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Views of the Easter rising

Views of the Easter rising

For context the Easter rising was a rebellion in British controlled Ireland by Irish republicans, the rebellion only lasted about a week but still contributed to Irish independence Read about it here

Wastingsfull of potat.

Sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of true potato freedom

Such heresy, what will little Latvia believe now?

Successful Diplomacy

Successful Diplomacy

This was my entry for this month's contest, Brevity is the Soul of Wit, scoring a respectable 5th place. Funnily enough, this was made before the news of the (potential) resolution of the Macedonia naming conflict, but I wish they would have gone with this option.

I mean what Greece and Macedonia should do is unify and conquer everything that Alexander the Great did. Then Macedonia would truly exist and everyone would be happy. All conflicts in the region would be solved and the Olympians would return to earth.

That timing is actually quite impressive.

Macedoni-A. Macedoni-B.

It solves itself.

Can't Catch Me

Can't Catch Me

that pun was so terrible, putting lemons on my eye is more merciful.

Kashmir sounds a but like "Catch me". Context

Delete me plox

Why do I want to listen to MC Hammer now



China uses a flaming Tibet as a weapon?

MoloTibet cocktail!

Is this a reference to "Stick War"? Classic!

Is this a reference to ? Classic!

In David Attenborough voice

When threatened by a foreign power, the EU will produce a barrier of paperwork between it and the aggressor, giving it time to escape.



That’s why Netherlands Second.

Most people - yeah, let’s make the Netherlands have slightly reddish eyes because marijuana causes extra blood flow to the eyes u/Schaafwond - let’s make the eyes BRIGHT MAGENTA

In all seriousness, though, I love this art style, but make the pink eyes a little lighter next time.

Die VOC mentaliteit 👍🏻

This is one of the most Dutch reaction possible

Northern Lights Burning like Fire

Northern Lights Burning like Fire

Contest Entry of Brevity is The Soul of Wit which earned me 21/59, 11 places from Top 10

I wanted to make a different approach to my comics, which is more lighting effects and a more dramatic turn of events (which explain the upside-downess of panel 3). I still suck though

Well at least the lighting is spot on. Looking at the first panel felt just like being outside during a winter night, not feeling my face because of the cold.

Surely a Superpower

Surely a Superpower

Come to think about it, India is just like a frustrated teen: he’s underperforming at school and beyond, he’s suffered from oppressive parenting, and, most imortantly, no one understands that he’s going to be the next big thing.

Original thread

It's hard to become the most respectful guy in school when you shit at the floor during brakes

A stinking case

A stinking case

You don't have to pay for garbage tax if you die from fire.


BTW, this is my 490th unique /sub/polandball comic

Probably a comic with one last country left to be drawn.

As for now:

Real countries left to be drawn: Angola Tunisia (I drew carthage but as Carthageball, not Tunisiaball) Not recognised countries left to be drawn: Abkhazia Northern Cyprus Nagorno-Karabakh [Artsakh] South Ossetia West Sahara Autonomous regions, dependancies Aceh (Indonesia) Aruba (Netherlands) Bonaire (Netherlands) Falklands (Argentina) Giblartar (Spain) Guam (United States) Guernsey (United Kingdom) Guadeloupe (France) Jersey (United Kingdom) South Maluku (Indonesia) Northern Mariana Island (United States) Martinique (France) Montserrat (France) New Caledonia (France) West Papue (Indonesia) French Polynesia (France) Puerto Rico (United States) Reunion (France) Saint-Pierre and Miquelon (France) American Samoa (United States) Saint Helena (United Kingdom) Mann Island (United Kingdom) Easter Island (Chile) Faroe Islands (Denmark) Countryless peoples left to be drawn: Uyghurs Former and/or historical countries left to be drawn: Korean Joseon

this issue is more common in the western part of Poland

I see the garbage companies didn’t invest in Eastern Poland.

Past Promises

Past Promises

The Soviet Union: breaking promises since 1917!

Contest entry for Brevity is The Soul Of Wit, finished 30th

But now he has third eye that he can use to enjoy the view more!

But the view is shit, the less eyes to see it the better.



The Treaty of Trianon was not good for Hungary. My entry in the contest Brevity is the soul of wit.

I wonder, that kind of thing is called "arab telephone" in my language, is it the same for yours ?

In swedish it’s called ”the whispering game”

Make more sense and is less insulting

Try one of these subthreads