rEmoved-Stop Button

rEmoved-Stop Button

"Did you press the stop button"?

As someone who works with machines with E-Stops, this should automatically cause an E-Stop condition.

That's what I was thinking. Aren't they usually normally closed, and open when you press them?

The 200 lb gorilla that fuckered the e-stop button.

Ventilated so they won’t fog while spraying caustic chemicals. Get yours today while supplies last!

Ventilated so they won’t fog while spraying caustic chemicals. Get yours today while supplies last!

Combined with squints these should stop about 90% of the shit that can fucking blind you.

I took them off of an employee who was wearing them while spraying caustic chemical.

And that’s what they were given. Some people don’t comply by the rules and like to drill holes in their glasses

Did you drill holes in this to make A Reddit post? Or are you making some kind of Halloween costume for your kid?

I stand corrected. My lord!!

You have to feel for it ...

You have to feel for it ...

You can touch an outlet as much as you want, nothing's going to happen unless it's super faulty.

I don't really see the OSHA here.

I have literally never seen this in my entire life so it’s obviously not that common...

With your tongue!

It’s on the front page because it’s uncommon

At a warehouse on a pier

At a warehouse on a pier

Looks like a dope zombie movie set

Can't afford a padlock? Park the forklift up against the inside of the door to prevent ramraids

Especially during regular business hours. Also, preferably while the building is near it's maximum occupancy.

Perfectly positioned at head height. Good job.

Counter-balance solved.

Counter-balance solved.

What could go wrong?!

Tied for first along with "this is completely safe, why'd you post it?" for official motto of /sub/osha.


Not safe for work, Gore:

(yes, it's the lady that got crushed)

More like what could go right. Even if your standard small miracle occurs, and there are no amputations or crush injuries ...

The black thing they are kneeling on is a steel mesh cover for the radiator. It's not exactly sturdy, wanna know why? Because the engineers talked about it and decided, "Nah, nobody is that fucking stupid."

Edit: Full disclosure, I was this fucking stupid as an apprentice. Back of forklift was bouncing, so I thought I would help. The journeyman I was training under caught me in the act. It was not excellent. In fact that entire day was not fun at all.

The more you look the better it gets.

The more you look the better it gets.

It's alright tho. It belongs to the boss.

You don't need to worry about not being able to open the door on the other side because a large timber crate had been placed in front of it.

First aid kit looks stocked.

It's leaning there because the safety door keeps swinging open.

It says something and “obstruct” but I can’t read it because there’s an obstruction.

They also had 3 jumper wires to bypass the thermal sensor.

They also had 3 jumper wires to bypass the thermal sensor.

Thankfully not, this was inside, no connected grounds, running through rusted conduit, into a junction box (which was so poorly sealed there was corn meal and bees wings in there). When we were tracing the wiring back to the junction we found that the wires had caught fire, remained in contact, and were arcing and lighting the wings and meal on fire. "But we can't afford to shut this leg down, you'll have to re-junction it live."

Probably outside as well.

"Because we can't put a price on human life, you'll have to find another contractor."

Should 20 cover it.

Or is that to much?

Just wow.

Just wow.

I mean, 10/10 for effort

Could use a lockout tag hanging off the screwdriver

It blew because he sprayed it with water, and this is how they are getting it to stay on. Its for an exhaust fan.

You got me boss. All i know is it worked, then He took a pressure washer to the whole thing, now it keeps tripping.

Firefighter Air Walk

That’s a strong dude

Not as strong as the dude at the top who is holding that ladder.

How’s he gonna put out fires with all this HEAT?

He is attached to the ladder right?

This is awesome and I felt it needed to be shared here

It’s good to see that excavator putting its toys away when it’s done playing with them. It was taught well by its parents.

That's how it's done properly, so no OSHA violation there...

It is cool though.

NOOO!!!! The hardhats must stay on!!!!

You see son, when a Cat loves a Deere...

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