Predicting where this years top QBs go based on anagrams

Predicting where this years top QBs go based on anagrams

Hello, today I will be predicting where the QBs end up based on the anagrams their names produce.

Josh Rosen: Senor Josh- Wherever he ends up, the fanbase will be calling him "Senor Josh". This implies a location with many Hispanic peoples. If I had to guess, this would mean Miami.

Josh Rosen to the Miami Dolphins

Sam Darnold: Old Sand Arm- What could this mean? Could Darnold be replacing an old QB who plays next to a beach? You guessed it, Darnold to replace Drew Brees in New Orleans.

Sam Darnold to the New Orleans Saints

Lamar Jackson: Roman Jackals- Jackals are known for their speediness, hopping and skirting about the prairie as does Lamar Jackson on the football field. The Tennessee Titans are based on the Greek (Roman) Titans.

Lamar Jackson to the Tennessee Titans

Josh Allen: Hans Jello- Could this be Josh Allen's German alias? What could this mean? There is a psychologist named Hans Jello(uschek) from Linz, Austria. Who else is from Linz, Austria you may be asking? That's right, director of the Cleveland Orchestra Franz Welster-Most. Gotta think this means Josh Allen to Cleveland.

Josh Allen to the Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield: Bad Family Reek- By some googling, there is a band in Berlin, Germany called "Smelly Family". What else is in Europe? Nordic countries.

Baker Mayfield to the Vikings

Logan Woodside: Alien Dogwoods- Dogwood trees are native to North America. Aliens are also native to North America in Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell is close to Arizona.

Logan Woodside to the Arizona Cardinals

Riley Ferguson: Los Furry Genie- I googled Furry Genie and there was a very disturbing photo by a person named caligurl33. Do not google this.

Riley Ferguson to the Los Angeles Rams

10/10 shitpost

This is a real prediction.

Please read instructions I said NOT to.

the Chargers backup Geno Smith's anagram is "Gnome Shit" so you might be on to something.

EonKayoh's 2018 Mock Draft 1.0 - first round only w/ detailed explanations

EonKayoh's 2018 Mock Draft 1.0 - first round only w/ detailed explanationsTo be clear, this is NOT meant to be predictive.

This is entirely based on what I would do if I was the GM for each team as the pick came in, and it is based on my personal big board (which I constructed with the help of the updated draftwired custom rankings tool) and my personal positional value. I don't value RBs at all so Saquon isn't going nearly as high as he's projected to go in the real draft in this. Just a warning.

1: CLE selects Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma. I'm an analytics guy, and using the QB analytics that I developed this year, Mayfield is far and away the best QB prospect this year. The Browns are a team that is really set up to succeed right now, with loads of talent in the trenches on both sides of the ball, and if they get a QB the caliber of Mayfield, who I believe has elite, top 5 NFL QB potential, it could be what it takes to drag this franchise out of the gutter. They still have some obvious needs, but they also have plenty of picks with which to address those needs. I firmly believe Sashi Brown was planning to draft a QB this year, but he was fired before he could complete his full process.

2: DEN trades up to select Sam Darnold, QB, USC. Denver sends their 5th overall pick, as well as #40 overall, #99 overall, and their 2019 2nd round pick to the Giants in order to secure their franchise QB. I don't think there is a team in the league that has a worse QB room right now than the Denver Broncos, with Keenum being the clear cut best of the group, and then a bunch of bad QBs behind him. Keenum is the absolute definition of a bridge QB, and this guard class is deep enough that they can absolutely afford to wait until the 3rd or 4th round to take one, and that player could potentially end up being a starting caliber guy. Darnold is the youngest QB in this class and is very good at maneuvering in the pocket, escaping said pocket, and his accuracy barely suffers at all when he's on the move. I think Darnold's delivery is a bit over-scrutinized, because while he does have a tad of a wind-up, it's no worse than Jameis Winston's, who I think is Darnold's best NFL comparison.

