The Chode-Knife is a grower, not a shower.

The Chode-Knife is a grower, not a shower.

I can’t think of any knife-requiring situation I’ve ever been in where this would be a better option than just, you know, a knife.

I wear shoes more days than I wear a coat, that doesn’t mean my shoes need to be a coat

So you drop your pants and pull out a 1.5 inch knife? Yea dude, Im not fighting you with your prison shower fantasy.

ehhh... this one I can kinda almost see. I wear a belt many more days than I carry a knife on me.

Do bullets count?

Do bullets count?

Clearly they should be called skullets

They’d count if they were actual bullets and not just solid chunks of metal.


Damn, they made a HD remake of Gungeon

A pelican case full of fidget spinners

A pelican case full of fidget spinners

I want this. I'd bring it to work, pull co-workers aside and in a hushed tone I'd say "hey bro, do you spin?" as I slowly open the case. Then Ill go into a 15 minute demonstration of my spinners. Maybe this will be the thing I need to get people to stop pulling me aside at work.

The lone ninja lays his case of spinners on the floor. He opens it slowly, takes one out and gives it a spin. He takes a deep breath and whispers to himself:

"Forgive me, master, but I must go all-out. Just this once."

You mean like this? :

Yeah, that's someone's collection case to keep them clean and not nicked up and such.

Now, how much such a collection will be worth in 5, 10, or 20 years? Well...scrap price on metal does sometimes spike...

Is this a motherfucking tactical shovel?

Is this a motherfucking tactical shovel?

Shovel knights weapon of choice

I believe this exists because of the popularity of the Cold Steel Spetnaz shovel. If anyone is actually looking for a small spade for camping or car, the Spetnaz shovel is your Huckleberry. I have had the same one for about 15 years, and it is an invaluable tool, especially if you are cooking around a fire. It moves burning logs and embers with zero effort. Also trench run off lines around tents and tarps, banging in tent spikes, light axe work, and throwing into a dead tree at the end of the day.

Speed holes

I was actually thinking about getting one for camping but I figured get a good hatchet and a separate shovel would be better.

Do you even carry?

Do you even carry?

Maybe it was one guy with six guns.

On this episode of I have stuff but I can't remove it to use it.

Holy fucking shitballs.

I see he has that tactical .22 positioned to shoot he trigger of the revolver, that will in turn shoot the trigger of the upside down nine, which will shot the guy in front of him....but what is that other gun for? Fucking moron!

Oh he's not supposed to remove anything. In emergency situations he simply throws the pack at the perpetrator as it goes off like a firework pinwheel. Then he draws his back up.

This sword is ready

This sword is ready

Dear Lord, that's impressive in its pure insanity.

I will kill you over a cartoon about friendship.

Hoping it’s fake.

"Not only are us bronies autistic"

Ftfy katana dude.

Found clients

Found clients

teleports behind the principal, nothing personal kiddo

actually, it's *nothin personnel... kid...

I'm a bot. Complaints should be sent to u/stumblinbear

Pretty sure this is a joke, you guys.

Okay that's fucking funny though.

Sorry if this is a repost. Anyway.. here's Wonderwall

Sorry if this is a repost. Anyway.. here's Wonderwall

Is there a sub for wacked out musical instrument stuff like this?

There is this sub /sub/UnusualInstruments

Can't tell if





Hell, I'd play it.

Hm that's definitely interesting and thanks for the link but I'm thinking more of /sub/atbge meets instruments. Because /sub/mallninjashit kind of feels akin to their vibe, but is specifically about weapons.

Like guitars that look like genitalia and other gawdy shit.

I know that probably doesn't exist and I'm struggling to think of a good name for something like that.

When a mall ninja gets married

When a mall ninja gets married

"What sort of style were you thinking for the groomsmen?"

"Is 'Amish chic' a thing?"

Bald Sass and Bush Man are alright with me

Farcry 6 looking good

Bald sass guy knows exactly how weird all this is but he doesn't care

Now we are asking the real questions

Now we are asking the real questions

Is this a trick question? I feel like the "Gun with a Gunded [sic] Sword" wins every time. Can't beat double guns.

In b4 someone starts bringing up the 20 foot rule BS

That's why you have a sword with your double guns, if they're within 20 feet you just sword them until your guns are ready

You mean a pitchfork?


Here you go, 10 schmeckles please.

What about a sword with a sworded sword?

Try one of these subthreads