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me irl

Haha reminds me of when my dad left to go buy a pack of cigarettes all those years ago.

All the way to the top, boys.





Is it actually "normal" for four turtles to have identical markings?

Wow way to get P O L I T I C A L on my /sub/me_irl

It is if they are identical tuttles

Ralph lookin T H I C C



Okay great but where do I put my feet

I tried it

This is the most insightful political analysis that I've ever seen.

I'm going to put them on the stool



He better not touch my pizza

that shit gotta stay 🅱️oneless

Breaking the fourth wall memes? This has potential.





How is this /sub/me_irl at all?

Me: You wanna hear it?

GF: No

Me: Ok so it's like this dancing hotdog filter on snapchat...

Not his girlfriend. Or friend. Or even girl. It was just his imagination.


Yes, actually. One specific instance, I remember my girlfriend trying to talk dirty to me saying "I want you to fuck me." Unfortunately, all I could think of was It was all I could do to not start laughing right then.

me irl

me irl

its the song "Fireflies" by Owl City

Whats the 10 million meme im out kf the loop

Send h a l p

You would not believe your dreams

If ten million shitty memes

So this is what we're doing now huh



That looks like a racially inclusive character select screen

Shit I wondered what happened to my avacado dealers

Like when to choose which head you want. Head 1, head 2, head 3

So a white guy, a Mexican and a black guy are out on the corner selling avocados... There's a joke here somewhere

me irl

me irl

Big if true.

Expect the unexpected <.< >,>

Woah that's me

i always knew you were a knife

me irl

me irl

Lucky him

Dude, my fish died.

I wonder if we could keep this at 9 upvotes.

Me too thanks

me irl

me irl

if there's no life on mars how did the oil get there

checkmate aliens

There was.

It just wasn't free

New format on the rise?

Shit wrong subreddit

Looks like Mars need some FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!

Try one of these subthreads