Is there any way to check your stats other than by attempting to use them?

Is there any way to check your stats other than by attempting to use them?

It's sort of a big problem, especially with training STR in a gym location. Attempt a feat too far above your level and you end up suffering huge debuffs, but too low and you don't gain any EXP at all. The only way I know of to avoid this is to take easy actions and gradually attempt harder ones. It would be awesome if I could just check my stats and jump right in to the grind...

The UI in this game is a joke, pretty much non-existent. Recently some high-level science users have been able to unlock some source code containing player's starting XP stats and characteristics. They called it DNA. Other than that, there's really no other way.

Fun fact, there are some players who figured out how to hack in and alter your stats with a tool they call "CRISPR". Code's super complicated, though, so it's hard to do.

Stat checking is a hidden skill tree. You actually get the exp from low skill feats it just gets reallocated into this skill tree. Unfortunately the reallocated exp has an undefined decay rate. So just keep trying until you can find your stats it's a grind but one that never really stops because stats aren't static.

Would it be altering your stats or altering those of a new player? Asking for a friend

"That Guy" build

"That Guy" build

I think most of us Human players are familiar enough with "That Guy". You know the type-the one who's tried to spec into a charisma-related class without getting the proper stats or skill point investment. While they've invested lots of points often times their naturally low charisma negates any benefit, or their skills synergize poorly or some combination of both happens.

While hopefully none of us are running "That Guy" builds, something about the whole combination has a "Morbid Fascination" aura that sadly, I am susceptible to.

So, in part because of this "Morbid Fascination" effect and in part to know what to avoid in a charisma-based build, what builds or skill combinations, in your opinion, often result in creating "That Guy"?

Edit: Any possible "Kevin" builds or build prerequisites (check /sub/storiesaboutkevin for tales of those builds in action) would also be welcome.

Low wisdom scores, I'd think....

Personally, I believe low intelligence scores may be another major factor...

In my opinion, it's often a combination of having one of many debuffs that lowers the "Self-Esteem" stat, and being in the process of speccing into Charisma. It's possible to eventually get enough Charisma points to get out of a "That Guy" build, but it usually takes until they're AT LEAST Level 20, sometimes they can't ever get enough because they give up and start spending points elsewhere.

It could be both, it could be one or the other. They work both very similarly, and very differently.

Wisdom, as far as social skill checks go, will help you know more of what not to say, than anything.

Where as intelligence will help you know more about the broader picture of the skill check itself. Including what speech options would work and what wouldn't, what particularly body language to have leveled and so on.

Either way, "That guy" seems to be an unfortunate trait more than a build. Or an accidental build at best. Cuz it mixes the worst of both worlds as far as the social aspect of wisdom and intelligence play.

And no one would purposely mix low wisdom and intelligence if they knew what they were doing. But really, how many players know what they're doing in this game?

Is a career worth it?

Is a career worth it?

I have seen a lot of players just sitting on the street with signs and players keep giving then free loot. It seems like it would be easier to that instead of grinding for days at a job.

Staying on the street doesn't get you enough money to get the higher level items. Also there's a high chance that other players will loot you. Try joining a crew

Guild. Join a guild, not a crew. While guilds typically require more higher skill levels, you get better gold/hr in the long run with greater tier progression in late game. Crews tend to involve more dangerous and risky activities that require a lot of grinding for not too great gold/hr.

Except they almost always have to deal with debuffs from not using enough consumables, because they can't get any.

High risk of account termination though. I don't mess with crews.

Lvl 18, crafted my first axe for a rp server

Lvl 18, crafted my first axe for a rp server

Are you gonna use it for PKing?

Dude PKing is banned. Don't make the mods mad.

Thats just a guild enforced rule, you wont get banned if no other players find out

Its pretty fucked up to do though. You get banned permanently after dying though. There have been rumors that you respawn (as a new character at level 0) some say you get to visit a different realm and play from there, evil players have their own realm and good players get their own as well. Who knows though, it's pretty much impossible to contact someone after they died

Secret Top Tier Build? How will this affect the Meta?

Secret Top Tier Build? How will this affect the Meta?

This is a fun video, but I don't see why you would ever want to cripple yourself out of the gate like this. Really, the build seems like a jack of all trades master of none. Condi damage sufficient for low level skirmishes and moderate armor just seem to make it susceptible to builds that fully specialize.

