Backside Gatorade Grab. Stay hydrated, my friends

Backside Gatorade Grab. Stay hydrated, my friends

Is this in Phoenix?


Yes sir! Pecos skatepark

Used to skate there all the time! Fun park.

Me and the wife’s new RB 110 3WDs

Me and the wife’s new RB 110 3WDs

Couples that blade together always stay together. 😍😍😍 Cheers mate!

Me and my husband just ordered some Rollerblade twisters! Hope you guys have fun!!

Those look fun! Fast, maneuverable and bombproof.

I haven't skated in over 2 decades, except I went ice skating twice in that time, and pretty much the same for her. We both jumped right to 3 wheels and went from being a little shaky at 5 pm, to doing hops over speed bumps and cross overs at fairly high speeds by the end of the night. Granted we are both athletic, so our sense of balance may be better than the average joe and we have the leg strength to where we may not notice ankle instability that could come from tall wheels. Overall, I am very glad we went straight to 110mm, so I'm not sure if that helps you at all.

My favorite aspect of the RB 110 is that due to the fact of how big the wheels are they seem to roll really smooth and appear to be un phased by small debris like rocks, which is nice if you hit a crack or rough asphalt. She may appreciate that, I know I do.

Drake is about that life

Drake is about that life

His inner canadian comes out and makes him hockey.

Rollerblading is saved!!

lol when someone else has enough power to make you not skate. that's sad lmaoo

I love skating but fuck Drake.

RIP Aggressive Mall: 1996-2018

RIP Aggressive Mall: 1996-2018

I'll miss Amall but this is the least surprising announcement of the year. The constant denials over the last month have been really fucking annoying.

February 2018 #neverforget

The wildest month in blading's history continues forward.

Gotta agree with you there. They were great, but they could’ve just said “Yep, were closing up shop and throwing everything on clearance.”

No way, 50/50 and reign?! I remember having my Petty 50/50 frames and I felt like a badass

Something cool I learnt yesterday

Something cool I learnt yesterday

fucking impressive

I'm jealous both of that slide and the place you're sliding! :D

Which poly?? Really jealous of how alive the skating scene is in sg polys sigh

Yeah its tough to find skating grounds to slide on :((

My school actually has a multi-purpose court that's not bad and they let us use it for the Inline Skate Club activities.

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