Tom Morello strikes back

Tom Morello strikes back

Tom Morello has been political since... Well since the beginning of his career

Killing in the name of....words.

Why do people get so pissed off when a celebrity has a political opinion?

His father disowned him at 16 months so you couldn't be more off-base.

I am a genius and the professor is dumb.

I am a genius and the professor is dumb.

A perfect elegant example of /sub/thathappened

that lil "^ lmao" at the bottom made it more funnier for some reason

and /sub/iamverysmart

User named repost_strangler reposts in /sub/quityourbullshit.

This is peak irony.

He did this a lot.

He did this a lot.

'He' who? This is ancient. This isn't yours.


nice ancient repost, OP.

When people make the titles of their post something that insinuates its OC, I downvote every time.

This an old repost chief

found on r/antiMLM

found on r/antiMLM

Receipt also says interac and chequing account was used for payment

I don’t trust chicks with fingers/nails like those.

I need to be a #BossBabe to get this level of fancy. Paying bills from earned income? Wow!! Too bad my employer pays me in Skittles.

Should have used the card to get some fill ins for her month old nails.

NASA isn’t a bunch of morons.

NASA isn’t a bunch of morons.

This has been posted many times before.

It would be nice if Reddit had some way of blocking a repost. I had not seen this before. But for others I could see it being annoying.

How much less content would there be if there was like a 2 yr repost prohibition?

u/gallowboob would die.

About fucking time

Does this belong here?

Does this belong here?

The dad is an Olympic skier; Bode Miller. The little girl is Emiline. This story is so horribly sad and that guy who posted it deserves a punch in the face.

That op belongs in /sub/iamatotalpieceofshit

Yes, he does. I saw his page. It’s full of negative comments. He must be a troll. Ps, it was me who called him out. 🤗

Making fun of someone who has suffered a terrible loss is vile and disgusting. OP (in the photo) not only did that, but lied to make it look like it was the mothers fault, then posted it to get karma.

FISH AREN'T ANIMALS! from r/tumblr

FISH AREN'T ANIMALS! from r/tumblr

Feels like should be on /sub/woooosh

2th of all

Absolutely, I can't believe OP fell for such obvious bait

Is she trolling?

Classic Elon

Classic Elon

I feel like this sub is 20% Elon Musk.

Another 20% of this sub is literally /sub/iamverysmart material.

I like this

In one side there are people who want to defend this guy until they die, for no aparent reason

(Yes he does say some stupid shit on Twitter, dont try to deny It. Sometimes he is very much /sub/iamverysmart material)

On the other side there are people who just want to put him in a bad light for no reason as well

(Indeed he confirmed he doesn't follow women on Twitter, but you know the article is trying to paint him as sexist, you arent stupid)

He only follows 64 accounts most of which do seems to be orgs. He does follow a few individuals but there are both women and men. Though this is from a couple years ago so not suggesting he was lying at the time.

That makeup tho

That makeup tho

Hahaha I thought the first comment said, "You're so pretty" and I was thinking, damn you both got problems.

Lol. "Hey people, look at me cry. I cried today. This is what it looks like after I cried because I've been crying. I'm gonna post this picture of myself because I've been crying and want every to see how sad I look after I've been crying"

Oh, so I wasn't the only one.

Is that actually lil peep (dead rapper, he wasn't dead at the time this was posted) responding?

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

Anytime something starts with "That awkward moment", it's guaranteed to be 100% quirky and totally true.

I don't feel like they're acting as if it was actually them, but more of them just adding a caption to a funny picture

Well it is /sub/funny, I would expect that

im qUiRKy and C0oL

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