Fergie had Raiola pegged 🙌

Fergie had Raiola pegged 🙌

Guy 1:Why was no one able identify that Paul Pogba was going to be a 100mil pound player?

God: Paul Pogba? He just had a bad agent. A shit bag.

He speaks the truth.

What did he say? I can't make it out for the life of me

Damn that perfect human.

Gary Neville : Let’s hope @paulpogba leads his agent and shuts him up !

Gary Neville : Let’s hope @paulpogba leads his agent and shuts him up !

God, I'm so chuffed our ex-players are fighting with the agent of a current player. We're in such a good position right now.

If this isn't Arsenal type shit, I don't know what is.

Paul probably wont comment on this and Jose will say he doesnt care since Paul has trained well.

And then we'll put up a medicore performance against Spurs and it will be a rinse and repeat of this week.

"People use Twitter to tweet, that is all I can say."

This has gotten beyond ridiculous now, which is saying a fucking lot.


I loathe social media so much sometimes.

Mino Raiola tweet: Some people need to talk for fear of being forgotten. Paul Scholes wouldn’t recognize a leader if he was in front of Sir Winston Churchill. @paulpogba

Mino Raiola tweet: Some people need to talk for fear of being forgotten. Paul Scholes wouldn’t re...

haha he blocked me cause i called him a fat cunt

Sometimes I wonder if Pogba is worth all this drama. His performances definitely don't justify it. So much drama at the club, it's like reality TV ffs.

Why would scholes be forgotten? He is arguably the greatest midfielder the prem has seen, this greasy little man needs to pipe down.

Paul Scholes was in front of Roy Keane and he recognised it. Paul Scholes knows exactly what leadership is, even if he didn't have the attributes himself.

Surprised he can stop eating for long enough to chat shit.

Gary Neville : "The minute that he [Woodward] gave Jose Mourinho a contract extension - which some would say was unnecessary part way through a season - but believing in a manager, showing the faith, he had to then buy him the centre-backs."

Gary Neville : "The minute that he [Woodward] gave Jose Mourinho a contract extension - which som...

That's what I don't understand. Why give the man the contract extension if you are not willing to sign any of the players he wants?

As a fan who personally thinks Mourinho should go, I completely agree with Neville. Woodward can't say "I trust you completely........ This much" while his finger and thumb get ever closer together after only 6 months

based on what he said, Ed was never going to sign Perisic, Willian, Mina, Maguire or Toby

Seriously. They need to make their minds up. Either stick with mou and back him during the transfer window or get someone else in asap.

Meme Mondays

Meme Mondays

From today, we'll have a weekly 'Meme Monday' thread that will be stickied for the day, unless we have a game on a Monday evening.

Memes still remain banned as individual posts, but we appreciate many people enjoy them, so now they have a dedicated thread.

My wish list:

United winning the treble

United winning the league without dropping points

Fergie coming back to win the league

Meme Monday

I worked way too long on this..

Lads its......

Alexa, play Despacito :(

Paul Scholes on Pogba and others : “There’s a lack of leaders in the team. We thought Paul Pogba might be the ideal candidate to be that leader but he wasn’t there today. He had another really poor game. He’s so inconsistent.” [Optus]

Paul Scholes on Pogba and others : “There’s a lack of leaders in the team. We thought Paul Pogba ...

Pogba was struggling with simple passes and getting caught out far too often, how many more years do we put up with unlock pogba shit when he himself cannot be arsed to turn up every week?

There is a clear difference in the way Pogba played for France and the way he plays for us. In the World Cup, you could see that Pogba was more focused on getting the team ticking. He was looking to get others involved and worked towards getting the ball to runners.

With us, he seems more interested in pulling off tricks and always tries to beat defenders eventhough there is a much simpler and safer option to release the ball.

The epitome of this was the 360 roulette he did and got tackled near the edge of our penalty box.

Ibra was the last leader we had in our team, although he didn't have the armband, but he was definitely the guy that everyone looked up to on the pitch.

I don't think I've seen someone as talented as Pogba play as bad as he did yesterday.

He needs to get his head right, if he truly doesn't want to be at United then he should leave.

I'm not saying he was the worst on the pitch, because he wasn't but he was definitely the one most below his own ability.

A lot of people have asked, what are Jose’s tactics? Here’s a long breakdown inside.

A lot of people have asked, what are Jose’s tactics? Here’s a long breakdown inside.

