Did you feed your furniture today?

Don't want the furniture to get hungry now do we?


It’s an antique.

Blooming Friendships

Blooming Friendships

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Vacation picture from Desert Bluffs

Vacation picture from Desert Bluffs

Ah, the Smiling God shines down on your vacation.

Just be careful to wear sunscreen, don't want to get too transparent.

The people in my area are very wise.

The people in my area are very wise.

They just levitated and made static noises

What do the hooded figures have to say about it?

What's a dog park? Who's a dog park? I don't know what dog parks are. You sound crazy. Dog park. As if.

We have enough forbidden dog parks already

IS it wrong?

IS it wrong?

I don't care what the liberals say, Nightvale was founded on good old fashioned Bloodstone circle worship, the Fish people seem like an amiable sort but can't they find somewhere else to practise their heinous religion?

Just ain't natural

Ray Troll! Have this up in my bedroom

Yeah! His stuff is great. Saw this again recently and just thought of Night Vale

My fianceé bought a Khoshekh shirt from H&M

My fianceé bought a Khoshekh shirt from H&M

should go to H&M more often, didn't know they had nice things

Divided from H&M really have hidden gems. I bet every grown-up goths only shop there.

My favorite Khakis are from H&M. Hard to find one with a decent men’s section, though.

I feel personally attacked by how true this is for me.

Aren't we all? (x-post from /sub/tumblr)

Aren't we all? (x-post from /r/tumblr)

Now I’m concerned about blueberries as well.

I'm no longer concerned about the blueberries.

They're looking a bit violet, wouldn't you say?

Of course, there's no need to worry. I'm sure they weren't grown from anything untoward.

I am concerned about the distinct lack of apostrophes in that article.

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