Happy 1st Birthday Iris Jones!

Happy 1st Birthday Iris Jones!

You can definitely tell that is Michael's kid in that first photo :)

this 3rd pic is definitely Lindsay's kid

Happy birthday! One of the ways I introduced my mom to RT was Extra Life. Another was watching the Jones baby. She was so excited to see how the baby was doing as the weeks passed by(I know part of it was because I was excited, but details, I regularly gave her the updates). She watched the instagram video of Lindsay(what's her reddit name? does she have one? I may never know) exercising while preggers and was flabbergasted.

When Iris was born, I ran in to show my mom the picture, and she loved it! She loved seeing all the pictures I could give her of Iris. It was probably one of the last happy things she had. She died on July 5th 2017.

I don't write this to earn sympathy(though it would be appreciated, lol), I write it to say that the Jones family is far-reaching. You two reach a lot of lives, and I hope you keep doing so even as Iris grows. I hope Millie takes Iris under her wing. I hope that the two of them can eventually beat /u/AHMichaelJones at Ultimate Chicken Horse. Or Mario Party.

Please let it be Mario Party, because Michael, you really need to lose multiple games to make up for it all.

"Bitch, I'm 1. Do I look like I can swing myself?" - Iris Jones, probably

Rooster Teeth Orders Animated Horror-Comedy Series From Rob McElhenney

Rooster Teeth Orders Animated Horror-Comedy Series From Rob McElhenney
Rooster Teeth Orders Animated Horror-Comedy Series From Rob McElhenney

I'm so fucking happy this hit. This has been the hardest thing to keep secret in my life.

This was the project for which Geoff and I holed up in a writers room last month, but couldn’t yet talk about. We are crazy excited to be working with Rob and the Spikeface writers, Geoff Barbanell & Itai Grunfeld. I think Rob and RT Animation are going be a great combination.

He heard about our studio through industry colleagues and had a great idea for an animated show. Ryan Hall (our head of Development) set up the meeting and I had to bring either Geoff or Michael into the mix within the first couple weeks because I could maybe keep one of them from killing me, but not both.


I spent longer on this than I probably should have done...

I spent longer on this than I probably should have done...

Once he gathered all of the AI's he will be the strongest man in the universe.

This is actually sick, I also love the fact you put Gus in there twice!

Holy shit, this is incredible. Were the characters taken from screenshots of videos or did you have some other source?

The AI are screenshots. Everything else is hand posed and rendered using blender

Always Open: Ep. 67 - The Jäger Moms | Rooster Teeth

Always Open: Ep. 67 - The Jäger Moms | Rooster Teeth

It was great having Anna on. She always seems super nice and is clearly very respected in the company, but she's rarely in content. One of the things I really appreciate about this show is the wide range of guests they've had.

Long shot, but to the person who wrote to the Box of Issues - I found myself in a near identical situation to your own not that long ago, same location, same job goals, etc. only difference being I had moved to London already for the sole purpose of breaking into the industry.

A couple of months ago I was struggling financially and my mum (appropriate I guess given that it's a Mother's Day episode) helped me through it financially. I felt guilty for borrowing money for the first ever time, having made it through university on my student loans.

BUT it did give me the time I needed to really get as many job applications sent as possible to the places I actually wanted to work. I've got an interview tomorrow for one of these jobs, and whilst I don't know if I'll get it or not I would have never gotten it without that aid from amazing mum.

My convoluted point being if your parents want to help you, as Barbara says, you shouldn't feel indebted to them because everything they've been doing has been in support of your hopes and dreams.

If you make the move to London don't be afraid to drop a message, I have learned a lot from trying to break in!

The fact that Anna is Barb's "Mom away from Mom" while also playing Raven, Yang's shitty mom in RWBY. :)

Also, I really like Lindsay's hair.

I love my mom but I want Anna to also be my mom

Classic Ryan

Classic Ryan

I especially love Lindsay cheering him on

Whenever I watch AHWU, I can't help but think "If any of them ever get injured and sue, this is all going to be evidence."

I feel like there's a legal waiver they are required to sign when accepting certain positions within the company.

Where else did she learn her chaos from?

Guys I don't feel so good...

Guys I don't feel so good...

This is the best one I’ve seen.

Should probably mark with spoilers if you can.

Is this a new meme?