I’ve seen the idea of “hold and hope someone breaks through on attack.” But this really isn’t true.

Jose has a bit of a rigid form of attack, and actually quite a rigid tactic overall. This is why people think we don’t have tactics. It is creative based on how creative the players are individually rather than the tactics themselves. This doesn’t mean ineffective.

But here are our tactics and exactly why we are struggling.

Defensively - Contain. Funnel attackers to non threatening parts of the pitch. Clear it out instead of trying to hold it and risk losing ball in precarious positions.

(We completely failed at this today, gave the ball away in precarious positions in the middle of the park leading to I believe the first and 3rd goal).

When you do clear it up or when you force a turnover. Move on the counter.

Play down the sides specifically.

Here’s an important part of the philosophy. Get the ball up to the opponents defensive area before committing extra attackers to the play.

The wingers job is to make runs behind, and in attack cut inside or to the top of the box, shooting or moving to the striker.

At the same time overlap runs by wingbacks.

If the winger doesn’t have space, drop it to the wingback and move a little bit backwards.

Wingback to cross it in or pass back to the wingers and cut in and drive passes to the middle.

What it does is keep the ball out of open areas in the middle to prevent counter attacks. It’s not creating tons of chances. But the better you are at intercepting possession and funneling the opponent the more you control it.

Now if you understand this you’ll see what the problem with our team is. It’s highly reliant on wings.

Lukaku is the perfect middle for this system up front. But the entire game is revolving around moving the ball from both sides forward and in depending on where the defense is focused.

This means wingbacks and good possession players on the sides of the striker to come back and get the ball to bring it up before the wingbacks come up.

It also means you need good passers from the defense midfield to connect it up.

Think of it like a V from CBs to your two deep midfielders up to the sides of the striker. Then in.

So... what’s wrong with it right now?

Well today it was on display:

Passing from defensive mid. Jose wanted matic for a reason. Matic is excellent at holding off the press and moving the ball up to those positions. With him out, I’m sorry but pereira and Fred have not filled this role properly. They are good at small passes. Both can improve. But matic was excellent at making that pass. Especially the longer one with some pace on it.

The forward midfielder is supposed to roam around and help connect that up. Help get the ball up to runners so the DMs don’t have to go to far forward. Pogba was piss poor today. He didn’t pick out a single run with an accurate pass. He lost the ball constantly. And he was poorly positioned.

Our wingers. Again they are supposed to get behind or cut back to the top of the box. This is supposed to allow the wingback to be an option for space. And drag the defense away from them for an open cross. Also to track back if the wing back overlaps.

Martial was atrocious today. His problem has always been in this system that he doesn’t run. He doesn’t move inside. Essentially he was standing in the spots shaw was supposed to occupy. This reduces our space, cuts down our options and exposes us defensively.

Right wing. We have no right wing. This mean young has two jobs. And no backup. This was a reason for our defensive failure in first half. Especially goal one and even goal 2, as Bailly made a poor clearance resulting a corner as he had no help or cover. Mata can’t cover. This is why Valencia is important for us currently. He is an absolute monster athletically. Incredibly rapid. So he has covered that hole defensively (but not offensively). When our Rb goes up. Who covers?

That about sums up our problems. Shaw performs well so that’s good. If dalot develops into what he could be that helps. We have options at lw. Even with Sanchez it’s better because he knows his job and helps defensively.

But RW lacking actually effects us defensively, as we have to choose between attack or defend instead of both.

Accordingly, when a team gets the lead on us they can expose this weakness further by defensively loading up on the left side and pressing us to move there.

Sanchez, matic, Valencia or dalot, these guys will help the tactics work as they should. Additionally Lingard being fit and playing where mata was playing for the get go should provide some cover.

Anyway, not feeling optimistic, but I also feel this is why our team isn’t performing. Mourinho has tactics but he’s not flexible. Without the team to fit what he wants it’s a struggle and can get ugly.

Edit: I’d like to make clear I’m not trying to present this as an out for mourinho just an explanation of how he likes to play.

Also why were our players not running forward when tjey had ample of space in front of them. They would just pass where a player is already being closwd down. A forward run up would bring the opposition towards the player and then you could pass it to the players who gets free in forward lineup.

Thanks for the write up. You worded it better than I ever could've.

I don't think Mou is past it like many are saying, but he definitely needs to adapt better to how teams are playing in 2018 with the players he has. What also worries me is how players panic right away when they are pressed, and easily turn off (stop playing) when something goes wrong. No urgency, no cohesion, no direction.