What this really seems to be is stubborness from the Australian server's players. The cane toad build has a large number of counters on its native servers, but the players on the australian servers just aren't used to playing against it. If more people in PvP got their heads out of their asses and adapted their playstyle, the cane toad build wouldn't even be talked about in serious competitive play.

Fair points, but every build has its counters. I think the fact that the toad has 50:50 or even favorable matchups against high tiers like rats, cats, and snakes while simultaneously holding down the jack of all trades versatility speaks to how well optimized the toad build is.

The cane toad was patched onto the Australian server in 1940. I don't know what the developers were thinking.

It was an attempted nerf to cane beetles, it just was shortsighted and ended up making the meta even less stable.

Player taunts mid fight. When will the devs let us taunt cancel?

Shoulda known when his I-frames ended...

What are you talking about? The devs have already made dance taunts really difficult to execute, why are you asking them to make it even more difficult? That player obviously meant to taunt, you can't fault the game for that.

Holy crap that player was way too cocky, clearly didnt realize the dex on the opponent.

You're still using buttons to play? Get with the current gen homie

Has anyone figured out a way to remove the [depression] status effect, or is it a permanent character nerf?

Has anyone figured out a way to remove the [depression] status effect, or is it a permanent character nerf?

It's making me want to ragequit. I won't because Some hidden mechanic is compelling me to complete my story mode missions. Also, some of my clan members might also get a temporary [depression] nerf as well, but that'll probably be accompanied by the [relief] secret buff, so idk. Another thing is my religion class says ragequitting is for noobs, and the manual says the Dev respawns players who ragequit in a really scary horror genre game called "Hell."

It would be really cool to get rid of the nerf without the .onDrugs mod (sometimes called potions), because I hate the differences between me and me.onDrugs.

I think it might be part of a disorder type skilltree, because a lot of the things it affects have to do with my [ADHD] cognition class, and my [social anxiety] status effect. Maybe if I manage to fix those, the [depression] status effect will despawn?

I'd like to believe that even if it's a permanent nerf, it can still be removed because of how OP the [human brain] item is, but my [human brain] item has yet to find or generate a solution scroll. I'm hoping someone else has one and would be willing to tell me what it says.

Maybe it's just a glitch and there's a good temporary workaround?

Thanks for your help.

For some characters it natural diminishes over time. Others seem to develop a resistance. Co op is also helpful.

Grinding six days a week on my [Cardio] and [Weightlifting] skill has helped remove that debuff for me. Wasn't the only thing but that helped more than anything else other than not taking this MMO so seriously.

Unfortunately the [Social Anxiety] status effect increases the difficulty of the "Find a co op partner" mission. I'm not sure if it's even in my story mode, to be honest.

You may find that the [depression] status/effect needs a combination of items for successful removal or negation. Don't rule out grinding [Exercise], [Therapy], and neglecting some aspects of the current MMO.

Also you may be surprised but in my experience many of your clan members may suffer [depression] long-term due to your ragequit.

It will be thirty-two years this September 15th since my best friend ragequit. I still miss him.

Casually Explained explains: Outside

Casually Explained explains: Outside

Unfortunately I bought the college DLC but didn't play it correctly and now just have this whole pile of debt and no mid game stats to show for it.

Pretty accurate review tbh.

"it's not a bug, it's a feature."

I'd give it at most 3/10, and I don't want to play anymore, but I feel compelled to due to guild mates. Giant waste of time.

Helicopter animations are broken

Helicopter animations are broken

Aha.. see, this is proof the helicopter manufacturers like Bell and Sikorsky are trying to screw everyone over with those $4 million price tags. You don't need all those complicated rotor systems, engines, etc when all you need is an $800 levitation pack from Area 51 in the housing.

We need to improve the game for new solo players.

We need to improve the game for new solo players.

So I had been playing co-op with this girl for about 3 years, but suddenly she decided to join someone else's server and has been playing with him, now since I only played with this girl, I didn't really get a chance to spend time in other parties. I have browsed some servers but usually they are password protected and doesn't seem like anyone wants to play with me. I have tried LFG's but I tend not to get picked because of my lack of experience in endgame content, therefore I don't have many good resources to offer. I wonder if there is any good sherpas out there that are kind hearted enough to take me under their wing and maybe find me a good replacement co-op partner.

Change your settings to low sensitivity and lower the graphics. That will allow more players to join your game.

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