When you smoke DMT the machine elves quote black crime statistics

When you smoke DMT the machine elves quote black crime statistics

The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that blacks aren't people.

Terence looked like the Unabomber


Fallout Cumia

Fallout Cumia

Fuck it. 5,000 caps to the guy who can shut down this sub

it amazes me that you spend valuable time and effort towards entertaining such a small minority of nobodies... you are what others here should strive to be.

So this is what it feels like to be part of the golden age of something.

Please no one tweet this at him. Wouldnt want to hurt poor nanas feelings

fucking retard fell for fake bill burr account i made..

fucking retard fell for fake bill burr account i made..

he actually @'d at the real billburr account lolll..

milk tits realised that wouldn't happen in a million years and deleted his tweet

Someone just got added to the power rankings.

Great job

Keith And Anthony Are Scumbag Fucks Who Sabotaged Artie From The Beginning (Inside Info Inside)

Keith And Anthony Are Scumbag Fucks Who Sabotaged Artie From The Beginning (Inside Info Inside)

Today, Keith fired Artie in a lounge area of a hospital. “Fired” is technically what happened, but Artie wanted out for months now. He just needed the money (for obvious reasons) and thats why he did not leave Compound Media after his return in January. That is also why Artie never bothered showing any effort in improving the quality of the show. So here is why Keith and Ant are absolute scumbags:

In Artie’s “agreement” with CM, he was going to get pay increases for subscribers gained milestones. The starting point for subscriber numbers was set for August 21st 2017 (the announcement day). Apparently, a short time after the show started (not exactly clear) Artie learned that Anthony and Keith told Grillo (formerly of Howard Stern and working for Radar Online at the time) to leak the info in Radar Online. There were articles confirming Artie Lange as the new co-host over two weeks before the official announcement. This was a tactic to get hardcore Artie fans to subscribe and not have to contribute them to Artie. Again, exact details of times or exactly how Artie found out are unknown to me, but Artie suspected it from before the announcement when he asked Keith/Anthony to not let any more details out and they went ahead and announced way early that the guests for the announcement show were Norton, Ron B and Artie. This all but confirmed Artie because anyone with a brain knew Norton and Ron were under contract with SiriusXM.

Only a week after The first AA show, Gavin announced he is leaving. Artie does not know for sure that CM knew of Gavin leaving soon, but believes that is the case 100%. The problem that Artie has, is that he feels he was lied to when the Gavin leaving news was told to him like it was a big surprise out of nowhere. Apparently, Anthony even fucked up and let that out on the AA show. The AA show the day of Gavin announcing he was leaving, Anthony said it was a “shock.” Then on some future AA show a few months later, Anthony was talking about his close relationship with Gavin and their night time texts, and let out that Gavin was very open with him about his negotiations with CRTV and they remain close friends. Again, the subscriber numbers Artie was concerned about were inflated. He feels the right thing to do was to have Gavin leave before his announcement.

Finally, Artie had problems with Keith being pretty cheap when it came time to pay. Artie was not paid for shows he missed. He said he was aware of that being the case, but was shocked when they enforced it the first show he missed. He thought it was sort of a technical thing so that CM wouldn’t be on the hook if he missed a bunch of time for medical. He does concede that he fucked up and missed way too much time and he says he would not of even accepted the money if Keith and CM were obligated to pay him for it. He also recalled a funny couple times where Keith shorted him on his paycheck and how Keith would break down by the hour why his paycheck was what it was. He mentioned the number $3500 while telling this, but Im not sure if that was Keith shorting him or what he was supposed to get. He was just making jokes.

Finally, Artie felt that he was always a guest on “The Anthony Cumia Show” on his own show. He had no input on guests but expected bigger guests. He had no input on the show structure and felt disrespected that Anthony insisted on opening the show and announcing Artie was there even though it was his show too. He said that was the only show related topic Anthony ever discussed with him. He had no part it hiring Dave Landau. Part of this is Anthony demanding he be the show’s “lead” and part is because Artie just didn’t give a fuck after a month or so. He just wanted that paycheck.

In closing. Artie really doesn’t give a fuck. He is aware he fucked up, but is actually kind of glad it is over because he was fucking up out of spite. He said he did actually put in the effort to fix everything when he returned from his jail/hospital extended leave. He did not say why he stopped trying again after that, I assume it is drugs.

TL;DR: Keith and Anthony inflated CM sub numbers so that they would only have to pay Artie if his signing was an astounding success. In the end, none of it really mattered because it was not, but Artie still knows they are scumbags.

Rich Vos will be at Chucky's in Manchester New Hampshire on May 17th

Hold on, let me scroll to the bottom of this post first to make sure there's no "peckahs" or a reference to Lamar.

edit: I read the post and it definitely sounds real enough to be true. I believe it.