I wouldn’t say it’s a spoiler. You wouldn’t understand the joke unless you have seen the movie.

Jeremy streamed for 16 hours straight! Absolutely awesome

Jeremy streamed for 16 hours straight! Absolutely awesome

He was so funny and dedicated the entire time, and Kat showing up along with the cats to support him with food and being lovely made it a great Dooley family stream.

That was a fun way to spend a Saturday (and bit of Sunday) and I hope Jeremy takes a good long rest.

Too bad YT doesn't let you watch the whole thing, only showing the last 4 hours.

AH pls nerf Lil J, he too cool.

If you enjoyed him streaming this, you definitely need to catch his personal streams on his channel. Dude is brilliant at streaming and I'm hoping he gets more opportunities for this after taking a well deserved rest. 12 hours straight would be brutal

Gus' journal post about the recent ad reads

Gus' journal post about the recent ad reads

I'm glad Gus has come out and made the process a little more transparent and gives us a better idea of how this sponsorship came to be. However, I still don't agree with the final decision to keep Hims as a sponsor. I understand that people are self-conscious about talking to doctors about sex and private topics like this but as someone in the medical field, nothing can replace an in person visit with a doctor. No doctor is judging any patient on their actions or sex life. They are trying to find the problem, main cause of it, and factors they can do to fix it. One thing I really would like to see is someone going through the process to get a prescription through Hims and how easy it actually is. I know of many sketchy services online that "get a prescription from a real, trusted doctor" and its usually just doctors that get a kick back for signing off on these prescriptions so they go through as many as they can.

For those on mobile or can't access the site


In the past I’ve thought about writing a journal explaining how some behind the scenes stuff works here at RT, and in light of recent concerns about a sponsor I figured I should give you some insight as to how ad reads happen. I think this is good background info to help shed light on the current situation because I’ve read many misconceptions about the process. I’m going to use Hims as my example in this journal.

I want to start by saying nobody at Fullscreen or Rooster Teeth forces me to read ad copy for a sponsor I didn’t approve. Ads can come in a few different ways. Sometimes external agencies sell against our inventory, sometimes our internal sales team sells them, but regardless of who sells the ad, I deal directly with the RT sales team. When our sales team is talking to a potential new sponsor interested in advertising on RT Podcast they will let me know who the potential sponsor is and ask if I approve or have any concerns or objections. I normally look into the company or product and try to get a feel of how people talk about them online. I’ve disapproved many potential sponsors in the past and have never had pushback when I disapprove one. For example, here is the email I received from the sales team regarding Hims (the email was addressed to the decision makers for the shows listed below):

One of our agencies reached out about this, so let me know if neither/ both or which one would make sense as a sponsor. (Same company, two products- hair loss and erectile dysfunction pills.)

I made it very clear that it would be difficult for us to promote ED pills with a straight face, but apparently they have a sense of humor...

Anyway- understand if this doesn't fit but looking at:

AH Livestream, Heroes and Halfwits AHWU and Off Topic

Always Open

Glitch Please and The Know

RT Podcast

After doing my usual research I came to an easy conclusion (and I only make the decision for RT Podcast):

I'm fine with both.

Not every show producer was comfortable with this ad read, so some shows turned down the sponsor. Once the sales team hears from the show producer they move forward with getting the ad copy and scheduling the read. Due to the popularity of these reads there can sometimes be a large delay before we do the read. For example, I gave Hims a go ahead on August 14th 2017 but didn’t do the first ad read until March 5th 2018. On February 27th 2018 I had an on-boarding conference call to discuss the campaign with the external agency that sold the ad and the company itself. Normally on these calls we are given background on the company and go over the product and talking points for the product. This is a time for us to have our questions answered directly by the sponsor. We typically only do on-boarding calls for new sponsors but sometimes we’ll have refresher on-boarding calls with long time sponsors who may have new products or talking points. So much time had passed since I initially approved Hims that I had forgotten I approved them. After the on-boarding call I was actually concerned that this campaign had come in unapproved so I sent off an email to the RT sales team verifying that I had approved this campaign. They reminded me of our earlier conversation about this sponsor and I was ready to move forward.

