PeopleFuckingDying peoplefuckingdying

siCK FuCk blenDs FIsH aLiVe

siCK FuCk blenDs FIsH aLiVe

why are they going in there? did they just see a space and go into it? I love them

This reminds me of finding nemo

No a sick fuck pushed them in there

my bad, should've read the title

tRaInED aSsaSiN kILls UsInG jUSt tWo WoRdS

tRaInED aSsaSiN kILls UsInG jUSt tWo WoRdS



NoT sAfE aT aLl

Yep, that sub is where it actually belongs. Pictures of text aren't allowed here (rule 3).

PeRsOn FucKiNg DiEs AfTeR rEaDiNg CoMmeNt

PeRsOn FucKiNg DiEs AfTeR rEaDiNg CoMmeNt

WhY is tHe - 20 wRitIng LiKe A saVaGE, How uNedUCAtEd

CaPiTaLiZaTiOn Is ImPoRtAnT! HoW eLsE cAn I tElL mY sToRy AbOuT tHaT tImE I hElPeD mY uNcLe JaCk oFf A hOrSe?


I HAVE pLAyEd BATtLefIeld SInCE Bf1942, And I HaVE StuDieD worlD wAr 2 SiNcE i wAS 5 years old. I mAjOreD in ecoNOmIcs at uCla WiTH A MINOR iN GerMAn STudIES, With a HEavy FoCus ON THe sECOnD WorLd wAR. TO caLL mE “uNEDUCatED” beCauSe I WANT A ReasoNAbLLY aUtheNtiC Game is cOmPletelY uNcAllEd for. WomeN dId Not Serve FOR ThE wEHrMacht Or THE WafFen ss. i aM bY nO MEANs A SexisT, BUt ANy QuicK sEArcH oNLInE oF femAlE RoleS DUriNG THe tHIrD rEIcH wILl rEVEAL ThaT hitLer’s AMbITioN for WomEn Was to REpRoDUcE aS MAnY cHiLdREn As possIbLE, in oRdER TO CREatE MorE “arYaN” PeoPle AND kEEP thE gErmaN MiLItaRY FuLL OF NEw SoldIeRs. havINg WOMEn on tHE FRONTLInES waS ThE Last thINg tHaT HITLER AND The NAzis wAnTeD. YoU kNOW What pATrick, MAYbE you ARE unEdUcaTeD. maybe yOu shOuLD do SomE rEseARCH ON WW2 AnD rEalIze ThAt tHe gamE yOU are CrEaTINg is a jOke. i Call On ALl oF YOu, do NoT buy THIS gAme. WE AS A CoMmunIty SHOUld not Be SubjeCTed to COmMeNts FroM EA DegRADInG US AS UnedUCAtEd bIGots, siMPLY FOr WANtiNG a gamE ThAt FEelS LIKe a WORLD WAR 2 shOoTEr. DiSGUsTED.

Calling me uneducated was the LAST STRAW

I have played Battlefield since BF1942, and I have studied World War 2 since I was 5 years old. I majored in Economics at UCLA with a minor in German Studies, with a heavy focus on the Second World War. To call me “uneducated” because I want a reasonablly authentic game is completely uncalled for. Women DID NOT serve for the Wehrmacht or the Waffen SS. I am by no means a sexist, but any quick search online of female roles during the Third Reich will reveal that Hitler’s ambition for women was to reproduce as many children as possible, in order to create more “Aryan” people and keep the German military full of new soldiers. Having women on the frontlines was the LAST thing that Hitler and the Nazis wanted. You know what Patrick, maybe YOU are uneducated. Maybe you should do some research on WW2 and realize that the game you are creating is a joke. I call on all of you, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. We as a community should not be subjected to comments from EA degrading us as uneducated bigots, simply for wanting a game that feels like a World War 2 shooter. Disgusted.

CaTS RiP ThE FlEsH oFf TheIR SisTer!(WaRNinG: sCrEamS!!!)

Whyyy this innocent kitty :3

Did you just assume his gender?

caT BRutAlLy mURdEreD ANd eAtEn bY A fUcKiNg DinOsAuR!!!

caT BRutAlLy mURdEreD ANd eAtEn bY A fUcKiNg DinOsAuR!!!

Dawn of the final day

The fall at the end is the cherry on top of the ice cream.

Can you blame him for jumping? I would have if I had to wear that against my will

wOmAn PoUrs SaCrEd WaTeR tO mAkE dOgGoS CoMmEnCe DeAtH RiTuAl

wOmAn PoUrs SaCrEd WaTeR tO mAkE dOgGoS CoMmEnCe DeAtH RiTuAl

Holy fuck that’s adorable

This is how dog worshipers summon Beelzepup.

This sharingan is too powerful

Scotties at some of the best good boys out there.

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