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Not what I expected...

Not what I expected...

I have no idea but I originally thought this would end with a death wobble. That guy has some serious balls and skills.

The driver of the car he jumped over probably shit his pants

How fast was he going??

To...check the time? Or for fashion? Are you a robot?

Send it .

Send it .

It’s just like Pokémon

I see I'm not the only one who invested in the acro bike.

I was thinking the same: it’s similar to the routes near Fortree City

Now do it on the expert level path that's closer to the camera

Always persevere

Always persevere

Hardcore barkour

It's nice until you realize someone is filming the pupper and not helping it.

Holy hell that is inspiring.

The Bark Knight Rises

Semi driver deals with a close call


Person in black car "That trucker is driving like an idiot!"

Almost dies, doesn’t even pull over to think what just happened

Well the shit's not gonna deliver itself

Oh wow.

His reaction lol

Later the poster of the video said after calling the police they decided it was the drivers fault and the insurance took care of everything. He didn't mean to break the window.

He just ruined any case he might have had by that small bit of assault lmao

I had the exact same thing happen to me except I was turning left at a light and the car that hit me was turn left onto the road I was waiting at. I was so familiar with the street that I did not even pull up to the white line because people constantly would cut into the right lane. Completely crushed the front of my bike and the driver drove off. Fortunately some witnesses got his tag and he was caught later.

Didn’t expect it to go ok...

Didn’t expect it to go ok...

His legs on the way back... someone needs to call an exorcist

ah, i see these were the prototype droidekas.

imagine seeing this at night in your hallway


Skateboard to Skateboard

gods are among us

Slo mo pro fo sho

I would break every bone in my face and upper body I’m thinking

I gave it a shot.

He might have picked the wrong house

if someone were to translate those red characters, would it say "staged"?

I reccognized that fake fall from watching the world cup

Anyone with a dog, especially one that would attack a stranger in your home, would be going crazy before the woman walked out.

I know this is fake because there is no justice in the world.



That's got to be the best pirate I've ever seen

Did not expect them to get on the boat.

They are the captain now

This is a common occurrence here in Kolkata too. The manual row boaters latch/tether to a ferry for faster transportation. Sometimes the ferry workers help too

Football player saved by other player

Football player saved by other player

This is sportsmanship

this makes me happy

That should be a negative yellow card.

Salomon Rondon seems like such a nice guy.

I think he broke someone's leg in a match last season (James McCarthy?) and was really tore up about it to the point of crying and apologising profusely.

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