God damn, this dude's got what I assume is cerebral palsy and is buffer than I will ever be and I have no excuse. I'm gonna go eat my feelings some more and not make any strides toward improving myself because I'm self-aware enough to know that shame just sends me spiraling anyway.

Aww you can improve! Its hard to both go easy on yourself and stay motivated though

he's really good looking too. This may come off as rude or insensitive but I wonder what his life would have been had he not been physically disabled.

still sucks to be disabled though

Kid takes a punch like a champ! Because stuntman dad taught him well!

Still makes me very uncomfortable.

Is this really a stunt or just child abuse, find out next time on Total Drama Island

I had to watch it a good 30-40 times before I realised Dads left arm was doing much of the "reaction" work, felt much better once I noticed it.

Relax, it was his wife in the background, punching their daughter.

An interesting title

An interesting title

I got it done, and that's all that matters.

I like to think he shut the cage with his tail.

Now this is crate training.

The end justifies the means

If you're gonna do something, do it right.

Unburnt magnesium, unburnt gunpowder, paper, soot/ash. Other heavy metals they put in for color.

Don't set off flares, or things which look like flares, at the coast, unless you actually are a ship in distress, or have prearranged it with the coast guard.

What exactly is he launching? Looks to me like something for a fireworks display but I don't much about pyrotechnics.

Also looks to me like fun!

Roman candles I believe

Hiding from the police

It's fake. It's been posted around reddit before and it turns out the guy is green screened in. The corner is empty in the original. It's also why the static of the camera in that area freezes once the police enter.

I was thinking it might be fake because what group of cops would search one particular corner of a room but not any others. They didn't even head in that direction.

This is a known fake

If anyone still thinks this is real, just Look at the top of the door when the guy comes in



Nailed it.

I propose an automatic and permanent ban for the next person to post the picture of shopping cart child seat instructions to this sub. The username should then be placed on a stake at the top of the sub for all to see as a warning. I'd also propose that all known associates as well as current and future family be banned. In addition, all those upvoting should be temporarily banned and given two strikes in a new three strike policy leading to a similar fate.


It’s missing an extra no but close enough


Jumping the gate

Jumping the gate


Expected him to jump over it, but this is oh so much better


That nose lick is equivalent to a wink. “Yeah I did it”


That butcher is a mannequin.

Not shown - woman then knocks the table over, the whole thing goes 360 and lands back upright with all the meat stacked neatly on the metal dish on the floor.

because angry woman was angry and there was supposed to happen something

I just sell cow, now dealing with them.

Close call

Close call

Prehistoric dinosaurs reposted this


The Matrix, Child Edition.

With a Zune.

holy crap that could have been bad

That almost became a Final Destination death.

Just in case, these pipes are grounded diagonally at like a 45-70 degree angle to do sliding/grinding tricks like what was shown at the end.

Would've hurt to fall on but it wouldn't have impaled him like it looks on the first glance.

More like Shaun of the Dead. That girl in the garden...

Yea, it wouldn't have impaled him, but if he hadn't caught himself it could've easily have broken some ribs, which may have been able to puncture a lung.

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