After the on-boarding call we finalize the copy that I will read and the graphics used for the video podcast. Sometimes the sponsor supplies the copy, sometimes they don’t. I don’t know where the Hims copy came from. I think it was written internally because before the second ad read I received a message from one of the producers in the Broadcast department. He was punching up the copy and since he was changing it he wanted approval on it. Here is the message exchange we had:

Hey Gus - I'm punching up these ads for today, wanted to share with you a piece of this so (A) you can check it out and don't get blindsided by stage directions, and (B) so you can object if you hate it. Here's a part where i put a dumb little side comment trying to make these more conversational. LMK if you hate it: If you have this problem, check out, a one stop shop for hair loss, skincare, and sexual wellness for men. (to panel-->) I always wondered where you can get that sexual healing they talk about in that song. HIMS provides medical grade solutions, real doctors who offer quality generic equivalents to name brand prescriptions to help you keep your hair where it belongs!

My reply was:

Perfect. Thank you for this!

About thirty minutes before the podcast goes live one of our other producers gathers up all the copy for that episode and preps it for me so that I have them all on my laptop to read during the show. I’ll review them and if I have any last minute questions I’ll pop into the control room to chat with the team. If you ever watch the live pre-stream and you see me in the control room with my laptop I’m normally asking a question about copy, ad timing, on screen graphic placement, or something else related to the ad reads. Then we go live and you see the rest. I try to space the ad reads out during the show so that there aren’t too many back to back and we don’t wait until too close to the end of the show.

People often comment on the way I perform ad reads and they frequently have good advice, but I want you to know the methodology behind my approach to the reads. Some viewers ask why I don’t become more energetic or try to be upbeat and incorporate the copy into the show. I try to intentionally maintain a fairly flat delivery so that it is clear when I am doing the ad read and when I’m not. There have of course been exceptions in the past for bigger activations like the Smirnoff “Side Car” or Pizza Hut’s “The Feed”.

Once the show is released I keep tabs on comments on our site and other social media avenues. Part of this is reading how people react to the ad reads. Recently someone contacted me via twitter because they took exception to some ad copy I read for a different sponsor. They felt the copy was worded in a way that was deceptive. I looked at the copy again and could see his point of view. I sent an email to our sales team alerting them to the concern. They looked into it, talked to the sponsor, and the copy was changed to address the concern.

Ok, now that all that background and process is established I’d like to talk more in-depth specifically about Hims.

The controversial reaction to Hims has surprised some of us at RT, including myself. I did my first ad read for Hims on March 5th and the second ad read on April 2nd. The first read focused primarily on the hair loss medication and the second read was the first to mention the erectile dysfunction medication. There wasn’t too much feedback after the first read, but there definitely was a lot more after the second. I wanted to address some of the concerns I saw posted online.

The first concern was that our audience is too young for this type of product and we were marketing pharmaceuticals to teenagers. Some RT shows do have a young demographic but RT Podcast listeners are one of our oldest skewing audiences. An example of the fact that the audience is older is actually shown by the fact we have had alcohol sponsors in the past. In the United States if you advertise alcohol then no more than 28.4% of your audience can be under the age of 21.

Another concern was that the products were “snake oil”. The products sold by Hims are prescription drugs approved by the FDA for the purposes they are advertised for. Finasteride is the generic version of Propecia which is used to treat male hair loss. Sildenafil is the generic version of Viagra which is used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Some commenters were uncomfortable with the idea of this service helping a patient circumvent their in-person doctor visit and get pharmaceuticals through online consultation. I personally thought this was a super convenient idea and I wish I could have this type of regular consultation with my general doctor. I do think this is the future of medicine and doctor appointments. I can definitely see the cause for concern but I don’t want anyone to think that the service just allows you to order pharmaceuticals with no oversight. You do give your medical history to a real doctor via the service who reviews it and your overall health before determining whether or not you qualify for the medications. You can also provide a prescription from your regular doctor if you have one. Either way, you simply can’t buy prescription medicine in the United States without having a prescription from a doctor.

From what I understand I think that the United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow direct to consumer advertising of prescription medicine. I think this fact is also what has caused some of the concern from our audience. In the US we are used to seeing medicine ads and ignoring the ones that are irrelevant to us. I also think that since the US doesn’t have a national healthcare system that most Americans don’t have a general practitioner that they see so this type of service is attractive to them. That last one is just a hunch I have, no solid proof on that one.

