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Snake played by AI

Snake played by AI

Even knowing it was an AI the stress was real >.>

Where the hell did you get the "AI" part? This been posted several times before. Four years in this case:


This is the first time I've seen the claim of it being played by an AI.

'Your princess is in another castle'

It brought back memories of playing it on my old Nokia during breaks at work...so much anxiety.

Staying inside the lines while coloring something

Staying inside the lines while coloring something

But what is the end product? Can you eat it?

Does this sub not care about blatant reposting??

I think you can compare it to a glass of water which is too full. It will raise higher than the actual glass, but doesn't spill. It has to do with the tension between the molecules of the liquid (hydrogen bonds). Only when at one point the bond is broken, hell breaks loose and it will spill. Chemistry lesson was a long time ago so can't give more details about how the bonding works :x

Can anyone tell me why this happens?

I'm assuming something to do with the different chemicals or thickness of chemicals used or some kind of negative attractiion

The way its being effortlessly applied (I don't mean the work of art is effortless) it's like the person believes and knows for sure it won't go out the lines

Again, again!

Repost from a few days ago

Within the same sub?

That is how content spreads young padawan!

I mean yeah. Let's say I did not see this and I like it so I share it? Then the group I shared to half of them did not see it so they share and so on and so forth.

Dirty seats

Dirty seats

When you think it's cleaned and he goes over it again and it gets cleaner.

Where can you get one of those things? Uh, asking for a friend.

Harbor freight probably has a cheap one, its just a scrubby brush on a shank that chucks into a power drill. Home Depot or Lowe's or Ace should have an option of some sort

I’ve been subbed for like 2 weeks. This is at least the second or third time this one is posted.

Thought this deserved to be on here

Thought this deserved to be on here

Yet I can’t get my friends and I to clap at the same time with a countdown...

What happens at 0?

Where’s the explosion?

It’s like a little ant countdown.

Tree falling perfectly between two structures

That guy was happy!

Anybody can cut down a tree. You pay that guy so he makes it fall where you want it to...

If it's not, this should be an event at lumberjack competitions

Or you find an arborist that will remove it properly, piece by piece from the top.

The way these cables are set up.

The way these cables are set up.


It’s like a circuit board. This is amazing. Props to the guy who set that up.

Why not?


This might belong here

This might belong here

4 guys in a pool playing with their balls screaming "no homo" seems legit. I'd pay for the x rated version.

Ha ha, that guy has blue balls!

So what's green's number? Asking for a friend.

so many questions

This piece of graffiti

This piece of graffiti

Oddly calming too

The job site I've been on for the last year and a half has a train track running the length of it.

Some of the graffiti art on the rail cars is absolutely amazing. I hope these artists find success.

Some really weird perspective stuff going on here with the lines of the graffiti, and the retaining wall looking like it's shooting out toward the viewer, but it actually is getting taller not closer the further right you look. The illusion of the wall being smaller because it's far away makes it seem like the graf would only have these perfect waves from this angle. Is anyone else seeing this?

Looks like a skating rink

This illustration of parallel parking of a car.

This illustration of parallel parking of a car.

This gif is what, 40 seconds long? That's 39.5 seconds of infuriated honking from behind

I saw this a while back, and lets just say I could finally parallel park after being a licensed driver for 5 years.. I need clear-cut visuals to learn things.

Haha yep. And I feel like parallel parking is only really necessary with a bigger vehicle or a tight squeeze. Usually I can just zip right in without having to reverse into the spot.

I’m from Seattle you have to get a little more creative then that. But it’s good most people can’t do it at all.

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