Developing Countries

Developing Countries

Sadly EU cannot into developing country... Because is not country.

And is not developing

Why does EU only has 4 stars in the top half in the second pannel? IT IS NOT FULLY CONSISTENT!

You don't see mass starvations in the EU and the USA though. Hell even in China obesity is already a problem

Poland Makes Tea

Poland Makes Tea

Renowned? Despite the accusations of white supremacism, I’m very flattered, Washington Post.

Get Me Hennimore

A sequel to Poland Washes the Dishes. Now with even more inspiration from .

The Washington Post: SHOCKING! Renowned Polandball Artist u/SJB95 Is a White Supremacist!

Ah, I see you are unfamiliar with southern us christian culture.

They like burning crosses, while dressed like spooky ghosts. Sometimes they invite their multi-ethnic neighbors over for a bbq......





My refined contest entry, which tied 2nd with u/paulionm!!

Austria is the Doctor.

Why is Austria there but not Denmark?

I thought Estonia was always a girl. But I dunno.

Greece does Employement

Greece does Employement

My attempt on replicating randomness of classic Polandball comic. Cheers to u/Eventt's works for influencing me on making this idea...

How can you burn an entire city with a toy? Discover next week, in a brand new episode of "Greek Adventures!"

Most Germans would've given Greece a medal rather than das boot for burning down Berlin.


Thus peace was brought upon earth

Thus peace was brought upon earth

This is one of the best things I've ever seen here because of the absolute amazing 5-star restaurant quality word salad.

"Holy splash splash is for molestings underage pillows"


Goddamn... poetry.

Are Polen and Swedistan having love of homosex?

2 wasn’t enough

3 could have caused a mutation

This was my contest entry for the most recent contest which ended 23th place. I thought I was going to get higher because a relevant artist appreciated it.

Nevertheless lots of good entries were submitted.

United we Fall, Alone we Stand

United we Fall, Alone we Stand

I want the Netherlands to sit on the back of the tandem. Otherwise I can't see anything.

Love contest entry. Had fun. Did meh. Eh.

EDIT: Since I tend to put all thought in the drawing and not on the script (this is not good, it is a disability ffs), for this I tried not to give any gender to the balls - no bows, no blushing etc. All affection is depicted by "body" contact and eye expressions and the cartoon hearts on Belarus and India-Bhutan (this one wasn't needed per se, but I wanted to do a "pseudosanscrit" style heart).

Title is a play on "United we stand, divided we fall" motto.

Mexico and Canada are supposed to look cute, in order to make US's rejection more incel-y.

Yes, these are piss bottles under the table.

If the CSA had won the Civil War, would the USA and the CSA be father-son friends, like the UK and the USA, or bitter rivals?

Jn the child seat

America's Admiration

America's Admiration

Almost thought it was Israel

oh america

We would never just give Israel oil.

We don't need their kosher rockets. We need them to buy our rockets and test them for us on the Palestinians. They just have to remember to do it in a way Saudi Arabia sees so the Saudis get jealous and buy just as many older versions of the same rockets.

My contest entry, ending on happy 27th place. Sadly, I, a horribly anti-romantic person, got much better idea for love comic right after the competition. Well, whatever.


The panel with statue toppling is a reference to toppling of Saddam Hussein statue in Baghdad.

It Shall Remain a Dream

It Shall Remain a Dream

Wow, the artwork in this comic is spectacular! I love especially how fluid the transitions are from one segment to the next

Contest entry for October 2018, The Feels of Love which got me 11th place

11th place

if only i had 3 more votes, i'd be at the top 10, but nooooooo. instead i got denied by the one and only u/hexcodeblue who i challenged to see who can beat each other.

Hex, you won that challenge, fair enough. but its only 3 votes, so you only won by a small margin. I shall continue fighting, for if I stop, it shall remain a dream

Aww poor esti, I want to cry my eyeballs out now :( Beautiful artwork, well done!

I really wish that the background colours formed the Estonian flag. Would make the whole thing even better. Stunning artwork nevertheless.

Surprising historical similarity...

Surprising historical similarity...

I love France just being germonies homie

France and Germany have been low key homies at a couple points in history. Even if they may drift apart they always come together in the end.

Another Greek denbt crisis joke, but this time, packed with a reference to the fourth crusade).


Enrico Dandolo did nothing wrong!

Don’t forget Italy and his imperium papa not paying Germanic mercenaries

History is gonna be repeated soon

Grosser Haus Plox

Grosser Haus Plox

Context: In WWII, Hitler's ultimate plan was called "Lebensraum" (translates to Living Space), in which he would conquer as much land as possible, and have ethnic Germans migrate there and reproduce, replacing the natives in that land, eradicating other "lesser races" and increasing the world Aryan population.

Soviet would like to know your location

Deny deny deny deny deny

You have subscribed to Fun Soviet Facts

Did you know... that the physical document that dissolved the Soviet Union is missing as of February 7, 2013?

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