In reading the comments about this topic I discovered one other bit of information I found interesting. Viagra is available over the counter in the UK I don’t bring that up as a justification for the ad reads, just as a bit of information to highlight how different countries treat medicine and the healthcare system differently.

I appreciate the openness here, but I'm not backing down on this topic and I'm not just "going to be done with it" like some have suggested here.

As long as Rooster Teeth continues to advertise this company, I will not be watching any content. At all. I've already cancelled my FIRST membership.

And for anyone at RT that would like to respond, go ahead. Because I want you to tell me that you really think it is a good idea for someone to be prescribed pills without getting a physical examination. Because The Medical Board of California & Texas Attorney General Office don't think so.

Taken directly from the Medical Board of California:

"Ordering drugs without a relationship with a physician is potentially dangerous. By law, with very limited exceptions, prescription drugs must be prescribed by a physician after a good faith examination has been performed and a medical indication for the prescription has been determined. There is good reason for this, as drugs should only be prescribed after an examination is performed and the cause of the problem or condition is diagnosed. Online "consultations" cannot, with any certainty, provide enough information to make a verifiable diagnosis.

In California, the law requires that physicians and pharmacists be licensed, and that physicians perform a physical exam prior to prescribing drugs."

And from the Texas Attorney General's Office:

"Another red flag is a Web site that fills out prescriptions based on a consumer’s responses to a questionnaire or a brief phone conversation with a purported pharmacist.

Under Texas law, those informal consultations could be illegal. There is no substitute for an in-person visit with a legitimate pharmacist or doctor."

So, it seems to me that the two States where Rooster Teeth operates, California and Texas, do NOT want people to get prescription drugs without in-person consultations first.

I'm sorry, but continuing this sponsorship will never sit well with me. And until they stop running on shows, I will not watch or pay a penny to RT.

EDIT: It's been a long day of arguing with people and I'm pretty tired of it. I hope RT gets rid of the sponsor, if they don't then oh well, it's been nice watching their content over the years. Hopefully they get rid of it and this whole shitstorm can be put behind all of us. I've never been this upset with RT before, not even during the whole Piers Morgan thing or the crowdfunding and then being bought by Fullscreen. This is just a little too much for me to handle from a moral standpoint. You can agree with me, you can disagree with me. I'm just done fighting with people on the internet for a while.

A lot of what was said makes sense. I didn't know the USA just advertised prescription medication which straight away makes the ad read seem way less suspicious.

That said I do find it interesting that Gus says that Roosterteeth is a company that wants to help people open up about sex related stuff, right after saying thanks to this you can circumvent talking about embarrassing stuff to a doctor. Surely it would be better to try and help people understand that the doctors have seen far worse and ED is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Again though, I don't know how that all works in America. Where I live you can't advertise prescription drugs, everyone has a GP and you talk to them for any prescriptions. Personally I think buying the off the internet from a random company doctor is a big no no, but that's just me.

Pushing ED pills is gross and wrong

Pushing ED pills is gross and wrong

Dibs on posting about the ED pill sponsorship in 4 hours!

Honestly, I would never, ever, purchase anything sponsored by RT. The track record for utter shite they advertise makes me weary of any product they advertise. This is why you have Quality Control on your advertising because if you don't believe you.

I understand they are an internet company and the adpocalypse on youtube has forced alternate monetisation techniques and that the who industry is doing the same right now. This has probably sent the amount paid per episode down or whatever other market forces are at play.

However, this is downright fucked. These ED ads are not only illegal throughout the world, but they perpetuate ideas about masculinity to a target demographic made up of young males (RT audience). These ideas are toxic. Just go on this website and a doctor will ask you a series of yes and no questions so you can get pills to fix your problem.

Is there any oversight to this process? Is investigating the person applying? Their circumstances? Hell no, they probably pay a doctor $5 per prescription to click automated buttons for some stranger on the internet.

This is the worst kind of practice and RT have promoted it on almost every avenue they have.


It's an issue to the rest of the world to even advertise prescription drugs. It is illegal(for good reason). USA and New Zeland are the only 2 countries in the world that allow it at all.

Then put on top of it that they are saying to talk to their own doctors for a prescription is shady as fuck.

sponsor of RT podcast 486

Pills for erectile dysfunction. It was a as well as a number of other funhaus and cow chop content as well as off topic.

Try one of these subthreads