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Peeling tree bark

Peeling tree bark

"if you peel the bark at the right time, the outer bark is loose, flexible, and unrolls easily leaving the inner bark attached to the wood to protect the tree and continue growing." - Source

This should be marked as NSFW for nudity.

Anybody else kinda see a giant blunt?


this is what I came to find out. Thanks for the share OP.

Saw this oddly satisfying tattoo on r/tattoos

Saw this oddly satisfying tattoo on r/tattoos

The things I can do with my Spirograph!

Original post by u/0ooopz

It’s a cool pattern but the ultimate look is arms covered in lace pantyhose.

Not a fan. Too many different patterns for my taste, and it isn't symmetrical - the arms do not have the same patterns. That said, the execution is pretty damn good.

Edit: his forearms, which you can't see in this picture are actually my favorite parts.

Edit 2: there are actually spots of inconsistent line work within pattern sets. Also, the shadows on the bottom of the center should be symmetrical but are not.

I am still highly impressed. But from reading about this, the tattoos were done at a private, world-renown shop that specializes in geometric line work. Based on that, you'd expect all of the line work and shapes to be damn near perfect all the way throughout. Looks sick as fuck as long as you don't look too close for too long lol.

This candy cart in Mexico.

This candy cart in Mexico.

Not knocking the pic, but maybe "snack cart" is a better term. They have candy, nuts, and fruits on the cart.

I like the spicy things, the homemade chips with hot sauce, the pumpkin seeds... ah, all good stuff...

And the crystallized fruit... Oh, that shit is pure awesome!

One of each please.

Generic gringo comment: Eeeww, germs!

I'm sorry, guys, but if you get sick in another country is because your immune system is a pussy, stop eating at McDonalds, prepackaged produce or premade meals

This doesn't look human.

This doesn't look human.

Think that would be a neat tattoo

no. it looks like ink


Looks like a pen and paper to me ( I feel dumb saying that but I had to)

What did they write down? I've never seen such phrase before

The way this lighter finishes this picture

The way this lighter finishes this picture

This was /sub/unexpected I thought it was black powder and would burn the image into the canvas.

See kids, smoking kills

An easy way to become a skeleton sign me up

Paging /sub/blackmagicfuckery

Dog drinking water in slow motion.

Dog drinking water in slow motion.

Why bother with their tongue, if they're just going to bite the water anyway?

Next time you're at a drinking fountain try just biting the water

They're tongue curls backwards!!!

Yes I also have eyes

Smooth moves

I was actually going to embarrass myself and call bullshit on this heely wearing mothertrucker. But he’s actually smooth as fuck. Those aren’t wheels guys, they’re skills.

I can’t do that

Wonder if M.J (singer) could do that if he was still alive.

My wife was just telling me about this just another day... it was beautiful.

She made me see how wonderful artists can be... and how they show us portals.

Nice meeting you guys. Hope it makes some sense.

I mean, I can keep editing this one for days and days... and maybe i´m just a little more anxious that general, but sometimes i get this urge to put it out of my chest...


Light through the stained glass at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Light through the stained glass at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain

Did you get to take the elevator to the top? It's a great view inside, and a great view of the city too.

One of the best cities on earth.

What time of the day does this occur?

The way he inks his sketches (credit to artist: DevinSailors)

The way he inks his sketches (credit to artist: DevinSailors)

Oh yeah... that’s the good stuff

You're just going to post a video that abruptly stops on oddly satisfying??

It's not tracing. He adds depth and shading to give the image more definition. Only then does the drawing truly take shape.

Fuckin hell. He could ink my sketches any time, and I’m straight 😘

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