3: NYJ selects Harold Landry, ROLB, Boston College. The Jets traded up because they wanted a franchise QB, but there aren't any left. Josh Rosen is injury prone and based on the research I've done on QBs, extremely overrated. Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, from an analytical standpoint, both look like massive NFL busts, so if I was drafting for these teams, I'm not touching them. The Jets have a bridge QB in Josh McCown, but more importantly, they could potentially already have a franchise QB on their roster thanks to an unfortunate injury - Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy looks like a bonafide franchise QB based both on analytics and on his performance through his first two seasons in the NFL. I think if Mayfield and Darnold are off the board, the Jets need to just swallow their pride, cut their loss, and take the best player available at a position of need, and since I don't think the Jets are in desperate need of a starting caliber NFL guard, the BPA on my big board is Landry. Landry is a perfect fit for the Jets at ROLB - based on my edge rusher analytics that I've posted in this sub a few times before (and the 2018 edition is coming, don't worry), Landry is basically a "tier 1 everything" guy. He passes every threshold to be a tier 1 edge rusher regardless of whether it's a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB, and even then I think that based on his size (6'2 250 ish), he's best suited to play ROLB in a 3-4. The Jets haven't had an elite edge rush presence since John Abraham. This fits like a glove.

4: CLE selects Connor Williams, LT, Texas. Williams is only #7 on my big board, but I don't think the Browns have a need at WR, OG, or LB - Gordon, Coleman, and Landry serve as a very good starting trio and you shouldn't be drafting depth with the 4th overall pick, and I quite like Zeitler, Bitonio, Collins, Schobert, and Kirksey. So the next best player at a position of need is Williams, who slots right in where Joe Thomas left off at LT. This seems to be a pretty natural fit, and it makes a lot of sense. I'm sure Browns fans will want them to try to trade down, but in this scenario I can't think of a team so desperate enough for the other guys that are higher on my big board that they'd be willing to make a move up for one.

5: NYG selects Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame. The Giants have done a lot to improve their terrible OL this offseason, but Patrick Omameh isn't exactly a good player, and they still don't have a proven quality NFL starter at both guard spots, so Nelson makes a ton of sense here. You can plug him in at LG right next to Nate Solder and that'd be one hell of an improvement to the left side of the line in one offseason.

6: IND selects Leighton Vander Esch, MLB, Boise State. I have Roquan Smith higher than LVE on my big board, but I think the traditional 4-3 defense that the Colts are going to be running with new DC Matt Eberflus is one that values pure mike LB types over the smaller, quicker/faster LBs that would end up being a will in this scheme. In a 3-4 or an under front, I would have taken Smith here, but LVE at 6'4 256 and with the freak-tier athleticism that he possesses, seems like absolutely the best option for the Colts at pick 6. He's your Kuechly, your Urlacher, he's that exact prototype MLB, and while people will argue that he isn't worth this high of a pick, I guarantee you there were a lot more people regretting not taking elite MLB prospects higher, when they were available.

7: TB selects Josh Sweat, DE, Florida State. This was actually one of the bigger reasons I decided to wait a bit to put out my first official mock - pro day numbers. Sweat was either going to be tier 1 everything or tier 3 at DE, possibly lower at OLB. He ran a sub-7.0 3 cone at his pro day, and that puts him firmly in the "tier 1 everything" group. He has elite athleticism that makes him extremely comparable as a prospect to Danielle Hunter, who, through 46 games in 3 years, has 25.5 sacks. Tampa can replace Noah Spence, a tier 6 DE, with Sweat, a tier 1 DE, and finally get the young edge rusher they've been trying to acquire for years.

