Water Games

Water Games

Netherlands’s Hydrophobia always is cute

Vietnam losing is a very rare sight.

It's the other way around. The water has Dutchophobia. If it dares to act out we just polder it.

Why would the Netherlands run from water. The Netherlands is a tulip-growing, windmill-building, container ship-moving, hagelslag-eating, OCEAN-CONQUERING nation.

Crushing Polish Hopes and Dreams

Crushing Polish Hopes and Dreams

Bill: 0.00

The beauty of socialist healthcare! if only the rest of the system was as beautiful

This is the cutest (and most efficient) bunch of soviet republics I've ever seen!

The details are magnificent!

Three-eyed Belarussia is my favourite. Armenia (I think) guiding the 3 smaller countries with those airport lights is awesome.

What are all the smaller Soviets and the little Blyat next to Lithuania's picture in the first panel?

Edit: Kurwa, the more I look at it the more details I can see: Poland cut in half by the silver lining (lol) on the wall when hanging sideways, the territorial rug changing and the room getting renovated by the little Soviets.

They're surprisingly detailed, too.

Hold Your Applause

Hold Your Applause

Between movies and airplane landings, Americans like to to clap alot.

I came here to complain about the America clay... Then I read your explanation. With that said, as an American. I am sad I can only give you one up vote, because you are 100% correct.

PS, amazing job with Polan in this too!

*Clap* *Clap* Bravo, sir. Have an upvote. And an applause. *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*

Is stank fish the one in the can that makes people throw up?

World of Crusades

World of Crusades

HRE drowning is a reference to the death of Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who drowned in a river on the way to Jerusalem. Jerusalem has leprosy because of Baldwin IV, the Leper King of Jerusalem. Robin Hood is an English folk hero, and Joyeuse is Charlemagne's sword.

This is great! We need more MMO history comics

I was just imagining what if countries were RPGs. Perfect.

Rolling luck dices

Poland got 1




Err... He targeted a political youth camp, not foreigners.

He did this because he felt that attacking muslims would sow solidarity for them.


I don't get it. Why did Norway kill them all?

Sheepish Confession

Sheepish Confession

Did I just happen to stumble upon a pornography sub.......... O wait it’s just another Polandball comic. Carry on guys

My cousin went to NZ because the UK wouldn’t let her do what she wanted to sheep.

(Vet research)

Who needs porn when you've got Polandball? We have beastiality, gore, incest and more!

Yeah but then she has to be in Wales and nobody wants that.

Russian Karate School

Russian Karate School

no words can express pain wich i now feel


That's a true gopnik black belt

Polandball Engrish phrase of the month

Why must Kazakhstan get brutally murdered like that:( He’s my favorite character of all those countries who like to suck up to Mother Russia

Deep Sea Standoff

Deep Sea Standoff

This was the one that got me my wings in the LKS contest in september. I've always been a big fan of wildlife shows, as I'm sure many of you are, so I tried to make the most true to form as I could.

First time I've ever heard of an OPECtopus or Polandballs being sea dwellers. Pretty fucking epic too.

They may just be imitations of the ones the US shark evolved 70 years ago. The nork is likely banking on the spikes being very recognizable.

The spikes aren't just for show? They actually work?

Martial arts throughout the world

Martial arts throughout the world

I love these kinds of comics, where the everything but the last panel is perfectly normal, and then it just nosedives XD

This was my contest entry which was submitted an hour too late.

There were only 19 entries this time, this has significantly reduced my chance of receiving a hussar.

Don't pretend you didn't love the last panel too.

there is nothing more manly than defeating your opponent while slippery and your fist inside his kıspet.

mann gegen mann!

Sale for Sale

Sale for Sale

I’m pretty sure Byzantium know very well who russia is considering Russia’s claim of third Rome was through a Byzantine royal marriage.

The fascination of nations and people with the Roman Empire is remarkable. At no other point in history will you find so many foreign, far off people clamouring to be the inheritor a far off land, Rome. (A vague concept in itself). Byzantium (Eastern Romans, yes, I know), was the last true heir, but after that came

Charlemagne and the HRE who claimed it through the pope.

Ottomans who claimed being Romans and the Sultan Ceaser by right of conquest.

Russia through some ancient marriage and Christian theology.

Spain, through the will of the brother of the last Byzantine Emperor.

Fascist Italy, through the delusions of Benito Mussolini.

And those are just the direct claims. Countless Empires through history used Roman imagery and names to indirectly claim inheritance of Romans dominion over Europe, part of their former Empire and their legacy as a great nation.

Greeks claiming the mantle of the Byzantines.

Napoleonic France, with Napoleon basically shoving Roman imagery into every facet of his new Empire to legitimise him and his rule

You could even say that America see's itself in such a way. One look in the Chamber of Congress is enough to show that.

From my understanding claims of being Third Rome in Russia only came from the defeat of Byzantium at the hands of the Ottomans.

So this comic shouldn't have byzantium or Seljuk....ok let's go with what you said.

great comic, Venice is loveable in this despite as usual, being, you know, a squid. I'm sure the absence of a fourth crusade has nothing to do with my opinion whatsoever.

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