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never give up.

i like how he was hitting her vertically, like that'll knock her off lol

God damn. No mercy.

You have 4 downvotes delete dis

When I get downvoted I feel like I said some dumb shit and I get embarrassed, I’m not obsessed with upvotes, just stupidely insecure



More like Urugay

Second, Uruguay was first.

Excuse me, what sub is this?

Got em

Low battery drone auto landing

Low battery drone auto landing

This could be one of the most suspenseful gifs I’ve seen on this subreddit.

That was clutched.

I was like "Wait, I can't see the drone anywh..." Then it hit me that I might be a bit of a moron. :[

There are countless videos just like this, which were forever lost to humankind because the owner thought “oh well, I’ll never stop that landing in the water”.

Engineers in the Making!

Engineers in the Making!

Where's the no?

This is a shitty attempt at a karma grab. This post in no way fits this sub and should be downvoted for that.

It's a cool video, but it in no way belongs here.

We did this in high school and I couldn't get my parachute to deploy.

So sad to see what has happened to NASA after the funding left...

He doesnt care , he just wants to get wet

He doesnt care , he just wants to get wet

Those headphones tho

I don’t mind. That guy can have my tax dollars.

Go to /sub/mademesmile :)

I work with adults with special needs and I can tell you two certainties I’ve learned over the past decade, if the headphones aren’t already busted then they will be and don’t worry your tax dollars will replace them asap.

Bus (35 ton) Ignores Weight Limit on Bridge (10 ton)

That bridge has now likely suffered permanent structural damage. The limit isn't just there to stop /you/ from breaking the bridge, it's there to make sure your heavy vehicle doesn't damage the bridge to the point where, over time, it collapses

This is Beavertown, Arkansas just outside of Eureka Springs. That was the second bus to cross after the first went across bystanders started recording. Because the weight limit of the bridge and the windy curvy roads on the other side of the bridge the busses are not supposed to take that route. I live in the next town over and it’s kind of the talk of the community ,small town we don’t have much to talk about.

The town should sue the bus company for the cost of bridge repairs. Let's see how many millions of dollars they wasted saving a few minutes and a couple of dollars worth of fuel.

That's the 2nd bus to cross? You mean he saw another bus cross it, bending the bridge like that, realizing this might not be the safest thing to do, and then just said "nah, screw it yolo" and went for it?

Edit: bending, not mending

Bouncer attacks man who enters the bar with a gun

Uhhh, Becky, were gonna need you to turn in that security shirt. You’re washing the glasses from now on.

Thank god that Man-Bear was ready. From calm, to confusion, then full on rage in about two seconds.

She's security, not a cop. She's not trained or paid well enough to take a bullet.

Security woman: "fuck this I'm out"

Bouncer: "night night mother fucker"

Gun guy: (2weeks later) "I still taste elbow"

Looks like the guy got a shot off there, hope bouncer dude wasn't injured...



It's the thrill of getting to the ball first, not the actual ball itself.

"ahhhhh fuck.. a kid.. here you go.."

Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa

Here take it

He just made that little kids day. Well played.

Saving a boy from fall

Saving a boy from fall

Damn that guy scaled that building like it was his job

I'm more impressed with how long the boy was able to hold on.

Adrenaline is a hell of a drug. His arms probably hurt for a few days after that.

in the fist place, how the fuck did that boy end up hanging of the wall

Oh deer...

Oh deer...

There’s no YES here. That deer got decimated. Poor thing.

But the biker didn't get hit by a flying deer...


There’s no yes here. Now I’m sad:(

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