Oddlysatisfying oddlysatisfying

This cool machine resembling a man walking

Well you can tell by the way i use my walk

I'm a group of dots, just lights on rods

Why is it called "study for fifteen points" if there are only 14 lights?

Based on when this reply was written, you either took 10-20 minutes to come up with that or you are just super quick with your wit. Either way, I love this

Actually i have a folder of terabytes of .doc files of Beegees parody lyrics that I just wait for a gif that I can use them with

This street vendor prepping his biscuits

I imagine when his house gets messy he just tosses everything back into place.


You carry the 1.

I'm sure there's some amazing and complex math going on in there somewhere.

Please,someone explain this.

Dried glue being pulled from brush

This guy is really into pulling glue off a silicone brush...


Consider me oddly satisfied

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This aquarium is just....

it's actually sand.

How did they make the waterfall?

Seems to be sand. Use water current to carry it to the top? Better guess would be they are a wizard

This lone tree and the curvy snow waves

This lone tree and the curvy snow waves

All the butts and boobs

Location: Jasper National Park Alberta, Canada. Photo: Victor Liu.


Glad I'm not the only one who was thinking this.

Plotter goodness

Plotter goodness

That looks super interesting...

...what is it?

It is because of an uneventful weekend.

These are randomly generated partitions of a rectangle, plotted using an AxiDraw V3 drawing machine :) Finished work can be found here: https://twitter.com/kgolid/status/972846018076250112?s=21


Why is it?

Manufacturing of box matches.

This is not satisfying. Matches flying every where

I really want to eat the red liquid

Yeah, I was just wondering how that place hasn't gone up in flames with all the matches flying everywhere.

Clearly these aren't Strike-Anywhere... The factory would be a smoking crater if they were.

The wake from this cruise ship

The wake from this cruise ship

The ocean reminds me of some kind of wrapping paper

It looks like leather!

Same, it's so fucking perfect

Leather couch I’m pretty sure.

The texture of lava

The texture of lava

touch it

eat it

What texture pack are you using?

On my bucket list to see lava this close. Great picture.

Completing the artwork made of stacked crayons

Completing the artwork made of stacked crayons


This was easily the most painful example of a gif that ends too soon in my experience.

Didn’t even finish the final row...

The final picture

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