8: CHI selects Braden Smith, OT, Auburn. I have Smith as my LT #2 in this class - just barely behind Connor Williams. At 6'6, and with very good athletic ability, I think Braden Smith can be the next Branden Albert. He played all 5 OL spots in college (Albert pretty much only played LG because Virginia transitioned from D'Brickashaw Ferguson to Eugene Monroe at LT while he was there) and has the requisite athleticism to play LT in the NFL. Chicago's current LT is Charles Leno, who I think is better suited to kick inside and play guard, and Leno moving to LG would also allow Kyle Long to move back to RG where he was so great in his first two years with Chicago, so in a sense, Braden Smith allows the Bears to upgrade at three different OL spots with one pick. The new OL is Smith-Leno-Whitehair-Long-Massie, and there's enough tackle talent in this class that you can even address the RT spot on day 2 and have a fully stacked, Cowboys-esque, elite OL across the board. If you like Leno at LT, then Smith can still plug in at RT and protect Trubisky from Pernell McPhee, Clay Matthews, and Danielle Hunter.

9. SF selects D.J. Moore, WR, Maryland. Moore is my WR1 and currently ranked #5 on my overall big board after the top two QBs, Landry, and Nelson. I think Moore has elite NFL upside, to the point that I genuinely believe he's going to have an OBJ-esque impact on the passing offense of the team that drafts him, and will be in the same conversation as the top 5-10 WRs in the league within his first three years in the league. Moore accounted for more than half of all of Maryland's passing offense, and their QB play was so much worse than what Jimmy G will offer to D.J. that I'd expect his focus drops to dissipate. Elite athletic ability, great at going up and winning contested catch situations, and made circus catches for the terrible Maryland QBs. Moore at 6'0 210 is an X receiver in the NFL and will take the league by storm.

10. OAK selects Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama. I don't really know if Oakland has plans to sign another CB but right now they're pretty short on the position. Gareon Conley was their first round pick last year, and I love that pick, but you kinda need a lot of CBs to have a good defense, and right now Conley looks like the only good one on the roster. I think Fitzpatrick is a far better CB prospect than safety, so you'd way rather have him across from Conley than Darius Hillary.

11. MIA selects Derwin James, FS, Florida State. The Dolphins roster is actually pretty solid top to bottom. I like your guards (Sitton and Asiata) and you've got plenty of WRs and edge rushers on your roster. I strongly considered another LB here, but I think FS is a more important position to have elite talent at than sam LB, and I think Derwin is far and away the best FS prospect in this class, so the fit makes sense. James and Reshad Jones in the secondary is going to be a huge help, and at CB you've already got a great player in Xavien Howard, a solid older player in Verner, a solid slot in McCain, and young unproven guys like Tankersley and Lippett. Derwin is a freak athlete with great ball skills, and fits arguably the biggest need on this roster.

12. BUF selects Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia. Since Buffalo runs a base 4-3 under, unlike Indianapolis who's running more of a traditional 4-3 over base, their LB positions are a little different. Matt Milano looked promising at will in 2017, but they still have a huge hole at mike, and in a 4-3 under, you can afford to have an undersized, rangy, athletic MLB, like Deion Jones and Bobby Wagner, and that's exactly what Roquan Smith offers. Smith has everything you want in a mike LB in an under front and fits a huge need for the Bills.

13. WAS selects Marcus Davenport, OLB, UTSA. I really debated this spot, but at the end of the day I think WAS has good enough starters at literally every position that they can afford to look to the future, and their most glaring need after the 2018 season looks like it could be a bookend edge rusher opposite Ryan Kerrigan with Preston Smith's rookie contract being up. So you get a great 3 man edge rotation in 2018, and then Davenport takes over as the starter opposite Kerrigan in 2019.

14. GB selects Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State. I really can't find many holes in Green Bay's roster, but they still have a pretty glaring weakness at CB even if we do assume that Kevin King develops into a true #1 CB despite not having a great rookie season. The way to win in the NFL is to pass well and stop the pass, and GB has every piece in place to do both exceptionally well other than a great group of CBs, which Ward gets them one step closer to. Ward is my CB2 behind Fitzpatrick and I think he actually has more upside than Minkah due to his freak-tier athleticism, similar to (albeit much smaller than) Kevin King.

