We all got that one annoying friend!

We all got that one annoying friend!

I got inspiration for this video by another creator, mr. Moonchay. Love his work, so thought I do somehing with a wall socket aswell. Hope you guys like it!

Make sure you turn on the sound!

Makes me think of my brother singing in the shower, fricking annoying


Brave Carrots! Don't you guys feel sorry for them?

Brave Carrots! Don't you guys feel sorry for them?

I had Sausage Party flashbacks.

Make sure you turn on the sound people, makes the little rebels come even more alive!

Me too. Are yours also getting more frequent, sexual, violent, and hard to snap out of?

I just got chills from watching somebody boil carrots.


Holy cow, a fresh take on this often-reposted GIF! Love how your vision for it has a happy ending! :-D

Here’s the gun one.

I wish Red Pandas were that excited to see me.... Or even rocks for that matter.

Thanks Matt! Yeah, my first thought was obviously to have the rock pointing a gun, but there have been a lot of death doodles lately (including from me lol) so went with something a little more light :)

Shush! We are having a meeting.

Shush! We are having a meeting.

This is actually amazing

Cool! Wish the off guy had a little mouth though

They're having a group orangey

Um.. repost wtf

Thought this fit here

Thought this fit here


BTW, it's very good. Well done.

So you broke the first two subreddit rules. Come on, man.

I tried to post it there. Reddit wouldn’t let me for some reason

Rock Crusher (v2.0)

Is it just me or are the doodles on this sub getting more and more sadistic?

Cool animation

It's so good, it made me uncomfortable.

Thats what I was thinking.

Epic Eggs - How you like yo eggs

Epic Eggs - How you like yo eggs

Ok I have to say that I find this whole thing terribly unsettling and disturbing... I mean where in the hell do you buy a carton of 10 eggs instead of a dozen? Seriously, my world is spinning.

Seriously eggcelent work though.

I am new to the community, here by one of my first doodle videos

Holland dude, the fricking Netherlands haha. Thanks for the compliment

Don't forget to turn on the sound for best quality guys!

Honey, care to dance?


this neat video from Smarter Every Day!

I made this honey dancer entirely in After Effects. I couldn't find the source video, but here's the thread from r/OddlySatisfying from a month ago

The honey-coil effect is explained in

Probably gonna see this bee posted on buzzfeed

The arms complete this.

Sleeping buddies!

Sleeping buddies!

This is /u/sooperdavid's work, and he's a mod and regular contributor to this sub.

Bold move, cotton. Let's see how it plays off.


It even says "sooper" on the bottom left

Left behind

Left behind

could you make it blink periodically?

Belongs in /sub/stilllifedoodles

I tried.. I'm sorry

And look left and right.

Try one of these subthreads