UPDATE: Thanks for some of the tips, guys! We fixed her, and you may have saved a life.

Wow. A follow up?! Nice!

we finally did it reddit, we solved a problem!

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I love you guys

Sounds like safety

Sounds like safety

I chuckled a bit like an idiot.

Now THIS is the quality shit I subbed for

Under the OSHA

Under the OSHA

Darling it's better

Down where it's safer

Take it from me

gotta admit it, me too

Our school trying to teach us lab safety.

Our school trying to teach us lab safety.

Wow this is fantastic advice

Web design straight outta 1995

I trained for this!

I'm glad the cat wasn't an asshole, I imagined it moving over like 3 feet once the cones were placed

wasn't an asshole


sits in the middle of the pavement giving zero fucks


Super cute! The cones are protecting the pedestrians more so than the cat.

also thinking No safety vest, no composite/steel toed shoes. That’s unsafe.........and a write up.

"I'm not in danger, I am the danger."

Always Remember to Secure Vehicles When in Transit

Always Remember to Secure Vehicles When in Transit

What's wron-oh, what the fuck how can you even, fucks sake these people are the reasons we have a milk warning on milk.

Self-tightening system, gets tighter every turn and even ends up taking the slack out of your wheel bearings.

"Warning, contains milk"

Much like the nut warning on nut packets.

I’m of the opinion we should just remove warning labels and let things sort themselves out. This would qualify.

This was being used to tow a kubota backhoe. 5,500-9,500 lbs.

This was being used to tow a kubota backhoe. 5,500-9,500 lbs.

I dont have a whole lot of faith in those welds either.

How far was it being towed? If this was just go get it across the yard or to the far end of a worksite then it's not too bad... if this was on a public road I'd be worried about where else your boss might cut corners...

Across town. He is not normally like this though.

Isn't part of the longer one breaking away above the left diamond already?

Please don't hit Bob

Please don't hit Bob

Does Bob.... build things?

At least he’s wearing orange I hear it makes it easier to see and hit your target

Fire up the Kiln!

So I tell this story fairly often but never on Reddit. I regularly fire kilns to upward of 2400 degrees Fahrenheit and always wear proper attire...anymore. In my early days I wasn’t wearing gloves firing a woodkiln for an 8hr shift. During that time I drank about 12 beers, you know, to stay hydrated. Anyways while checking the temperature I didn’t quite get the brick back in the kiln fully, and as it fell,

I instinctively tried to catch it.

Well I caught it alright, hot face down in my palm. As I’m hollering in agony, the guy at the kiln next to me strolls over, pulls my hand out of the cooler of ice I had shoved my hand in, and squeezed a mountain of yellow mustard onto the burn. Before the confusion was able to set in, before I could curse him for such an insane act, the pain dulled to almost nothing. He told me it was an old glassblowers trick he learned doing something similar to what I had just done. To this day, I put mustard packs in all my first aid kits.

I don't believe this is real but I'm going to remember it at some point and be covered in bloody mustard

Oh hey, Satan.

And that's when u/spookyturds plan will have come to roost.

Does Willy Wonka belong here??

Does Willy Wonka belong here??

NO, last time it came around it was reposted so much they blew up his factory

BTW if captainsparklez sees this Hi. How do you do ?

Nah its good ill just get under this 50 ton unit

Nah its good ill just get under this 50 ton unit

They always told us it was a 50 ton lol I had no idea they meant air behind that, I guess thats why I work on the floor with everyone else

Tonnage is not referring to the actual weight of the unit but how much heat the AC unit can remove in an hour.

From the looks of it it’s an A/C unit. The 50 ton portion in the tittle is the size/capacity of the unit not an actual weight however if it falls he’s dead.

50 tons? that thing nearly solid?

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