15. ARI selects Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. I was strongly considering Christian Kirk here, because he's extremely similar analytically to Stefon Diggs, who was Sam Bradford's favorite target in Minnesota, but looking at Arizona's depth, they have a few good candidates to play the flanker position, but they don't have any WRs on their roster that can be that true #1 alpha dog go-to guy. Sutton is damn near identical to Alshon Jeffery from an analytics standpoint, and his ability to bail out his QB by going up and getting the ball in contested catch situations, as well as his YAC ability on shorter passes, make him an ideal NFL X receiver. Consider this a massive upgrade over Jaron Brown and a guy who'll benefit a ton from playing a position in split end where he'll be asked to run mostly intermediate routes while Larry Fitzgerald handles the short game from the slot and guys like JJ Nelson and Chad Williams get deep. Those of you who want a QB at 15, I think Sam Bradford is a very good NFL QB, and you have enough depth at the QB position that reaching for the next best QB on the board (Mason Rudolph) just isn't worth it.

16. BAL selects James Daniels, C, Iowa. From a positional value standpoint, I value interior OL much more than most, and the Ravens have great defensive personnel and enough WRs on the roster at this point that drafting one doesn't really feel necessary at 16 anymore. The guard and tackle situation isn't amazing, but it's definitely not bad, especially because I personally absolutely loved Nico Siragusa last year and hope he can get healthy to start and play well at guard for you guys this year. The problem is that the Ravens have no NFL starting caliber center on their roster. James Daniels is my favorite C in this class by quite a bit, and I think he plugs in and not only starts, but thrives, from day one. He's got the perfect size+athleticism+technique combination to be a fixture at C for a decade plus, and hopefully by his 2nd or 3rd year the Ravens are able to move on to a new QB who can thrive behind Daniels for years to come.

17. LAC selects Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech. I see Edmunds as a sam LB, which means he's replacing Kyle Emanuel, who's okay but nothing special. Edmunds is a special talent and will be entering the league at 20 years old, which really does make him sort of a mold-able block of clay. With Toomer and Brown at sam and will LB respectively, Edmunds provides yet another versatile option who can cover TEs, blitz up the middle or off the edge, and especially defend the run. I think Edmunds is exceptional against the run, and he's very good in man coverage and as a blitzer - his only major weakness in my eyes is his instincts, which are going to matter no matter where he plays, but matter less at sam than they would at mike or will.

18. SEA selects Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State. I think Chubb is a great replacement for Michael Bennett, and will be a plug and play starter at DE in base, and able to kick inside to rush from a 3 tech spot in sub packages, just like what Bennett did. This seems like a pretty natural fit.

19. DAL selects Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M. This was a no-brainer for me. Kirk is in my top 15 players in this class, and he's actually my WR2 ahead of Sutton, but I couldn't find any teams that he made a ton of sense on before this pick. With Dez Bryant at X, Kirk is an ideal Z receiver to bookend him, and is also a return specialist who's had 6 punt return touchdowns (as well as a kickoff return touchdown) in his career at A&M. Kirk is a stouter Stefon Diggs with a little less wiggle, and he makes T-Will expendable.

20. DET selects Will Hernandez, G/C, UTEP. I know most see Hernandez as an amazing guard prospect, but I think he has the skill set to also be a very good C in the NFL if given that opportunity. Either way, the Lions' 2nd best interior OLineman after Lang is Graham Glasgow, who can also play G or C, so figure out who plays which spot in training camp and roll with it. Either way, Hernandez is the best interior lineman on the board and improving that part of your OL is the best way to improve your run game, and it also has the effect of protecting your QB, which is also, you know, kind of important ish.

21. CIN selects Billy Price, C, Ohio State. Losing Russ Bodine probably wasn't something they wanted to let happen, but thankfully this year's draft class is pretty loaded with interior OL talent, and definitely doesn't fall short at the C position. The top 3 centers - Daniels, Price, and Ragnow - are all guys I think you can plug and start instantly in the NFL and not see any dropoff in play compared to a replacement type vet. Price is coming off a minor pec tear that he should be recovered from by the time training camp starts.