Of course Artie could have foiled this plan by showing up every day, being funny and basically upstaging Anthony to the point where the leverage swung his way, however he did not do that. So now if Artie tries to take any swipes at Anthony, Ant can play the "hey we did all we could for the unreliable junkie and hired him when no one else would" card and Artie has no plausible retort. If Artie had killed and generated subs he could always lord that over Anthony but he blew it, of course.

Assuming all of this is true, Artie has a lot of legitimate gripes.

What's not legitimate is getting mad about getting "shorted" on his pay check. IT'S A TWO HOUR SHOW! At 4PM! How hard is it to show up on time? And how can you be mad at getting paid a prorated portion of your salary for lateness or missed shows?

Big Surprise.....Artie Out At Compound Media

Big Surprise.....Artie Out At Compound Media

Paid a visit to @artiequitter. He didn't answer the door so we're taking him off of the show. @LandauDave was hanging around the studio with nothing better to do so we gave him the spot temporarily. We can't believe Artie blindsided us like this. He's a drug fiend with an enlarged heart.

Lol dave landau is worthless.

Does that mean the sub price will go back down? Lol

You can watch this train wreck live for only $9 a month!

The Many Races of Anthony Cumia

The Many Races of Anthony Cumia
Liberian - https://i.imgur.com/patU4Vv.jpg

Transylvanian - https://i.imgur.com/NFKXNoI.jpg

Easter Islander - https://i.imgur.com/P6P1wDp.jpg

Liberian -

Transylvanian - https://i.imgur.com/NFKXNoI.jpg

Easter Islander - https://i.imgur.com/P6P1wDp.jpg


I vant to suck yourrr dick!

Someone else here said he likes like a Columbian Jazz musician from 1992 in that first pic. I thought that was pretty accurate.

Norton baby boy'd me in DM for making fun of his diva behavior & other character flaws

Norton baby boy'd me in DM for making fun of his diva behavior & other character flaws

baby boy

This queer truly thinks this line actually bothers people. You take it up the ass from a large White man, Jim.

calls people baby boy afraid of mike's hard lemonade

Yesterday on the show he was talking about twitter trolls hiding behind fake names and he said something to the effect of "even people who use their real names are annoying. Fuck them." So he admitted his own stupid argument is retarded by proxy.

He always calls people he's arguing with 'sweetie'. He's so fucking emasculated he thinks everyone gets as offended at having their sexuality questioned as he would.

I hope Gene Pontecorvo bottles him.

More lack of self awareness from Anthony

More lack of self awareness from Anthony

Here's Anthony's idea of show prep:

- Rant about the coloureds for an hour - Fake laugh at Artie's repeated stories - Make Goodfellas and Raging Bull references - End credits

Great show, faggot.

Hey, Anthony preps for his show, he just has such a doggone good time with Artie that he never gets to it. Who needs structure when the jokes are a-flying? HAHA HOLY SHIT!!!!

You forgot about the majority of his show content, reviewing his tweets from the night before.

So I was on twitter last night and this cunt black bitch single mother tweeted that someone was a racist. So I tweeted her saying black people say the N word all the time why can't I? Then she calls ME a racist HA HA HA HOLY SHIT. So I show her a Kayne West tweet that's more racist than what I said but he's black so he gets away with it HA HA HA...Then some fucking ASSHOLE REDDIT LOSER IN HIS MOM'S BASEMENT WHO HAS NO LIFE OUTSIDE OF THE O&A SHOW says I fucked Sue Lightning, I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THAT SWEET GIRL IS HA HA HO..So anyway I blocked him and said BACK TO OBSCURITY WITH YOU AND YOUR 9 FOLLOWERS. So then I see fucking more libtards tweeting about black crime without quoting FBI statistics \sips vodka* then Joe tweets a picture of an ape HA HA HA HO-LEE fucking losers.*

In all seriousness, I think Ant is a bit jealous that someone will still actually hire Opie. Odds are Opie is getting more clicks than compound media, and that hurts Ant's ego.

I'm so hung over I just tried to use my garage opener to pay for my groceries LMAO

I'm so hung over I just tried to use my garage opener to pay for my groceries LMAO

Reminder: Jim Norton will tell you with a straight face & lots of arm flailing that she's GENUINELY FUNNY, NO REALLY, I GENUINELY MEAN THAT, I'M BEING GENUINE!

that mouth is meant to service dicks not talk

”Dude, I would tell ‘ya if I wasn’t being genuine. I really would.”

I'm so hungover I just hit and run an infant

Danny Levison

Danny Levison

Ant lurking in the background

You're flat!

You can’t even hold a note. Who the fuck are you? WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!??

That is one of the best videos too, if you just search "Jewish man yells at musician" you can't miss it.

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