It's scary how the manager and the players seem disconnected to each other.

Once they click with each other, they'll be better for sure, but not sure when and IF they do...


I've always backed Mourinho and I still do, but it's getting harder every week. Imagine paying 600 pound for a season ticket and 10 pounds transport each week only to witness 3 shots against a relegation candidate. It's about entertainment and I can't find anyone who finds what we do on the pitch entertaining other than our rivals.

but he definitely needs to adapt better to how teams are playing in 2018

So let’s just hope and pray the most stubborn egotistical man in football changes himself?

The Defence

The Defence

I seriously hope Mourinho doesn't drop either Bailly and Lindelof going forward. Bailly had an overall shit game today, I absolutely love Lindelof and there was no question he was at fault for that goal but he didn't let that mistake get to him and did improve in the second half.

But they need to continue to play together and build a partnership.

I prefer them both over Jones and Smalling because they've both hit their ceiling and can't play out the back for shit. If we invite pressure on to us and play out the back Bailly and Lindelof are the best hope we have.

They have much of their game to improve especially in the air but I believe they can do it.

Looks like Shaw is kicking on and willing to improve so come a few more games we should look more compact in defence.

I feel like the attack was more to blame today and the midfield need to get it together. We've got such quality but there was no cohesivness or a desire to fight today and unfortunately that's been a pattern.

A lot of people at fault including Mourinho but he needs to keep that prime Jose attitude we've seen over the last couple of days and inspire this team, especially with the start the other top teams have had this season.

Let's get the fuck on lads, GGMU.

Love the post and great sentiments, but with how reactionary as piss this sub is after a poor result this will probably get downvoted like crazy and people like Stebro1986’s replies of “Mou is finished, going downhill, we’ll be lucky to finish 6th” will probably get like +35 or something lol

If what Martin Tyler said is true that Jose only considers Lindelof a stop-gap LCB then I'm not entirely optimistic he retains his place.

Bailly and Lindelof were exposed a lot by the fullbacks today. They didn't play well, but it was partly due to the players around them. I don't think this warrants them being dropped.

Legit question: how could Martin Tyler know that?

Marcus Rashford has made 125 appearances at 20 years old

Marcus Rashford has made 125 appearances at 20 years old
Marcus Rashford has made 125 appearances at 20 years old

hes gone backwards last 2 seasons

Oh this sub is going to suck for the next week.. people are going to shit on anyone and anything posted.

Really pleased for him, he's had some super key moments for us and I hope he keeps progressing

Cool. Shadow of the player from his debut season

true and it's a shame

but at the same time it's also not so surprising right?

it was always going to be more difficult for both rash and martial after teams familiared themselves with their quality and prepared to nullify them.

hoping both players can adapt to the challenges that come with playing at this level

Post game quotes from Pogba

Post game quotes from Pogba

Pogba to @BBCSport: "Obviously disappointed. We did not deserve to win.”MUFC

Pogba: "I will always try. I will keep pushing, that is my personalty. It did not happen today but I will always try to help the team. It is a big lesson for us for the next game." #MUFC

Pogba: "Myself first, the attitude was not right and not want it to be, it was not enough.” 👀 #MUFC

Pogba, "What happened today is that we lost. From the start we didn't deserve to win. We play against a smaller club but that attitude that we have wasn't like we wanted to beat them. I put myself forward primarily, my attitude wasn't good enough."

Pogba, "We made mistakes that we shouldn't make. In the first half we were disappointing. We kept trying but myself I was losing a lot of balls."

Pogba, "Obviously playing at home and away is different. Different tactics, you can't always approach every game in the same way. We can't always play very well but the attitude has to be right."

Pogba on Mourinho's words at half time, "You'll have to ask him. I don't want to speak for other people, you'll have to ask him."

Fair play for taking responsibility unlike some.

Pogba played like ass but I can't say he didn't put effort in.

A prime Zidane would look like an arse in our defensive setup.

On the right, he has Mata where he was used to Mbappe last month, and on the left, he has a disinterested Martial who wants to leave. Lukaku and Pogba have never had much of an understanding either.

You can't blame him for trying to do everything by himself and failing.

On the one hand, good on Pogba to take some ownership.

On the other, it's pretty worrying to hear the captain of the team admit that he didn't have the right attitude, two games into the season.

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