22. BUF selects James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State. I don't know what is going on with Zay Jones, why he was so bad at catching the ball as a rookie, why he got arrested while running around naked talking about fighting for jesus, but he was arrested for felony vandalism, and might be an unfortunate cut this offseason. Even if he is still on the team though, it seems like he isn't a very good player, based both on his disappointing rookie campaign, as well as his late college breakout age and pathetic college ypr. James Washington is the polar opposite, with a ridiculous 18.4 college breakout age, and an equally ridiculous 20.2 college ypr, on top of above average athleticism and an overall ideal profile for the Z receiver position opposite Kelvin Benjamin.

23. LAR selects Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas. Out with the old, in with the new. Jefferson has elite instincts and plays the run very well, which makes him a nice LB candidate to pair with Barron in the middle of this Wade Phillips defense. He's the only other LB I consider to be a 1st round talent aside from the "big 3" in LVE, Roquan Smith, and Tremaine Edmunds, and in my eyes Jefferson is the 2nd best true 4-3 mike prospect after LVE, as well as the 2nd best under front mike prospect after Roquan. He's extremely athletic and has sideline to sideline speed, and will definitely let you guys forget about Alec Ogletree with even more ease than you were already prepared to forget about him with.

24. CAR selects Justin Reid, FS, Stanford. Reid is actually inside my top 20, but from a team needs standpoint this is the first spot where he makes sense, and as a Falcons fan it kind of kills me to see Justin Evans and Marcus Williams go to Tampa and NO last year, and now have to mock Reid to CAR this year, knowing that we're still stuck with a decent but not special FS in Ricardo Allen. Regardless, Reid, checks every box you could possibly want in a starting caliber NFL safety, and while I do think his ideal spot is FS, he has the ability to cover in man and thump in the run game, so he's versatile enough to get snaps at SS as well.

25. TEN selects Taven Bryan, DE, Florida. With the new Mike Vrabel regime comes a new defensive coordinator, and Dean Pees runs a 3-4 under scheme. You guys are already set at CB, FS, 3 tech, and basically every offensive position, so the only spots left that need help are LB, where no 1st round values are left, SS and NT, which in my eyes don't have 1st round positional value, and 5 tech, which is where we landed here with Bryan. Bryan is actually athletic enough to be an edge rusher, has the size to play DT, and produced like a hybrid of the two, so 5 tech is really a perfect spot for him. He'll be an asset, especially when he moves to 3 tech in sub packages to rush the passer along side Jurrell Casey.

26. ATL selects Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan. This is kind of a no-brainer to me as a Falcons fan, I've represented us in user mocks in the discord already this year and ended up picking Hurst at this same spot in that as well. I like Hurst as a true 3 tech, and I love the bigger NT-type DT prospects on day 3, so getting a good athletic 3 tech prospect here at 26 just kinda makes sense. We already signed a good starting quality RG in free agency and if Taven Bryan isn't available Hurst is the best pick here imo.

27. NO selects Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State. This kinda hurts me to do because the Saints offense really doesn't need to be any more difficult to defend, but here we are. The Michael WR duo, Thomas and Gallup, is going to be extremely difficult for any NFL team to defend as long as Drew Brees is throwing them the ball. Gallup provides an athletic, reliable #2 across from Thomas, and while he doesn't have elite speed (4.45 at his pro day), he certainly has more than Thomas and Willie Snead offer, and the other, faster options here (Namely D.J. Chark) have a lot more work to do as far as route running and actual receiving ability goes than Gallup. NO is in a window, it's time to win now, not hope to develop a deep threat over time.

