2 years ago. Playing average and letting a team get back into it late.

They've improved, their defense is more solid, and they have a better bench. Nice to see. Also nice to see Palace play some great football. Too bad that guy got sent off he was having a fantastic game. Wasn't afraid of any of the Liverpool attackers.

Benteke just can't seem to get anything fully correct. Like last night he took town the ball beautifully but smashed his shot so far and wide when Townsend and Zaha were up in support.

Sadly for them though, they don't have much substance to bring on from the bench.

Martin Odegaard joins Vitesse from Real Madrid CF on loan

Martin Odegaard joins Vitesse from Real Madrid CF on loan

vitesse cheating on us </3


Friendship ended with heerenveen vitesse new best friend

O dang, didn't think we'd see him back in the Eredivisie so soon.

Will be curious how he does. He'll be playing the position Mount did last season and he was amazing then. Obviously a lot of the hype has gone, but Odegaard is still a very talented player.

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