Balloon Pop

Very, very well done. I had a good laugh.

to the front page with you!

Is this a balloon?

No this is Patrick.

Best one so far.

Hotel Curtain Ghost

Hotel Curtain Ghost

Why is there a giant poo stain on their neon green curtains?

What's happening

See it’s actually like that dress thing. You’re seeing poo and neon green while I’m seeing white and gold.

Why is it making those faces?

Saying goodbye

But without a delivery address how will they know where he's supposed to go?

It is not about the destination but the big journey

Why does this make me so sad? ;-;

Because we all know he either got lost in the mail or arrived heavily damaged.

(-reupload-link had not worked)Have you always wondered where the doodles come from?

(-reupload-link had not worked)Have you always wondered where the doodles come from?

Screw the doodle. I feel like I've been peeling boiled eggs wrong my whole life.


The proper term is eggquator.

Hit the egg firmly on a flat surface to start the crack. Apply light pressure as you roll to continue cracking all around. If you are nervous just lightly bounce the egg as you rotate it for the same effect.

Then once it's evenly cracked around the equator (I don't know a better term)pinch some of the cracked egg and membrane underneath and pull it up and off. With practice you can pull the whole top half off in one piece and then the bottom.

That butt.

An eye for an eye

Soccer ball should be happy once it hits him in the face

He's still in shock that his friend would kick him in right in the eye

This is team USAs attempt at qualifying for the World Cup

I'm interested in seeing what it looks like if he had succeeded with that kick.

Quit looking at me!

Monty Python's Flying Circus worthy.

The only word to describe this is Gilliamesque.

My first thought upon seeing this gif was DINSDALE

Source: I made this from that picture from the front page yesterday.

I have just viewed it on my phone, and the frame timing that I set so carefully is off if viewed from inside the "reddit is fun" app. Seems ok if I look at it with chrome browser though.

Edit: Here's the post where i saw it: Apparently, it's in the Polygone Riviera, in France.


a photo of his floor

What's the original?

I'll be honest; I think this one is way funnier




This is absolutely gorgeous. Bravo.

Should cross post this to /sub/highqualitygifs

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This is crazy good, how does this not have more upvotes?? I expected like 3k

Gimme a hug!


I was expecting it to get lit and realising it preferred it

Sound version Face only Wish you all a great friday! :)

It'd be a match made in heaven.

what a lovely hat!

I was really relieved that this doodle for once didn't have to die!

This is obviously going on /sub/all

You sir, are a god damn hero among men! More just keep coming! This made my month, when I was stuck on a delayed runway-bound plane after a stressful, tiring business trip.

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