28. PIT selects Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State. PIT doesn't really have any glaring weaknesses on their roster at positions with decent players still available to pick in this mock, so instead they look to the future. Ben Roethlisberger is on his last legs, Joshua Dobbs isn't a franchise QB, and Landry Jones turns 30 next year. From an analytics standpoint, Rudolph is the QB with the best chance of becoming a franchise guy in this class, and size wise he kinda has a similar frame to what Ben had coming out of Miami (OH).

29. JAX selects Isaiah Wynn, G, Georgia. Biggest hole on the roster with a player that can fill it available. I will say, it was tempting to give you guys a true X receiver here, like EQ St. Brown or Tre'Quan Smith, but OL takes precedence, and Wynn makes this OL really scary across the board. This is another move to basically give Bortles every opportunity to succeed in his new 3 year contract before deciding if moving on from him is the best decision or not.

30. MIN selects Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame. I love the Vikings roster, but do you know what you guys don't have? An elite, prototypical X receiver. St. Brown might have the 2nd highest ceiling in this class (1st being D.J. Moore), and putting him in an offense that already has Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen in it, seems kind of unfair. St. Brown is also the polar opposite to Laquon Treadwell, in the sense that he's a total freak athlete. Let's move on from the Treadwell catastrophe and just rip the band-aid off here with an elite X receiver at 30 to really put this already insane offense completely over the top.

31. NE selects Arden Key, DE, LSU. Key is a tier 1 everything edge rusher, the only one left on the board, and New England's biggest glaring need is that pure speed-based edge rush presence. I think Key provides exactly what they need the most, and with Deatrich Wise on the opposite side, and Trey Flowers as a rotational guy, NE has a solid young edge rushing corps for another few years.

32. PHI selects D.J. Chark, WR, LSU. Two consecutive LSU picks for the Super Bowl teams, and two similar players at completely different positions. Chark is the freakiest WR in this class by a long shot, and makes Torrey Smith look like a statue. Chark is athletically comparable to Tyreek Hill, only he's got a good 7" of height and 15 lbs of weight on him. Chark was also responsible for a significant percentage of LSU's passing yards this year despite his yardage total not being gaudy on the surface. Instantly the best deep threat on the team, takes the lid off defenses, and creates room for everyone else closer to the LoS, including the running game, which I would expect PHI to be able to address with a RB on day 2 or 3.

How dare you make a mock draft that isn’t like the ones I watch on daytime television

I’m sorry Josh Rosen not in this?

i'll upvote you but man this is a blistering take

Before people rush to conclusion, Eon has opinions of what he would do. He likes certain prospects for traits etc. Rather than downvote his mock he has his own reasons on why just because you guys don't agree with him. Hear him out even if you don't agree.

Personally, I think our need at OT can be addressed in the later rounds so Id prefer a different pick here such as an EDGE, OG, CB/S over OT since there isn't some can't miss guy at OT. Overall, well done on the mock and effort.

Cousins Bradley Chubb and Nick Chubb could end up on the same team.

Cousins Bradley Chubb and Nick Chubb could end up on the same team.

1) I didn’t know they were cousin until today. Assumed that it was so obvious that IF they were cousins, I would have heard about it. Never heard about it, and I never remembered to look it up on google. Yes, I know I’m an idiot.

2) Realistically, the Browns, Colts, Bucs, Broncos, and Jets could all take Bradley Chubb. They could all also use a RB and take Nick Chubb in the second or third, depending on where his stock ends up.

3) I would love for the Chubbsters to end up in Cleveland (here me out.) If they get their QB at 1, and take Bradley Chubb at 4, and then land a starting RB in the second or 3rd, that’s a draft that can turn a franchise around. Every year there’s always that one non first round RB that goes off, and I think it will be Nick Chubb next year. Mark Ingram/Frank Gore type.

Kirk Cousins could go to the jets or broncos and then those teams draft the Chubbs

How about the case for Tremaine and Terrell Edmunds?

Also the Saints already have a sibling in back-up RB Trey Edmunds.

At least you'll be able to tell the difference.

Colts take Bradley and Nick seems pretty realistic actually

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